Martial Peak

Chapter 5954: The Black Ink Abyss

Chapter 5954: The Black Ink Abyss

Looking at the figure in the gazebo, the woman became at ease. She took a deep breath and stepped forward.

When she reached the person, she saluted him and said, “Servant greets Master.”

The person seemed oblivious to everything as he looked dazedly in a particular direction.

The woman looked in the same direction, but all she saw were endless clouds.

She stood there and waited patiently like a maid. At that moment, she no longer appeared aggressive or arrogant.

A while later, Yang Kai suddenly said, “If one day, you realised that everything around you is an illusion, and the World you lived in is not what you think it is, what would you do?”

After giving it some thought, Xue Ji measured her words and asked cautiously, “What are you trying to say, Master?”

Yang Kai shook his head and took back his gaze before turning to look at her, “You’re an intelligent woman, so you’ll figure it out one day. Before that, I need you to help me with something.”

Xue Ji immediately fell to her knees, “I’ll never disobey your orders, Master.”

“Bring me to the Black Ink Abyss!”

The Black Ink Abyss was where the Black Ink Cult originated from. The Profound Source Gate, where a part of Mo’s Source had been suppressed and sealed, was also located there; however, since Yang Kai had only been in this World for a short time, he didn’t know where the Black Ink Abyss was. After pondering for a moment, he decided to just ask Xue Ji to lead the way for him; therefore, he looked for the woman through the Soul Mark and waited outside this city.

Xue Ji shuddered with a shocked expression as she asked hesitantly, “Why do you want to go there, Master?”

Yang Kai replied impassively, “That is none of your business. Just lead the way for me.”

Xue Ji hung her head low, “Yes.”

Then, she lifted her head and looked expectantly at the man. She parted her lips, but she couldn’t bring herself to say anything.

A helpless Yang Kai formed a small wound on his finger and flicked some Dragon Blood at her.

Xue Ji devoured the blood like it was a precious treasure. Soon, she turned into a blood mist and flew off. From afar, she said, “Please wait for me, Master. I’ll be right back!”

Half a day later, Xue Ji returned, soaked in sweat. However, her aura had increased significantly, and it was to the point where she was unable to suppress it.

She had repeatedly gained benefits from Yang Kai, which had helped strengthen her tremendously. She was already at the peak of the Immortal Ascension Realm to begin with, and if not for the shackles of this World’s Principles, she would’ve achieved a breakthrough.

This woman was talented in the Blood Dao, and she had some kind of Special Constitution that perfectly matched her use of Blood Principles. Unfortunately for her, she was born in the Primordial World. Restricted by the Space-Time River, she was unable to escape from the Universe World’s suppression.

If she lived in a stronger Universe World, her strength would not be so low.

“I’ll teach you a technique that can help suppress your aura. Listen carefully,” Yang Kai said.

An elated Xue Ji replied, “Many thanks for your teachings, Master!”Findd new 𝒔tories on nov/e(l)bin(.)com

After she acquired the technique, she circulated it and realised she was finally able to suppress the wild aura. Yang Kai was already mysterious in her eyes, and now, he looked even more inscrutable to her.

The two of them then headed straight to the Black Ink Abyss.

While on their way, Yang Kai asked the woman about the Apostles; however, even though Xue Ji was a Chapter Master of the Black Ink Cult, she knew little about them.

“Master, you might not be aware of it yet, but the Black Ink Abyss is where our cult originated from. That place is sacred in our eyes; therefore, no ordinary person is allowed to go near it. Only those who have made great contributions to the cult can cultivate beside the Black Ink Abyss. On the other hand, Chapter Masters like me are given quotas every year and are allowed to enter the Black Ink Abyss at certain times.”

Following a pause, she continued, “Black Ink Strength is strange as it can change a person’s nature; therefore, comprehending Black Ink Strength’s secrets in the abyss is both an opportunity and a risk. If one is lucky, their cultivation will increase significantly. If they are unlucky, they’ll lose themself forever. Many in the Black Ink Cult are just like that, including the Chapter Masters.”

Yang Kai nodded as he had discovered this when he came into contact with those from the Black Ink Cult back then. Although their disciples had some Black Ink Strength in their bodies, it was basically negligible. Moreover, their nature was never fully changed. For example, Xue Ji still retained her independence and individuality.

It was different from the Black Ink Disciples that Yang Kai had come across before; those Black Ink Disciples had been fully corrupted by Black Ink Strength, so they only held Mo supreme.

As Xue Ji spoke, she appeared slightly fearful, “Those who have lost themselves look just like their usual selves, but their minds have changed completely. I too almost fell into that situation once; fortunately, I retreated in the nick of time and saved myself.”

Yang Kai said, “Since that is the case, when you cultivate in the Black Ink Abyss, you have to strike a balance between comprehending Black Ink Strength and keeping your sanity. Is that right?”

Xue Ji replied, “You can think of it as so. If we can retain the balance, we’ll be able to increase our powers; however, once the balance is broken, we’ll lose ourselves forever. I believe the Apostles are such beings.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai arched his brow.

“From what I’ve observed over the years, many disciples lose themselves while cultivating in the Black Ink Abyss. Most of them leave the Black Ink Abyss and live their lives as though nothing has changed; nevertheless, a small number of people continue further into the Black Ink Abyss and disappear. Those people are the Apostles!”

“Since they’ve disappeared, how did all of you find out about the Apostles?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Although we can’t see them, we can hear growls like those of beasts from the depths of the Black Ink Abyss; therefore, we know that there are living beings in the depths, ones who must have dove deeper than others can. However, we don’t know what happened to them.”

Upon hearing her explanation, Yang Kai nodded.

In that case, the Apostles were the real Black Ink Disciples. Their temperaments had been contorted by Black Ink Strength, and no one knew what happened to them after they went further into the abyss. Although they were still alive, they never appeared again.

“I heard that the Apostles will never leave the Black Ink Abyss,” Yang Kai said.

Xue Ji replied, “That is indeed the case. The Black Ink Cult has been around for many centuries, but as far as I know, no Apostles have ever left the Black Ink Abyss before.”

“Have you guys tried finding out the reason?” Yang Kai asked.

Xue Ji shook her head, “No one has ever met the Apostles before, so how are we supposed to find out anything?”

Yang Kai stopped asking further. It seemed that Xue Ji knew little about the matter as well. If he wanted to find out more about the Apostles, he had to go down and have a look for himself.

“The Light Spirit Religion has launched a war against the Black Ink Cult, so the final conflict between the two parties is inevitable. As the Night Chapter Master, aren’t you supposed to be at the frontline?”

Xue Ji replied with a smile, “Well, the Night Chapter is mainly responsible for assassinating enemies, so we don’t have many members. As such, we’re usually not involved in large-scale warfare like this. The other Masters will have a discussion and settle it.”

After pondering for a moment, she said cautiously, “I suppose you’re on the Light Spirit Religion’s side, Master.”

“Let’s say I’m indeed on their side, what will you do?” Yang Kai questioned.

Xue Ji replied frankly, “I will always follow you as your servant.”

“Good,” Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction.

With Xue Ji, the Night Chapter Master, leading the way, they could easily move around even if they ran into some Black Ink Cultists who questioned Yang Kai’s identity.

10 days later, the pair finally arrived at the Black Ink Abyss, where the Black Ink Cult originated from.

The Black Ink Abyss was located in the Black Ink Flatland. It was an extensive plain which was the most important area for the Black Ink Cult.

This place was guarded by Black Ink Cult members all year round; however, since they currently had to deal with those from the Light Spirit Religion, many of the guards were gone, leaving just a few guards behind.

The periphery of the flatland was lush and verdant, but as they went deeper, the place became increasingly desolate, as though a mysterious power was affecting this vast land.

When they arrived at the centre of the flatland, there was a huge abyss. The abyss was like a chasm in the land that led to the depths of the Universe World. There was no end in sight, and it was pitch black to the eye.

It was the Black Ink Abyss!

Standing right above the abyss, they could hear the wind howl and some muffled growls, as though some beasts had been trapped inside.

Beside the abyss was a majestic palace, which was built by those from the Black Ink Cult.

All the disciples who wanted to cultivate in the Black Ink Abyss had to go to the palace and register their names before they were allowed to enter; however, with Xue Ji around, Yang Kai didn’t have to care about such procedures. Other people would handle everything for him.

Standing above the abyss, he activated the Demon Eye of Annihilation and looked down with a solemn expression.

He could faintly feel a mysterious power spreading in the depths of the Black Ink Abyss. It was the power of Mo’s Source piece!

A Black Ink Cult member came up to them and stood in front of Xue Ji before respectfully presenting an Identity Token to her, “Here you go, Chapter Master Xue.”

Xue Ji took the Identity Token and looked into it. After confirming that there was no problem with it, she nodded.

The Black Ink Cult member went on to say, “By the way, the other Masters sent us a message and said that if we saw you, we had to inform you to head to the frontline right away.”

Xue Ji replied impatiently, “En.”

After passing on the other Chapter Masters’ word, the Black Ink Cult member turned around and left.

Xue Ji passed the Identity Token to Yang Kai and spoke to him in secret, “There are many Black Ink Cult enforcers in the abyss. Sir, you just have to wear the token around your waist, and they won’t bother you.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Good.” After taking the Identity Token, he hung it on his belt.

“Please be careful, Sir. Don’t go to the depths of the Black Ink Abyss if it’s not necessary to do so,” Xue Ji reminded worriedly. Although she had seen Yang Kai’s amazing methods and was awed by his Dragon Blood, no one knew what was inside the depths of the abyss. If Yang Kai was killed in the abyss or couldn’t come back, she would lose her source of Dragon Blood!

Certainly, she was worried about Yang Kai’s safety, but she was more concerned about her future.

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