Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 3118 - The Door of Eternal Life is Gone?

Chapter 3118: The Door of Eternal Life is Gone?

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That door that had an archaic aura and had experienced the many vicissitudes of life slowly opened.

The boundless power of Great Dao poured out.

Under the floodwaters of this power of Great Dao, Progenitor Bloodstone’s Great Dao of Blood was as weak as a baby.

That Door of Eternal Life, which had existed forever, revealed the tip of the iceberg in front of people for the first time.


Endless darkness, seemingly sealing everything.

Just what was in there, nobody knew.

But without a doubt, that was a world that could not be touched.

“The Door of Eternal Life inside the chaos is the source of Great Dao! Looks like Heavenly Dao is going to have a frontal confrontation with Ye Yuan! This time, it’s absolutely impossible for him to escape alive!”

Seeing this power that made even him prostrate in worship, Progenitor Bloodstone could not help feeling an upsurge of emotion!

Ye Yuan’s power made him shocked and scared.

If Ye Yuan could really transcend the apocalyptic tribulation, then he would definitely die without a burial ground.

Fortunately, Heavenly Dao was strong enough!

Ye Yuan looked at the Door of Eternal Life that was slowly opening, a hint of a cold smile flashing across the corners of his mouth.


His imposing momentum suddenly skyrocketed!

Heaven Trampling Fifth Step!

Puu, puu, puu

The power of this imposing momentum directly spread thousands of miles away.

The bloodkins were swept by this imposing momentum, directly being buried in oblivion one by one!

Progenitor Bloodstone’s expression changed wildly, his sleeves waving, bringing all the bloodkins to retreat another few thousand miles away!

And Ye Yuan’s imposing momentum was still rising crazily. He was actually going to match wits with that endless Great Dao that was pouring out of the Door of Eternal Life!

“This … Just what kind of monster is this guy? This Heaven Trampling Five Steps is simply unimaginably strong! Could it be that he really has the strength to challenge Heavenly Dao?” Yi Xue drew a cold breath and said.

Under Ye Yuan’s Heaven Trampling Five Steps, apart from trembling, he had no other thoughts at all.

Ye Yuan’s strength already surpassed everyone’s understanding.

They were perfectly clear that once this fifth step came out, even if it was the Progenitor … it would likely be lacking too!

The enormous figure behind Ye Yuan gradually solidified!

At the same time, the Door of Eternal Life opened fully!

That endless darkness was akin to an ancient giant beast, opening its ferocious gaping maws.

“You all, look! What is that!”

“Something came out of the Door of Eternal Life!”

“It’s a sword! Not good, hurry up and run!”

… . .

A giant sword slowly emerged from the Door of Eternal Life.

The moment the giant sword appeared, endless sword energy escaped frenziedly, carrying out an indiscriminate attack on everything in the space.

The blood race powerhouses instantly fell into endless despair.

Looking at the aura effusing from this giant sword, they would immediately die upon contact.


A streak of sword energy swept out, and a plane on the Eternal River was directly split into two!

That was Abyss Pass Origin Grotto Heaven!

A hint of excitement actually flashed across Progenitor Bloodstone’s face!

“This is the Sword of Heavenly Punishment! This Dao wants to see if it’s him, Ye Yuan, who is powerful? Or the Sword of Heavenly Punishment that is powerful?”

Ye Yuan gave a cold laugh and roared explosively, “Five steps trampling the firmament, my fate is decided by me … and not Heaven!”


Ye Yuan’s feet stomped. The giant behind him also followed and suddenly stomped.

The Eternal River’s chaos fell into a frenzy all of a sudden.

The endless power of chaos swept up ten thousand meters giant waves, scattering everywhere.

At this moment, the entire chaos space fell into tremble!

When Progenitor Bloodstone saw this scene, even the muscles on his face were quivering.

Trampling the firmament was not just all talk!

This step was as if Ye Yuan’s roar at fate, showing his outrage at heaven’s unjust!

This step expounded on Ye Yuan’s path of going against heaven throughout his life!

A shocking aura rose rapidly and actually directly faced off against the Sword of Heavenly Punishment without evading or shying away!

As if feeling Ye Yuan’s actions that went against heaven, the Sword of Heavenly Punishment burst forth with boundless radiance.

The power of Great Dao poured out crazily!



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The entire 33 Heavens, Great Dao was in upheaval. All the heavens collapsed!

This was the Sword of Heavenly Punishment. This was the apocalyptic tribulation!

Of course, those powers of Great Dao that escaped were merely bringing disaster to fishes in the moat.

The vast majority of the power was all at Ye Yuan here!

That blooming light turned into ten thousand strands of Great Dao sword light, chopping towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s momentum was being madly suppressed under these ten thousand strands of Great Dao sword lights.

That momentum that billowed to the sky actually became slower and slower.

Great Dao sword light was being depleted frenziedly.

And Ye Yuan’s momentum was similarly being consumed crazily.

The two powerful forces collided, canceling each other out.

The hearts of everyone present leaped to their throats, looking at this scene in tremendous shock.


Ye Yuan was overwhelmed and finally spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Seeing this scene, Bloodstone, Heavenless, and the others were overjoyed.

Following that, Ye Yuan’s momentum was actually being suppressed!

However, the two were still being canceled out frenziedly.

But the Sword of Heavenly Punishment was too strong!

Ye Yuan’s figure was being pressed down bit by bit.

Crack, crack, crack

Countless cracks appeared in Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven’s boundary wall.

If he retreated anymore, Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven would be finished!

The world behind him could not withstand such terrifying power at all.

“Die! Die! DIEE!” Bloodstone clenched his fists tightly and gnashed his teeth in hatred as he said.

Ye Yuan desperately stabilized his figure, refusing to step back.

But the heavy pressure of the Sword of Heavenly Punishment was still pressing down on him little by little.

Blood vessels burst in Ye Yuan’s body, fresh blood spurting wildly.

But he refused to take half a step back!

Mi Tian and the rest all turned their faces over and could not bear to watch this scene.

They knew that Ye Yuan was only doing so for them!

No idea how long had passed either; the power of the Sword of Heavenly Punishment was depleted, and it slowly retreated into the Door of Eternal Life.

Meanwhile, Ye Yuan’s body fell on the boundary wall powerlessly, fresh blood dyeing the boundary wall red.

“He actually pulled through! What a terrifying guy! The Sword of Heavenly Punishment is so horrifying. It absolutely had the power to destroy the world, and he actually blocked it!” Heavenless looked at this scene with an astonished face.

But, Bloodstone smiled coldly and said, “So what if he blocked it? There are still the last two apocalyptic tribulations, and his trump card is already used up! The next tribulation, he’ll definitely die beyond a doubt!”

Everyone nodded one after another.

This time, no one doubted it anymore.

Clearly, Ye Yuan had already reached his limits. It was completely impossible to have any more strength to block the next tribulation!

“Really terrifying! This guy actually transcended 31 waves of apocalyptic tribulation in one go!”

“Originally, I thought that he could only transcend ten tribulations. I didn’t expect that he could actually last until this point!”

“No matter what, this guy will go down in history too!”

… . .

Under the Sword of Heavenly Punishment, the blood race suffered severe casualties.

The remaining people had lingering fear in their hearts, shocked by Ye Yuan’s strength.

The Door of Eternal Life was very quiet. It was as if it was preparing an even stronger attack.

These last three tribulations already exceeded everyone’s imagination.

No one knew what on earth that Sword of Heavenly Punishment was!

Even if it just appeared openly and aboveboard in front of people like that.

Half of a quarter of an hour later, the Door of Eternal Life finally moved again.

Bloodstone and the others held their breaths, anticipating this 32nd tribulation that would be dealing Ye Yuan the fatal blow.

This half of a quarter of an hour, Ye Yuan finally recovered a little, and he slowly got to his feet.

A giant cauldron slowly emerged from the Door of Eternal Life.

The giant cauldron was extremely colossal, covering the sky and blotting out the sun!

When its body completely flew out, it actually shrouded the entire Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven, giving people an extremely strong sense of oppression.




Bloodstone three people were directly sent flying by the tremendous pressure, fresh blood spurting wildly from their mouths!

The appearance of this giant cauldron was not as showy a display of its power as the Sword of Heavenly Punishment.

There was just heavy pressure!

Crushing everything!

This heavy pressure was not released against Bloodstone and the others. But they were still pushed far away and were actually sent flying. It could be seen how great the pressure was!

Under the heavy pressure, Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven’s boundary wall could not bear it anymore and directly collapsed.

Space shattering, Mi Tian and the rest of the powerhouses were directly pressed on the ground, unable to move.

The Progenitor Bloodstone, who was sent flying, laughed loudly and said, “Ye Yuan, you’re very amazing! Second Firmament, no one has ever been able to reach your level before! Apocalyptic 32 Waves of Tribulation, most likely from now onward, no one will be able to reach anymore! However, it ends here! Heavenly Dao can’t be disobeyed! Prepare to die!”

At this time, Ye Yuan was still standing stubbornly, not willing to lower his head.

It was like he was shouldering ten thousand large mountains on his back, making him unable to breathe.

Facing Progenitor Bloodstone’s mocking, he said disdainfully, “You’re merely a dog of Heavenly Dao. What qualifications do you have to be barking here? It ends here? Hur hur, I, Ye Yuan, never resign myself to fate!”

In Progenitor Bloodstone’s view, this was Ye Yuan’s last struggle.

The roar of a lowly person did not have any meaning.

“Haha, after using the Heaven Trampling Five Steps, your momentum is already exhausted! This Dao really wants to see what you’ll use to defy heaven!” Bloodstone said disdainfully.

“Is that so? Then … watch closely! Myriad thoughts … returning to position!”

A storm suddenly howled around Ye Yuan.

This storm swept larger and larger, forming an enormous vortex.

As if being attracted by this vortex, countless star-like light dots gathered over here.

One light dot after another integrated into the vortex rapidly, causing the vortex to get larger and larger.

Back then, Ye Yuan transformed a thought into a myriad of thoughts, following the Eternal River’s chaos and entering the myriad worlds to comprehend the Great Dao of all life.

Now, myriad thoughts returned to position, contending with heaven!

That divine soul vortex erupted with an extremely terrifying energy, slowly rolling up to the void, meeting the giant cauldron.

Behind Ye Yuan, the pressure on everyone in Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven disappeared immediately.

Each and every one of them had lingering fear in their hearts. In front of this kind of heaven’s might, they were as insignificant as ants.

Although they knew that it was very hard on Ye Yuan, they could not help at all.

The level was too far apart!

“What a strong origin divinity power! I didn’t expect that Ye Yuan’s divine essence turning into myriad can actually reach such a level!” Yang Qing exclaimed.

But by the side, Mi Tian shook his head and said, “Origin divinity power is nothing. The truly terrifying thing is the power of Great Dao! These divine senses gaining enlightenment on all life are the continuation of Ye Yuan’s Great Dao! He’s currently creating a Great Dao that belongs to him! Along with the divine senses returning to position, his Dao sword would reach an extremely terrifying realm!”

Yang Qing was incredibly shocked when he heard and said, “A Great Dao belonging to him … Doesn’t that mean that he has become another heaven? Then just what kind of realm is he currently in?”

Mi Tian smiled bitterly and said, “It’s not that simple. This final tribulation is bound to be extremely horrifying!”

Countless light dots were still gathering non-stop onto Ye Yuan’s body.

The power on Ye Yuan’s body grew stronger and stronger.


The divine soul vortex and the giant cauldron finally collided together, shocking until the void trembled incessantly.

And the divine soul vortex was directly weighed down by the giant cauldron.

Ye Yuan spurted a mouthful of blood wildly, but he refused to take a single step back.

The light dots grew more and more. The divine soul vortex also became larger and larger.

In the end, it actually pushed the giant cauldron back!

When Progenitor Bloodstone saw this scene, he was dumbstruck with shock.

“This … This works too?” Progenitor Bloodstone said speechlessly.

This was saying that transcending the tribulation until now, Ye Yuan only used half of his strength?

Looking at that berserk divine soul vortex, Bloodstone actually gave birth to a feeling of powerlessness.

He was no longer able to understand Ye Yuan’s realm.

All in all, he did not even have the qualifications to look up to him!

Originally, him breaking through the shackles and controlling the Great Dao of Blood, suppressing Heavenless and Samsara, becoming an existence that was invincible in all the heavens, how glorious all these were?

But in a blink of an eye, his pride was smashed into pieces.

In front of the current Ye Yuan, he was nothing at all!

Ye Yuan really had the capital to go against heaven!

Very soon, that giant cauldron that was sufficient to destroy the world was pushed back by Ye Yuan little by little just like that,

The 32nd tribulation was cleared!

Following that, it was the final tribulation of the apocalyptic tribulation.

Thinking up to here, everyone could not help shivering.

“Is this … the final tribulation? I’m not dreaming, right?”

“My God, could it be that Ye Yuan is really going to slaughter Heavenly Dao? From now on, Ye Yuan will govern the destiny of the myriad realms?”

“The heavens are changing! The heavens are really going to change!”

… . .

No matter what the result would be, the heaven of these 33 Heavens was really going to change!

A divergent cultivator, provoking Heavenly Dao!

The scariest thing was that he was about to succeed!

If Ye Yuan really succeeded, what kind of direction would the 33 Heavens develop in?

No one knew!

Gradually, the divine soul storm completely died down. Ye Yuan sat down cross-legged, digesting the power of Great Dao that gathered over from myriad worlds.

Inside the Door of Eternal Life, a giant palm stretched out, smacking toward Ye Yuan!

What shocked people was that this giant palm actually had the breath of life!

This was a living thing?

“Could it be that there are living creatures behind the Door of Eternal Life too? This is impossible! All the heavens and myriad worlds, the 33 Heavens reign supreme! Progenitor Bloodstone did not even ascend after controlling the Great Dao of Blood. How can there possibly be a higher world?” When Mi Tian saw this giant palm, he was filled with shock in his heart.

Heavenly Stratum powerhouses dominated the myriad worlds. This was the law that had existed forever.

33 Heavens, no one had ever ascended to another realm.

No one had ever transcended the Door of Eternal Life before either!

Even if Progenitor Bloodstone had controlled a Dao, becoming invincible in the 33 Heavens, he did not ascend either.

This proved that the 33 Heavens were the highest level world!

But where did this giant palm come from?

Who was controlling this world?

Countless questions surfaced in everyone’s minds.

Ye Yuan looked at that giant palm, similarly having countless questions in his heart.

However, the power of this palm was too horrifying. He did not have time to think that much.

This palm, there seemed to be someone crossing worlds and sending it over through that end of the Door of Eternal Life!

This palm was sufficient to destroy the world!

Ye Yuan’s gaze turned intent, a small sword disappearing and reappearing at his glabella. It was precisely his Dao sword!

Ye Yuan held the Dao sword in his hand, standing proudly in the firmament akin to a god!

The little bit of aura emitting from the Dao sword, Progenitor Bloodstone actually had an impulse to prostrate in worship!

His expression changed over and over again as he said in shock, “This … How is this possible? The sword in his hand actually gives me a feeling of facing Heavenly Dao!”

The moment these words came out, the expressions of Heavenless and the others changed one after another.

Their perception was far from as keen as Progenitor Bloodstone.

But these words were absolutely not fake!

Heavenless said, “No wonder! No wonder he could overcome 32 waves of tribulation. It turns out that what he relied on is actually that sword in his hand!” Heavenless’ expression changed.

At this time, they finally understood why Ye Yuan was so strong.

Before this, Ye Yuan’s Dao sword was not perfected.

And after fusing with the divine senses, the Great Dao that the myriad divine senses gained enlightenment on thoroughly perfected this Dao sword!

The current Ye Yuan could be said to be holding a Heavenly Dao in his hand!

It was only to see Ye Yuan leaped up, swinging his sword without the least bit of flashiness, chopping toward that hand!


A horrifying power of Great Dao poured out as if the sky was rent asunder and the earth split open, extinguishing that palm like crushing dead leaves!

And this was still not over yet!

This sword rumbled towards the Door of Eternal Life!


Amidst the chaos, it radiated with a dazzling light.

The people only saw those two stone doors directly disintegrating under this sword!

This sword was sent right into that endless darkness.

There was only a deep and dark black hole left there.

Bloodstone, Heavenless, Samsara, Yi Xue, Mi Tian, Yang Qing …

Everyone exchanged glances, looking at this scene in extreme shock.

The Door of Eternal Life was gone?

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