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Chapter 493-END

493 the end

‘Ding ... Eliminated a middle-stage great Dao Supreme Being. Dao points +2000000.’



“he actually killed paragon azure phoenix with a single spear strike!”

” unbelievable! ”

that’s a great Dao Paragon, a Supreme expert who stands at the top of the pyramid of endless chaos. I didn’t expect him to be killed in seconds!

Supreme Chaos. No wonder he dares to have this name. He’s so terrifying!

All the experts were shocked, and their eyes were filled with excitement and respect.

He was too strong.


it was too terrifying.

There was actually such a strong person in the world.

It was unbelievable.

” supreme chaos, please spare my life. i don’t have a deep friendship with qing luo. i’m willing to be punished for offending you. i’m willing to be your slave to atone for my sins. ”

Seeing Ye Feng’s gaze, Bai Ze was scared out of his wits and kept kowtowing and begging for mercy.

he was cursing qing yuan in his heart.

If it weren’t for the cyan Phoenix’s sperm, he wouldn’t have offended Supreme Chaos.

even though he didn’t make a move.

but who told him to be on the same side as the blue luan?

“helping the evildoer, he must be killed!”

As he said that, Ye Feng stabbed out with his spear.


just as bai ze was about to escape, his head was pierced through. the terrifying dao of chaos instantly obliterated his dao and vitality, killing him completely.

upon seeing this scene.

the surrounding experts were both excited and sad.

Even a great Dao Paragon would be killed like an ant.

furthermore, they were ants who had not even reached the great dao realm.


yin luping’s eyes were full of stars. she knew that ye feng was very strong and could kill a peak great dao supreme.

But when she saw Ye Feng’s clean, handsome and domineering shot, she was still overwhelmed with emotions, her heart was in a mess.

this spear didn’t seem to have pierced into the enemy’s head.

Instead, it pierced into the depths of her heart. Vissit novelbin(.)c.𝒐m for updates

his entire body grew taller.


bai su’s eyes were also filled with admiration.

The two of them walked to Ye Feng’s side.

‘ding ... eliminated a middle-stage great dao supreme being. dao points +2000000.’

After collecting the corpses of the blue Luan and Bai Ze, Ye Feng looked at the reincarnation tablet beside him.

he reached out and pressed on it.


in that instant.

A beam of purple-gold light pierced through the sky.

boom! boom! boom!

the reincarnation tablet trembled continuously and shone with a dazzling light.

An endless amount of essence Qi gushed out.


countless symbols of the great dao danced in the sky.

Many bright and beautiful golden lotuses appeared in the void. They shone with thousands of rays of light and auspicious colors. Immortal spirits danced in the air and a vast life force emerged continuously.

an astonishing phenomenon enveloped heaven and earth, and the light of the great path flooded the entire world.

“this pixiu, this is pixiu.”

“This is the purple-gold divine light? there’s such a divine light?”


“this is supreme talent!”

” my god, this is too terrifying. no wonder he can kill a great dao supreme master with one shot! ”

“this talent is unparalleled!”

In the reincarnation sacred domain.

All the experts were shocked.


He looked at the strange phenomenon in disbelief.

he could not help but stare at ye feng’s tall and straight back.

He was a little speechless.

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

he had never heard of the purple-gold divine light.

Without a doubt.

He had broken an unprecedented record.

“i knew that ye feng is the best!”

yinlu ping’s beautiful eyes were filled with tears, and they were filled with admiration, worship, pride, and happiness.

“That’s right, master always makes sister want to die!”

bai su whispered in her ear.


“You say it as if you’re not.”

Yin Luping rolled her eyes at her. I wonder who’s always like a raging river and overturning the sea. As expected of the little sister of the Dragon race!

Bai SU’s pretty face turned red and she glared at Yin Luping with hidden bitterness.

At this moment.

Ye Feng, however, did not have the time to care about the changes in his surroundings. He placed his palm on the reincarnation tablet and closed his eyes to feel the mysterious and vast aura on the tablet.

in just a moment, an invisible force was like a small stream of water, it imprinted itself on his heart, even with ye feng’s strength, he felt his heart palpitate.

this mighty force seemed to have transformed into two great dao symbols.

it was like an ancient word.

It was extremely bright.

It was complicated and unpredictable.

Do not peep

Other than him, no one in the outside world could see it.

this was a mysterious and mighty power that surpassed the supreme dao.

this reincarnation tablet was indeed left behind by a forbidden existence that surpassed the Supreme Dao.

Ye Feng thought to himself.

he carefully observed the two symbols of the great dao that looked like ancient characters.

It was as if he had seen two boundless universes, where everything was reincarnating.

The plants were reincarnating.

The insects were reincarnating.

The birds and beasts were reincarnating.

The sun, moon, and stars were reincarnating.

The chaos of the universe was reincarnating.


the cycle of reincarnation was endless.

it was mysterious and unpredictable.

And just as Ye Feng was comprehending the two great Dao symbols, two bright and dazzling words appeared above the reincarnation tablet, directly above the ancient heaven’s pride and mighty Lord.

“Ye Feng!”

the two big words were shining.

next to it was a line that read,”supreme chaos, the bearing of a ruler.”

It was like an iron painting and silver hook, vigorous and powerful.

it had an indescribable dao rhythm, and it circulated with a heart-palpitating majesty and dominance.

“Supreme Chaos, the bearing of a ruler?”

” what kind of power is the ruler’s power? can it surpass the supreme dao? ”

“and he has the unparalleled potential to rule over the primordial chaos?”

All the experts were shocked and quickly spread the news to their friends and family.

regarding this ...

Ye Feng ignored him.

at this moment, he was immersed in the comprehension of the reincarnation monument.

so there really is a realm above the Supreme Dao. This realm is the origin realm, the origin of all DAOs, which is also known as the ruler realm. It rules over everything.

“origin realm experts are truly undying. with a thought, they can create endless chaos. even if they’re killed, they can revive themselves. they can be called true supreme rulers,”

“system, can i use my great dao points to reach the origin realm?”

Ye Feng said with some anticipation and apprehension.

Only by becoming an origin realm ruler could one live a truly carefree life.

“Ding ... Origin realm requires origin path divine light.”

“what’s the source of the divine light?”

ye feng asked, he had never heard of such a thing.

“ding! it has been detected that the system’s origin source is formed by the divine light of the origin path. would you like to consume the system’s origin source to advance to the origin realm?”

“F * ck! the system is actually formed from the origin path divine light?”

Ye Feng was a little surprised, but he soon felt relieved.

The system seemed to be omnipotent, and the fact that it was able to do this was clearly extraordinary.

if it was formed by the origin path spiritual light, then it would make sense.

An origin realm ruler was omnipotent. A single thought could create chaos, and they were undying and imperishable.

Although the origin Dao spirit light was not an origin realm ruler, it still had a portion of its power, which was enough to carry out the various functions of the system.


ye feng did not hesitate, even though the system would disappear after consuming the system source.

But to reach the origin realm ...

It was worth it.

he no longer needed the system to become an origin realm ruler.

“Ding ... Consumed system source to level up to origin realm.”


An incomparably bright divine light shot from Ye Feng’s spiritual altar into the sky.

it illuminated the sky and the passing of time.

Ye Feng’s body was surrounded by divine light as he floated in the air.

Countless symbols of the great Dao swirled and danced.

Endless order and immortal light.

they were intertwining there, as if they were evolving a supreme dao technique.

A terrifying aura instantly swept across the reincarnation Saint realm and spread toward the endless chaos with the reincarnation Saint realm as the center.

Countless powerhouses raised their heads in horror.

The experts around the reincarnation monument had already been suppressed to the ground the moment Ye Feng’s aura erupted. They were all trembling in fear.

they were like a lonely boat in a storm, ready to be capsized at any moment.

“could it be that i’m about to break through?”

Even though Yinlu ping and Bai su were great Dao heavenly Lords, they could not withstand Ye Feng’s current pressure. They prostrated on the ground, but their eyes were filled with excitement as they looked at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng sat cross-legged in the air, his expression was solemn.

its entire body was shining with endless auspicious light.

his body shone with an immortal radiance, as if he had turned into a complicated furnace of the great path.

his body, soul, true spirit, and consciousness were all transforming at an astonishing speed.

That aura had already surpassed the limits of the Supreme Dao.

boom! boom!

After an unknown amount of time. A beam of vast light shot up into the sky.

the laws of the great dao danced in the air in a gorgeous manner.

the river of time surged, vast and endless, and then broke in an instant, annihilating everything.

endless light and radiance drowned out the endless chaos.

a terrifying aura spread out.

it swept across the heavens and the earth.

in the endless primordial chaos, countless living beings and experts prostrated themselves on the ground, trembling in fear.

holy land of creation.

Qingjiu, lie Yan, and Bai Xi were terrified. However, when they felt the familiar aura, they were stunned.

a huge figure surrounded by endless chaos stood in the void. it seemed to be even bigger than the endless chaos. it was unimaginably huge and its divine power could not be described in any words.

“today, i, ye feng, have transcended the great dao and reached the origin realm. i am now the ruler of chaos. this is a joyous occasion.”

The majestic divine sound of the great path resonated through the endless chaos, deafening. Even the experts at the peak of the great path supremacy felt their minds go blank, as if they were suffocating.

with the loud voice, endless laws of the great path emerged and interweaved in the chaos. flowers fell from the sky and golden lotuses surged from the earth.

countless living beings had clear ears and eyes, as if they had an epiphany. all their doubts were resolved, and their cultivation soared.

a word of fortune was boundless and chaotic.

the might of a ruler was evident.

all the living beings, even the top powers at the peak of the great dao supremacy, knelt down and kowtowed. they said respectfully, ”

“we pay our respects to the chief sovereign of chaos. congratulations on your boundless longevity and eternal immortality!”

“origin realm rulers are truly terrifying.”

ye feng sat in the void, he could know the past and future of the endless chaos with a single thought, he could even destroy (create) the endless chaos with a single thought.

what was invincibility?

This was it.

“congratulations, fellow daoist, on becoming a ruler and gaining eternal life.”

a gentle voice rang out, and a young man wearing a reincarnation daoist robe appeared in front of ye feng.

The man looked like he was in his twenties, but his eyes were like two abysses of reincarnation, with a terrifying demonic power that could suck people’s souls in.

“many thanks, fellow daoist samsara. i was able to become a ruler all thanks to your reincarnation tablet.”

ye feng cupped his hands and said.

this young man was naturally the one who had left behind the reincarnation tablet, the reincarnation god.

” dao friend is too polite. it’s dao friend’s good fortune to be able to gain some insight. ”

the samsara god said courteously.

at their level, no one could do anything to the other, and there would usually not be any conflicts.

besides, very few people could reach the origin realm.

In fact, they were quite happy with each additional one.

after all, those below the origin realm were on a completely different level of existence.

ye feng conversed with the samsara god for a while and knew that there were still thirteen gods in this world.

some of them belonged to the boundless chaos they were in, while some belonged to other boundless chaos.

the boundless chaos was actually only effective against experts below the origin realm.

origin realm experts could create an endless primordial chaos with a single thought, so it could not be called an endless primordial chaos.

the boundless chaos that ye feng was in was actually called the primordial chaos in the origin realm.

The absolute beginning chaos was naturally formed, not created by origin realm experts.

it had given birth to several origin realm rulers, including the samsara god.

they were all famous existences in the surrounding chaos.

fellow Daoist, you have become a ruler. This is something worth celebrating. Let’s prepare a banquet in the yuantian Palace to celebrate you.

the samsara lord invited.

“many thanks, fellow daoist!”

ye feng did not reject. with a thought, he moved everyone related to him over and headed to the yuantian palace with the samsara god.

After eating his fill, Ye Feng got to know the other thirteen rulers, after some communication, they went their separate ways.

Ye Feng opened up a Dao field in the primal Chaos void-immemorial temple.

time passed by.

As the women moved in, the immemorial temple became lively.

ye feng was lying on the armchair, basking in the sun.

How lonely it is to be invincible


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