Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 1330: The Power of Wisdom

Chapter 1330: The Power of Wisdom

Enchantress's influence needs to be alive to continue fermenting, so she will do whatever it takes to protect herself, even if it means sacrificing her beauty to stay alive.

Saint Demon, on the other hand, values what kind of death.

A great death can be remembered for centuries and recorded in history.

In a way, every woman possessed by Saint Demon is a martyr of destiny, falling during the most beautiful and glorious era of their lives. The intense impact has shattered the hearts of countless heroes who secretly admired Saint Demon.

Compared to Enchantress who casts a wide net to catch many fish, Saint Demon never needs that trouble because as saintly messengers, they are naturally the center of attention for everyone.

Guide people.

Show care for people.

Become a crucial and important part in some people's hearts.

This way, when Saint Demon passed away, she could never be forgotten.

In this manner, Saint Demon even made the gods sad, since it seemed that whenever she died, her spirit scattered, burning everything, impossible to save.

Although she was a Heavenly Demon, nobody ever mixed up the three-eyed Saint Demon with Enchantresses, and nobody would even consider finding any connection between the two.

After all, the differences were too great. The pure and delicate Saint Demon, who was untouchable, couldn't even hold hands, was nothing like the fiery and daring, charming Enchantress. They seemed like completely different species.

However, one common point between the two was entirely the same—human hearts.

Whether Enchantress or Saint Demon, they were both Heavenly Demons who fed on the emotions and memories of sentient beings.

Enchantress's techniques are straightforward and easy to understand, suitable for newbies who are young and full of energy.

Saint Demon, on the other hand, started off at a very high point, waiting for the inevitable encounter of fate.

Enchantress values "quantity", often developing ambiguous relationships with multiple individuals at the same time.

Saint Demon values "quality", choosing only a select few chosen ones, maintaining a distance from everyone and never taking the lead.

As for Asura, well, let's not talk about that.

When it comes to "manipulating hearts", Saint Demon's abilities are stronger than Enchantress's, as they aim to guide and interfere with targets beyond those of hero status.

Enchantress's seductive powers are ineffective against beings of this level, and they are easily caught and exposed. According to Buddhist records, the Heavenly Demons subdued and suppressed are typically Enchantresses.

Saint Demon doesn't need to rely on seductive techniques; their methods are on a higher level, surpassing supernatural powers.

Just like at this moment, Saint Demon noticed the deadly weakness of Cyber Elf Alpha.

Perhaps, this is not just a weakness of Cyber Elf Alpha, but also of Saint Demon.

The mystery of Starry Sky Chess is truly captivating; after the Starry Sky Chessboard opens, many players who are addicted to playing chess non-stop at the legend-ranked, which is the best proof.

On the small chessboard lies an endless path of rules and possibilities.

No one can predict what will happen in the next moment on the Starry Sky Chessboard; each game is a passage of time, a record of the changes in the starry sky.

This infinite unpredictability, changes that even the legend-ranked cannot fathom, is the greatest charm of Starry Sky Chess and the reason why the Starry Sky Chessboard has become the highest stage of wisdom in the Endless God’s Domain.

Even Saint Demon, who possesses divine intelligence, has suffered multiple defeats on the Starry Sky Chessboard. Every time the Starry Sky Chessboard is opened in the past, Saint Demon would definitely participate.

"Three-eyed Holy Maiden"

"Galro Divine Envoy"

"The Priestess Approaching the Gods" are all code names used by Saint Demon.

Starry Sky Chess has impressive records in Endless God’s Domain, only surpassed by Norn the God of Wisdom, one of the three sisters who descendants of the Twilight of the Gods, and has won the top three positions on the Starry Sky Chessboard more than once.

After a long time, sitting in front of the Starry Sky Chessboard again, Saint Demon blushed slightly as she made her usual opening move.

The Heavenly Demon is a special being that appears in response to the ripples of the River of Destiny, and each time it appears in the mortal world, it must have a special vessel.

A tragic fate often attracts the Enchantress.

Gifted with intelligence but born in an unfortunate time, Saint Demon favors those whose fate is ill-fated.

Someone fierce and ruthless is known as an Asura.

Every girl possessed by Saint Demon in each generation is actually a pitiful person whose fate is near its end. Before being possessed by Saint Demon, their life force was already fading like a candle in the wind.

Saint Demon's arrival and the opening of the heavenly eye only slightly extended their time of death, giving them a chance to replace their fate with Saint Demon's will.

Throughout history, the incarnations of Saint Demon as holy women, priests, priestesses, and messengers of the gods have been brilliant but destined for an early death.

The Saint Demon who replaces them will unleash their potential and talent to the fullest, joining the great catastrophe.

Compared to the "charm" required by the Enchantress and the "strength" required by Asura, Saint Demon requires "wisdom", so even if you are weak, it doesn't matter.

Saint Demon, whose main attribute is "wisdom", all love playing Starry Sky Chess, and will never miss a chance to participate in the Starry Sky Chessboard.

For the Saint Demon tribe, this era of openness in the Starry Sky Chessboard is truly the best era.

For this Saint Demon contracted with Yun Xi, knowing that Yun Xi is the master of Starry Sky Chess, there is no longer any dissatisfaction with this contract, just pure satisfaction.Gẹtt the l𝒂test 𝒏𝒐v𝒆ls at 𝒏.o/(v)/e/l/bi𝒏(.)co𝒎

After the three pieces fell and Saint Demon started with her familiar Fixed formula, she humbly asked Yun Xi:

"How are things going now?"

"Hmm, not great. Alpha has already seen through your intentions," Yun Xi casually looked at the layout of both sides, Cyber Elf Alpha's moves were clever, while Saint Demon's strategy seemed outdated.

"Oh... this is considered not great?" Saint Demon had not played chess with Cyber Elf Alpha yet, so she had not experienced the despair and frustration that other legend-ranked players faced when playing against Cyber Elf Alpha.

"Yes, she should start launching a strong attack soon." As the only Star Chess Player in the Endless God's Domain who could ignore Cyber Elf Alpha's strategic advantage, Yun Xi knew Cyber Elf Alpha's playing style better than anyone.

Willing to do whatever it takes to win, when faced with opponents who seemed weaker, Cyber Elf Alpha would definitely play ruthlessly - it was in her nature.

"Please let me play ten moves." If it had been anyone else, even the highly admired "Impermanent" in the Heavenly Demon, Saint Demon wouldn't have been so obedient.

It can only be said that the title of Starry Sky Chess Master and what it represents had a huge impact on Saint Demon.

Just like a novice swordsman admiring a legendary Sword Master.

Yun Xi didn't even realize it himself, but when he summoned Saint Demon, she looked at him with sincere and touching eyes.

Saint Demon, who always acted like a superior saint, only listened so obediently when she was in front of him.

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