Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan

Chapter 807 Dojin vs Toneri

Hizashi nervously looked at the enemy in the distance. The calmness he had when facing death had disappeared. The presence of Dojin gave him hope, ‘Perhaps I will be able to survive this time.’

In this Shinobi World, the Amatsukami Organization is no less than legendary. Each and every member of this organization is extremely powerful. That’s why the presence of Dojin means a lot. Hizashi knows that the young man of the Otsutsuki Clan is extremely strong, so even though he is worried, he still believes that Dojin of Amatsukami would be able to fight him.

Floating in the air, Toneri looked at the two people, and said to Hizashi, “Hope seems to have rekindled in your eyes. You seem to think that this person can save you, is that correct?”

Toneri wasn’t fazed by Dojin’s previous sneak attack. Toneri doesn’t that anyone other than Gedo Mazo and probably the Giant Tenseigan of the Hyuga Clan can hurt him. Therefore, he didn’t take Dojin’s presence to heart.

Dojin muttered in an annoyed tone, “He talks too much, and he seems to be looking down on me.” Then she looked at Hizashi, and asked, “So, what do you think? Will I be able to save you?”

“This… maybe…” Hizashi answered in a hesitant tone. To be honest, this was the first time he had met a member of Amatsukami, so he didn’t know how to interact with them. All the members of Amatsukami are highly respected, and they don’t make any move unless a large amount of money is involved. So, he is not sure whether Dojin would be willing to save him.

Dojin said with a smile, “Don’t worry… you’ll be fine… your luck is very good that you stumbled on this island while in distress. Since I am a generous person, I will save you.”

Initially, she was excited and a bit nervous when facing Toneri, but the moment she realized that this is just a puppet, not Toneri in person, she became calm. Although she can’t kill or subdue Toneri, Toneri won’t be able to hurt her either.

Hizashi thanked Dojin, “Thanks… thank you very much… and… please be careful… he… he is…!”

He also wanted to give the details of Toneri’s identity to Dojin but finally chose not to.

The connection with these distant relatives living on the moon is a secret of the Hyuga Clan. He can’t reveal their details without the permission of the main family. Besides, Hizashi doesn’t think that Dojin needs any information from him because based on what he has observed so far, Dojin seems to know a lot more about the Otsutsuki Clan than he does.

As Hizashi was thinking about these things, suddenly Dojiin appeared before him.

Hizashi interrupted his thoughts and looked at Toneri.

At this moment, the young Otsutsuki raised his hands in the direction of the two people and once again used Bansho Ten’in.

Instantly, a pulling force acted on Hizashi and Dojin’s bodies, lifting their feet off the ground and dragging both of them towards Toneri.

Hizashi panicked, and screamed, “No… my… my body! I can’t control it!”

Unlike Hizashi, this was within Dojin’s expectations, and exactly what she wanted. As her body was pulled by Toneri, she took her hands out of her Cloak and threw a few figurines of Explosive Clay at Toneri.

Her throwing speed wasn’t less and under the strong pulling force of Bansho Ten’in, the speed of the figurines further increased, and those figures were close to Toneri in an instant.

Even if the previous explosion didn’t cause him any significant damage, he still remembers their effect and knows that he can’t take too many attacks head-on, so the moment he saw Clay figures around him, he immediately changed Bansho Ten’in to Shinra Tensei in an attempt to repel the explosions.

“Katsu!” It didn’t even take a full second, and all the clay figures had exploded in a chain reaction.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It’s a pity that the explosions were unable to hurt Toneri as they were blown away by his Shinra Tensei.

And it wasn’t just the explosions, even Dojin, and Hizashi as well as the surrounding forest were swept away. As if rooted off the ground by a powerful tornado and fell a few hundred meters away.

At this time, Toneri finally landed on the beach and muttered indifferently, “Is this the best you can do?”


Toneri hadn’t even completed his words, suddenly Dojin’s figure appeared out of the ground behind him and locked his body, as he said, “Were you talking to me?”

Toneri was frozen in surprise, “How did you…?”

He had sensed carefully, there was no one underneath the ground when he landed there. But suddenly, this person appeared out of the ground, surprising him.

“That’s a secret.” said Dojin with an evil smirk, and added, “Don’t worry, you’ll have ample time to figure it out back at your home.”

“What?!” Toneri was taken aback by Dojin’s words, but before he could ask any further, Dojin detonated her body.


The explosion caused by the detonation of her body was several times larger and more violent compared to all previous explosions. Centred at Toneri’s body, the area in the hundred-meter vicinity was blown away by the explosion setting off a huge quantity of shoot and smoke into the sky.

As the shoot and smoke cleared, Toneri’s figure became clear. Unlike before, this time, he was badly damaged. His face was charred, and the kimono that he was wearing was burnt off. There were some holes in his body, and his left arm was missing.

Looking at the distressed appearance of Toneri, Donjin couldn’t help but be amazed, “Well… well.. that puppet has some grade… it was able to survive this level of explosion.”

Toneri looked at Dojin in anger. His previous indifference and coldness have disappeared. Now he was angered at Dojin, and shouted, “How dare you?!”

Once again he raised his hand but having learned his lesson, this time he didn’t use Shinra Tensei or Bansho Ten’in. Instead, he created a giant golem.

Under Toneri’s control, the rubble, rocks, and trees around him took came together and started taking the form of a humanoid figure. And in the blink of an eye, a giant over ten meters was standing on the battlefield, ready to crush Dojin under Toneri’s instructions.

Hizashi blankly stared at the rock giant. The golem created by Toneri wasn’t like the Earth Golem that the shinobi of Iwagakure uses, it’s different, and several times more powerful. For a moment, he couldn’t help but compare it with the Uchiha’s Susano’o, ‘If we also gain such strength… perhaps we too…’DiiScôver 𝒏𝒆w stori𝒆s on no/𝒗/e()/lbin(.)com

But Hizashi knew that this was quite unlikely.

As Hizashi was awed at the giant golem, Toneri ordered the golem, “Kill them!”

But before the golem could take a step ahead, suddenly, a white light was shot from the sky and turned the golem to dust.



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