Terror Infinity

Terror Infinity Afterword(Translator)

Today, I am pleased to announce that Terror Infinity is added to the list of completed novels on Wuxiaworld! Terror Infinity was one of the earliest novels to begin translation, starting back on A0132’s blog, where he later moved to WW, and I took over earlier this year. I myself have been reading it on A0132’s blog since volume 9!

First off, let’s thank A0132 for the 20 volumes he’s translated and we’ve enjoyed! I asked him to grace us with a few words, but he was rather tongue-tied about what to say after so long XD. Still, let’s give him our heartfelt thanks. Who knows, maybe he’ll blush in embarrassment after reading them? Thê sourc𝗲 of this content n/o/v/(𝒆l)bi((n))

Secondly, let me thank all of the people who’ve been reading Terror Infinity! Thanks to all the commenters. Thanks GonZ, Winged Hussar, dionit, Ishiibby, michaelskillern15251217, chaosxan, Bobnini, Yaelo, Sinasinasina and all the rest! Many thanks as well to all who’ve been sponsoring TI! Thanks also to Bosa2800 who posted updates of TI on reddit. Also, thanks, #terrier-inbred, the TI channel on the WW Discord, that resurrects from the dead once every few weeks!

I’ll also like to give my sincere thanks to the dear translator friends I’ve made on WW. As a rookie, they’ve given me lots of valuable advice that helped me improve, and helped me whenever I asked a question, dumb or not. Yes, the whole lot of you, TI is done. Thanks for asking me hundreds of times. Whole bunch of you don’t even read it!

Whew, TI is finally done! It took quite a while, but in the end, I enjoyed the process! It was a fun ride! Like, at least 90% of the time! A schedule is horrible for a lazy ass for me though. It’s also been great seeing myself improve as a translator as chapters and time went by. I don’t really know what will happen in the future, but like Zheng, the journey will (probably) not end. If the journey ever continues, I hope to see some familiar names!

A translator struggling to come up with more to say,


The Novel will be updated first on this website. Come back and continue reading tomorrow, everyone!

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