Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan

Chapter 808 Toneri’s Loss

“What?” Toneri exclaimed in surprise, he couldn’t understand what happened.

The tall and mighty rock giant that had the power of destroying the entire island within a few minutes was destroyed by seemingly harmless white light.

And he didn’t have any opportunity to figure out anything as the white light–that destroyed the golem–approached him.

Although Toneri is extremely talented, he is still not knowledgeable enough to be able to understand the essence of the white light, all he could do was sense the presence of more than one Chakra Nature in the white light, and feel that it is very dangerous.

Moreover, because of the previous explosion, the machinery of the puppet’s legs wasn’t working properly, so when the white light approached him, he wasn’t able to completely dodge it, and barely shifted his body to the side.


It came in the blink of an eye and soon disappeared.

The duration was very short, but for that short period of time, Toneri’s heart trembled.

Although he tried to avoid it, the white light still brushed his waist.

The part of his body where the white light touched him, broke down at atomic level and disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving behind an extremely smooth opening.

“Damn you!” cursed Toneri looking at the damaged body. He never thought that he would face such a situation in the Shinobi World. He is being defeated not by the Hyuga Clan who has the Tenseigan, not by the person who stole Gedo Mazo from the moon, but by someone whom he happened to encounter on this no-name island by pure coincidence.

Thinking of this, shame and anger surged in his heart.

Toneri raised his head and noted that the masked person had taken this opportunity to fly away on the clay bird.Explore new 𝒏ovels on n𝒐velbi𝒏(.)com

“Don’t try to escape!” he shouted in anger, as Chakra surged around him.

Toneri raised his only and controlled rocks around him to attack Dojin.

Rocks and rubble around him hovered in the air and under Toneri’s control, they attacked Dojin standing on the back of the clay bird.

Whiish Whiish Whiish

Facing the flurry of attacks, Dojin controlled the Clay bird and deftly dodged all the attacks. Initially, it was fine, however, Toneri continued to increase the number of rocks which caused Dojin to start struggling.

After a while, one of the rocks hit the clay bird, leading Dojin to fall to the ground.

With the current state of his body, walking and running were extremely difficult tasks for Toneri, so he floated in the sky and approached Dojin.

Looking at Dojin’s distressed state, Toneri said, “No matter what you do, you can not change the inevitable. You were doomed the moment you decided to struggle and didn’t accept your fate… Now… di–…!”

As Toneri was speaking, he suddenly felt the chakra in Dojin’s body flaring. Soon, he saw Dojin’s body merging with the bird’s.

“What the?!” witnessing such a thing, Toneri subconsciously felt that something is wrong. But he didn’t have the time to react as he was swallowed by a blinding light.

BOOM! Boom! Boom!

The scale of this explosion was much bigger than any other. The forest was swallowed by it, and the entire island trembled.

At the same time somewhere in the sky

It took Deidara a few days to get rid of Asuma and Kurenai, but he managed to do that. After making sure that he was finally free to roam around for a while, Deidara started searching for clues about Amatsukami and Dojin. He wants to collect proof in order for the leaders of five great shinobi villages to believe that he is not Dojin, and that’s what he intended to do. However, despite searching for days, he couldn’t find anything about Amatsukami and Dojin.

Now he was bored of searching for clues and started traveling on the back of the clay bird to clear his mind. In the middle of his journey, he suddenly discovered a mushroom-shaped cloud of dust and smoke in the distance, “Huh, what’s going on there?”

Curious, Deidara stood up and took a closer look, ‘It doesn’t seem to be caused by the volcanic eruption, which means… someone was probably fighting there, I guess I’ll take a look, perhaps I might find something interesting.’ With such a thought in his mind, he controlled the clay bird to fly towards the mushroom-shaped cloud.

Arriving at the center of the explosion, he jumped off the back of the bird and landed on the island.

He was amazed at the extent of damage caused by the explosion, “Tsk… tsk… Wonderful… wonderful… this must have been amazing to witness.”

As Deidara was admiring the sight of the explosion, suddenly, something crawled out of the ground, “Haah… haah…”

The thing that appeared had a very poor state. It had lost its legs and was barely crawling out with the help of only one hand that it had left.

Looking at its state, Deidara couldn’t help but mutter as he observed the puppet from up close, “The remains of a puppet? It’s surprising that it wasn’t destroyed!”

“Damn you!” screamed the miserable figure in a hoarse tone of voice, and fired a chakra sphere from its mouth.

On the other side of the island

Feeling the violent tremors coming from the other side, Dojin muttered with a smile, “Although I used quite a lot of clay on that one, the result makes it worth it!”

Hizashi asked, “Won’t he find us here?”

“Don’t worry, that puppet wouldn’t be in the state that it would try to search for us, and even if it is, it won’t be able to spot us here considering all the chakra dispersed on the island after that explosion. Besides, I have another thing coming up for him…” Answered Dojin, and added, “Just wait for a while, you will soon figure it out.”

“I see!” nodded Hizashi.

The two people didn’t have to wait for long, and suddenly the island trembled once again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“It has begun.” Said Dojin, as a smile appeared on her face.

The arrival of Deidara was a pure coincidence that Dojin hadn’t predicted, but since that person has also appeared here, then why not put him to good use? With such intentions, she chose to hide with Hizashi, while Deidara was forced to fight the remains of Toneri’s puppets.

Hearing the sounds of explosion, Hizashi asked, “Are you still fighting him?”

Dojin giggled lightly and said in a sly tone, “I suppose you can say that it’s me.” Then changed the topic, “Anyway, we can go now.”

“O-okay.” Nodded Hizashi.

Dojin nodded, and then she looked closely at Hizashi. It’s quite obvious that he is badly injured, and wouldn’t be able to return to Konoha on his own. So after thinking for a while, she took out a healing potion from her cloak, and gave it to Hizashi, “Drink this, it will help with the clotting of blood.”

“Thank you.” After thanking Dojin, he drank the potion handed over by Dojin.

The possibility that Dojin might be giving him something dangerous didn’t cross his mind, because there is no need for Dojin to use roundabout ways, with his current state, Hizashi isn’t capable of putting up any form of resistance against someone like Dojin.

So, without any worry, Hizashi drank the potion handed over by Dojin.

With that done, Dojin created a clay bird, and instructed Hizashi, “Sit on that, it will take you back to Konoha.”

Hizashi nodded, “Okay.” And did what Dojin instructed him to do.

As the bird took to the sky, Dojin advised Hizashi, “Next time be more careful, your luck won’t always be as good as it was today.”

“I will keep your words in my heart, thank you for everything you have done for me Dojin-sama! I will never forget this favor!” said Hizashi as the clay bird flew towards Konoha.

He didn’t know why Dojin was so kind to him, however, he is going to repay that kindness one day.

Dojin nodded lightly and waved her hand as she too disappeared.



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