Taking the Mafia to the Magic World

Chapter 793 Taboo and Ambition

Chapter 793 Taboo and Ambition

After a relaxed conversation with the remaining elders of the Saltstar City branch—who had all come to Metal City—Vicente dealt with serious matters.",

He ordered the collection and gathering of 3rd, 4th, and, if possible, 5th grade materials from the city. He also distributed several scrolls and books on the art of forging to 4th and 5th stage blacksmiths, some of which he had collected on his travels and some of which he had simply written himself.

Vicente's level of understanding was already so high he could easily identify errors in the thinking of the ancient blacksmiths and create new theories and spells for forging.

Some of his contributions to the development of forging were contained in the materials he wanted to keep at the association's post, which from now on would be the group's headquarters.

Among these materials, he even provided the design of his and Benson's robotic armor.

He had considered the possibility of keeping such a design a secret, since these armors were precious and could strengthen the Fuller family's position in the Polaris Realm. However, it was so complicated to develop even 3rd-grade robotic armor, or 3rd-stage for those he made, that hiding the project would have made little difference.

Even Benson, the originator of the theory behind these armors, wasn't capable of creating something as perfect as what Vicente had developed.

Young Fuller himself now believed that even his family could not replicate his armor in the future.

The only way he could keep his technology alive for the future, when he would no longer be in the Polaris Realm, was to allow any talented blacksmith to have access to the project.

But he didn't do that with his firearms. For firearms, it was easier to replicate what he had created, so he preferred to keep the design of his best weapons within his family.

Everyone who made these weapons in the province was his subordinate, so the project was safe and he wanted it to stay that way in the future.

If a blacksmith wanted to learn how to make such weapons, they would have to join the Fuller family and agree not to become a competitor, nor to let the designs they learned leak out of the family.

With that settled, he left with Benson this morning to walk around the city and meet with the nobles.

All the nobles of the province now lived in Metal City, from Duke Scott to the lowliest Baron.

Each of them had men to look after their businesses and estates outside the city, but they wouldn't risk living outside the safest city in the kingdom!

Like them, wealthy provincials and nobles even from other parts of the kingdom lived there these days!


Arriving in front of the Metal City Assembly, Vicente saw many faces he knew from his adventures as a merchant in the province in the pre-calamity past.

In this important place for Metal City was the local government, which followed a power-sharing model in which an assembly of nobles decided based on what most of its members wanted.

In this place, regardless of one's title of nobility, or even whether or not one was a noble, each member of the assembly had the right to a vote of equal weight.

But not every noble living in the city was a member of this assembly. Although most of them were nobles, the members of the assembly were the founding members of Metal City, the rich men who had agreed to invest in this place years ago.

As soon as he climbed the steps that circled the great majestic temple in the center of the city, Vicente spotted Shelby walking beside Levi, hand in hand with her brother, while Molly walked behind them.

Vicente frowned when he saw the size of Shelby's belly, who wouldn't be long before giving birth to her first child.

Benson saw who was coming towards them and commented discreetly to his pupil. "Don't be surprised by what I'm about to say, but Shelby married Levi."

Vicente stopped halfway to Shelby and froze his expression. "What?" He looked at Benson in confusion. "Isn't Levi her brother?"


Benson laughed bitterly and nodded. "Indeed. But they got married, and the baby in her belly is Levi's. At least that's what she swears."

Vicente looked at his master with an open mouth, not expecting to hear such madness at the beginning of the day.

"That... That can't be true." He could hardly believe it.

"Believe me, it's true." Benson closed his eyes and sighed. "This girl is ambitious, Vicente. As soon as she took the title of Count in her brother's name, she arranged and consummated the marriage with him. Now, even if Levi grows up and assumes the position of Count, she'll still have power and probably outrank him.

If he turns against her, she may even kill him. He's a young Acolyte, while she's a Sovereign... And with his son, she'll be able to rule the Staples family one way or another."

"But... They're siblings." Vicente was still shocked at this point. "Did she really do that?"

"Well, they're half-siblings. Although this is also considered taboo, there are several cases like this in the kingdom, and the laws of the province allow marriage between siblings," Benson explained. "I find it strange too, but I will not judge them. She's got her ambition, and hell, she's really beautiful. The boy must be madly in love."Yôur f𝒂vorite stories on 𝒏/o/(v)𝒆/lb𝒊n(.)c𝒐m

Vicente remembered his experiences with Shelby and agreed. "Indeed. Considering the things she can do, a poor, inexperienced boy who's been manipulated since childhood must be completely in her hands, hopelessly in love."

'I didn't expect that! But it seems that Shelby would do anything for power... Would she have done that to her own father if he hadn't had a little boy before he died?'

While he had this doubt in his mind, Shelby stopped in front of him, smiling as she gestured a greeting to her old ally and friend.

"Vicente. It's good to see you again."

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