Village Head's Debauchery

Chapter 873 The Four-Eared Elves Punishment

Chapter 873 The Four-Eared Elves Punishment

All eleven present—Orion, the Village Chief, the Village Chieftess, Stronghold Leaders Zogar and Seth, and Caretakers Shani, Ivor, Zola, Nala, and Niada—raised their hands in response.

After Aegis of the Arctic Deity's sacrifice, it would be selfish of them not to allow High King Eldric into their midst when deciding on matters that determine the territory's fate. Furthermore, based on his performance in handling the Pixie race, it was evident that he was a capable leader, and they were all looking forward to his presence during the next meeting.

The Village Chief nodded and lowered his hand, signalling everybody to do the same. "Is anyone against High King Eldric becoming one of the key figures?" he asked again.

This time around, nobody raised their hands.

Witnessing this scene, the Village Chief nodded decisively. "Since Orion is the only one with the closest relationship to the Pixie race, he will personally go to the Pixie Kingdom to inform High King Eldric about the important news before an official announcement is made across the Orion's Cities. This meeting is officially over," he announced, his voice echoing in the room.

As the meeting ended, they all rose from their seats and exited the room?one by one. Some stayed behind to discuss vital matters before eventually departing.

Orion walked alongside Queen Selene, guiding her out the meeting hall and through the corridors until they reached the stairs leading outside.

"Before I head to the Garden, I need to attend to something first, so I won't be able to escort you to the Palace manor," Orion explained, his tone apologetic yet firm.

Queen Selene shook her head. "You don't need to worry. I'm aware of how busy you are, so you can?come to?visit the Palace Manor whenever you are free," she responded, her eyes briefly lingering on Isadora, who had arrived by Orion's side. She knew?that the?princess was now working as his personal assistant, so her arrival wasn't as surprising as the first time she had received the information.

"Alright," Orion responded, nodding in understanding. "Take care, I'll see you later," he added.

Queen Selene nodded and immediately took off, soaring into the sky.

Witnessing this scene, Orion's expression tightened, recalling that Aerialia had refused to teach him a technique to soar into the sky, utilizing his Celestial energy.

Orion had asked Queen Selene how she had learned to fly, and she mentioned it felt like an instinctual discovery during early morning training. However, not just he but also Crystalia and the other Primserion Divine apostles were currently training to unlock such an ability, with little success so far.

'Humph! I'll have to find a way to make her speak, whether she wants to or not,' Orion thought, then turned to Isadora. "Let's go," he added, immediately leaping into the air.

Isadora nodded and followed suit, leaping behind him as they rushed toward Patriarch Rylan's manor.


Patriarch Rylan Manor

As Orion and Isadora touched down beside Patriarch Rylan's Manor, they were met with the welcoming sight of Patriarch Rylan, Lyndon, and the Four-eared elves' god-chosen standing at the entrance, eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Patriarch Rylan nodded at Isadora before turning his attention to Orion, a warm smile gracing his features. "Mr. Orion, you're finally here. I was worried you wouldn't make it," he remarked.

Orion shook his head in response. "I promised to be here today, so I'll make sure to arrive on time," he assured.

"Of course. Please, come inside," Patriarch Rylan invited, leading the way with the confidence that someone as esteemed and trustworthy as Orion would honour their commitments.

Soon, they all gathered around a wide rectangular table adorned with kalna fruits and other delights from the Garden, carefully arranged in wooden bowls placed strategically near Orion.

"How are your progress and training at the Strongholds? Stronghold Leader Zogar and Seth have mentioned that you are all quick learners, and it seems it's only a matter of time before you excel," Orion asked, taking a bite of the kalna fruit as he glanced at Leif and the other gods' chosen individuals.

Leif cleared his throat before responding, "Stronghold Leader Zogar and Seth have been instrumental in our progress. Thanks to their guidance, we've been learning the rules of the Strongholds and gaining insight into what it means to be a warrior," he explained, nodding affirmatively.

"That's excellent news. I'll pass on your compliments to Stronghold Leader Zogar and Seth when I see them," Orion replied with a nod before adding swiftly, "Regarding your punishment, I've reached a decision."

Hearing Orion's words, an eerie silence suddenly enveloped their surroundings.

"What have you decided, Mr. Orion?" Patriarch Rylan asked, his voice involuntarily trembling as he gulped deeply.

Leif, Isadora, and the others attentively kept their attention, patiently waiting for Orion's response.

"As you've heard, Orion's Cities will be undergoing total reconstruction and expansion due to our current dilemma. The tree nymphs are spreading across the territory to regrow vegetation and provide materials for the reconstruction. As punishment, the Four-earedelvesrace will handle the reconstruction under the supervision of designated individuals to ensure everything goes as planned."

"In return, you'll have a chance to start anew in this territory. It would be beneficial if you stop causing problems after this, especially since Isadora pleaded for your forgiveness and made all this possible," Orion said, his expression solemn. "If you persist, the consequences will be severe." Follow the latest novels 𝒐𝒏 n𝒐/velbin(.)com

From Patriarch Rylan to Leif, Leona, Lyndon, and the others, they all nodded in understanding.

Lief and the rest of the gods' chosens stood up from their seats and instantly bowed towards Orion, "Thank you, Mr Orion! This time around, we promise not to do anything that would cause harm to the Orion's Cities, but instead work hard on redeeming ourselves and ensuring that the Four-eared elves prove themselves to be a capable race that the Orion Cities will never forget welcoming into their arms!" Leif said, his voice filled with emotion and expression serious.

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