What If I Can't Die?

Chapter 516 - 516 Ten Thousand Years (1)

516 Ten Thousand Years (1)

“Then if you listen to me, I won’t kill her.”

Goddess Wuyou stroked her stomach and threatened Song Shi openly.

“What do you want to do?”

Song Shitou was having a headache. He had slept with this goddess for no reason and even had a child. For a moment, he did not know what to do.

“I’m not asking for anything. I just want you to listen to me and do whatever I tell you to do. If I tell you to go east, you can’t go west.”

Goddess Wuyou said loftily, filled with dignity and an unquestionable tone.

“You want me to work for you?”

Song Shi frowned. “Can I even help you with my meager strength?”

“You’re not strong enough, but you have the ability to not die. This is something I didn’t have even when I was at my peak. With this ability, you can help me do many things.” Finnd 𝒏ew chapters on n𝒐ve/lbi𝒏(.)com

Goddess Wuyou was like a supreme empress, very confident.

“Other than killing my family and friends and going against my bottom line, I’ll listen to you. I just hope that you won’t hurt the child.”

Song Shi said helplessly.

“Very well.”

Wuyou smiled. She was devastatingly beautiful, but Song Shi was not in the mood to admire her.

He felt that from now on, he would have a master. He would most likely not be able to be free as he wish anymore.

Wuyou didn’t seem to care about Song Shi’s thoughts at all. He immediately said in a commanding tone, “The first thing I want you to do now is to take me with you at all times.”

“Oh? You’re not staying here anymore?” Song Shi was puzzled.

“Hmph, the life force that can be devoured here is too limited. Be it nurturing her or helping me revive, it’s not enough.”

Goddess Wuyou had a look of disdain. “Furthermore, my mortal enemy might sense my attempt to revive. I can’t stay here anymore.”

Song Shi shrugged. “Your reason is very good. Then come with me. You and I already have a child. In the future, you shall appear as my wife.”

“I have no objections.”

Wuyou didn’t seem to care about this. He raised his hand and formed a seal. The surrounding Taiji Painting squirmed and fell from the void like a painting. Then, it quickly shrank to the coffin and transformed into a Taiji Painting.

The coffin also shrunk rapidly and finally became the size of a little finger. It was hung between Wuyou’s ears like a jade earring, but it looked very strange.

Song Shi looked at Wuyou’s naked body, swallowed his saliva, and laughed strangely. “Just now, I was controlled by you using the Seven Emotions Curse, so I haven’t really experienced the pleasure between us. Now, let’s do it again.”

He pounced over without hesitation and hugged Goddess Wuyou’s body.

“Piss off!”

Goddess Wuyou was very resistant. She could control Song Shi to sleep with her, but she would not accept Song Shi’s own initiative. This concerned her status and dignity.

“What do you mean? You’re my woman, but you won’t let me sleep with you. How will others think?”

Song Shi was very angry. “And why can you sleep with me but I can’t sleep with you?”

“I just can’t!”

Goddess Wuyou trembled. Amidst the surging waves, Song Shi’s arms broke with a crack. His body was shattered and he died on the spot.

After Song Shi revived, he still hugged her. “I don’t care. If you don’t sleep with me, I’ll die in front of you.”

“You have no rights to sleep with me!”

Goddess Wuyou was disdainful. “Let’s talk about it when you become a god and an immortal!”

“I don’t care.”

Song Shi grabbed Wuyou’s waist. Her delicate skin made his breath skip and he couldn’t help but kiss Wuyou’s red lips.

The latter glared at Song Shi. Song Shi was dead again.

“Damn it, I don’t believe that a living dead like you can stop me.”

Song Shi took out a rope and activated it.

The Immortal Binding Rope flashed and bound Goddess Wuyou.

The latter lowered his head and took a look. The corrosive power of the Death Law landed on the Immortal Binding Rope. Song Shi’s Dharma treasure that had always been successful, actually quickly lost its luster and broke after decaying.


Song Shi was so angry that he stomped his feet. The Seven Emotions Curse made him look flustered and exasperated. “Do you really think I’m a persimmon in your hands that you can pinch whenever you want?”

“Pretty much.”

Wuyou rubbed her belly. “If you want her to die, go ahead and touch me.”

Song Shi gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, you’re ruthless. You actually used a child that hasn’t been born to threaten me.”

“You can also ignore her. That way, I can’t do anything to you.”

Goddess Wuyou said bewitchingly.


Song Shi sneered. “I, Song Shi, have my own bottom line. I won’t harm my friends and family, let alone my own descendants. Do you think everyone is as unscrupulous as you?”

However, Goddess Wuyou did not deny it. She said with a faint smile, “I didn’t expect you to care so much about your family. She will be your weakness in the future. Very good.”

She was very happy to do so and said with a smile, “You must have been under the Seven Emotions Curse. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been so anxious when you saw my body.”

“What do you think?”

Song Shi snorted. “If you didn’t make use of the Seven Emotions Curse, would I have let you borrow my seed?”

“I can teach you how to remove the Seven Emotions Curse, but you have to help me kill and devour life force.”

When Wuyou talked about killing, his face was expressionless and filled with ruthlessness. She was like a god of death who had slaughtered billions of living beings.

“You can devour all the enemies I kill. I won’t allow you to let me kill the innocent.”

Song Shi still had his own conditions.

“No problem, but remember, I want high-quality living beings. It’s even better if you can kill a few immortals for me.”

Wuyou didn’t force Song Shi too much because the other party had an undying body. If she was really anxious, she wouldn’t be able to do anything.

“You can dream first.”

Song Shi pursed his lips and glanced at Wuyou’s body. “If you don’t let me sleep with you, you should have some clothes, right?”

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