Stealing Spree

Chapter 2014 Picking up Akane and the other girls

Chapter 2014 Picking up Akane and the other girls

Before coming to join up with Akane and the others who should be waiting near their school, I went home to change out of my uniform, pack some clothes for the both of us and also bring things that we may need on the trip.

And while I was there, I called my parents to check if there was news regarding the Ichihara. I also informed them of Ichihara Jun's self-imposed one-week suspension which they called a 'break'.

Although my mom's reaction came out as a burst of laughter, I could feel that she found that move as a declaration of challenge.

She nagged at my father to do something. But as the rational side of the pair, he calmed her down and instructed me on what to do next.

Of course, they already knew about my trip to Tokyo so the instructions will be for when we return tomorrow or Wednesday.

And it's not some clever tactic. He simply told me to spend my time with Marika more and let their followers witness it.

Because even if Ichihara took a break, they surely tasked someone to observe and report.

For sure, the fact that she went down to eat with us during lunch was already reported.

As for whether they would target everyone close to me there, I still had no idea. Probably not since it's like a feast for the whole class except for some.

Moreover, I also kept an eye out if someone was following me and although I wouldn't say I'm 100% certain, no one tailed me. Otherwise, I would've noticed them like how I caught Kaede stalking me.

I get what my father is hinting at with that instruction. He wants us to be the bait that will lure the fish in.

That way, they'll figure out what Ichihara's objective is.

After that small talk, I used the time I was still in the house to check on Minoru. The boy is already used to living with my parents but whenever Miwa-nee or I appear in front of him - even through the video call, he's always thrilled to tell us how his days went.

Mhm. By this weekend or next week, they'll be returning to this house. I'll specifically set aside time to spend with him whenever I'm home. I may not be so much a father figure yet but I at least experienced being a child with my parents.

Hopefully, I won't influence him with my out-of-the-norm mindset...

Ugh. Somehow, that sounded too counterproductive when our goal is to subvert the norms of society. Whether we like it or not, Minoru will undoubtedly be influenced by what he sees in one way or another if he stays with us.

I should remind myself to treat this subject seriously and discuss it with everyone when the time comes.

Minoru won't be my only child, after all...

It's not something we can just shrug off.


Exactly a quarter after 2 o'clock, I arrived at the location where my girls were waiting.

It's an outdoor cafe near the station.

Even from afar, the girls were already standing out. And there seemed to be a void around them, preventing anyone from approaching them.

Miho had her arms on the table with her chin gracefully resting on her palm. In front of her was a half-empty cup of latte.

Yua was holding a tall glass of orange juice, happily sipping it with a straw.

And Akane was meticulously fiddling the shortcake in front of her with a fork.

Each of them gave off a different vibe and despite not looking standoffish, it somehow screams 'Don't approach us' when seen collectively.

They were still in their uniforms, of course, but that's probably the second thing anyone would focus on when they see them. Their presence was just immaculate.

In any case, upon spotting me as I exited the station, Yua hopped off her seat, Miho meaningfully smiled, and Akane waved energetically.

All of a sudden, their aura was turned over. It became so welcoming that those observing them from inside and outside of the cafe had to stop and scratch their eyes if they were seeing it correctly.

Unfortunately for them, it's all real. And their gazes soon landed on me. The reason for that change.

Obviously, I ignored them and approached the girls' table, crossing that imaginary boundary they created without so much as a sweat.

Yua also ran over to receive and guide me to the empty 4th seat while Miho called for the waitress and ordered a drink for me

By the time I sat down, Akane had already lifted her fork, ready to feed me a bite of her shortcake.

"Here, husband. Take a bite first."

And so, I did.

"Hehe. Ruki, you look great in your outfit today. You're ready for your date with us, huh?" Yua teasingly grinned as her eyes looked like she was scanning me from top to bottom.

Naturally, I wore something decent as it would be a long trip and the place we're going to will be harsh when it comes to fashion. It's better not to stick out like a sore thumb and draw more attention to us.

"If only that's going to be the case. Tokyo is... not an ideal place for a date." Miho lamented. From the way she seemed to dismiss the thought of enjoying this trip to the capital, the girl probably still had the same opinion as before. Ne/w novel chaptš¯’†rs are published on no/vel(/bin(.)co/m

I still remember when she told me about one competition she attended during 5th grade in Tokyo. She seemed overwhelmed by the skyscrapers and the overwhelming amount of people outside.

On the duration of her stay there, she spent most of her time in the waiting room or their car.

That's why Miho's dream vacation was somewhere quiet like a small island.

"Don't worry, Miho. I'm sure it won't be the same as before." I comforted the girl by squeezing her hand before turning my head to Yua. "And you... We're not going there to play around, you know? What did your mom tell you?"

"Uh... She said I have to familiarize myself with that environment. It's different from photoshoots and if an MV will really happen... I have to understand the song so I can act when the time comes."

Ah. Now that's loaded advice. But coming from Auntie Misora, she must have predicted that this girl might be too distracted because she's with me.

"That's right. But it's fine. Since we're the only ones who won't be needed during the recording, we'll watch them from beyond the glass. You can still enjoy it in your own way."


"Husband, you're acting like our manager. Kaoru-san will be surprised." Akane interjected as she once again aimed the fork at my mouth.

Helpless, I could only open my mouth and take a bite again.

Thankfully, the drink that Miho ordered soon arrived so I immediately drank half of it before getting back into the groove.

For the next ten minutes, I truly acted like a manager, reminding them of what they should expect as well as the do's and don'ts while we were there.

Somehow, the three girls found it endearing that they listened to me intently while occasionally giggling to themselves.

Whispers from the onlookers pointed at me but we just kept ignoring them.

Then as soon as they finished their drinks, our ride to the train station that will take us to Tokyo arrived.

It's none other than Hitomi who specifically volunteered last night when we talked about this trip.

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