Martial Peak

Chapter 5953: No Way He Is Dead

Chapter 5953: No Way He Is Dead

In a restaurant, a dazed Zuo Wu You drank heavily to ease his sorrow.

Yang Kai, who had gone through a lot of hardship to arrive at the Holy City with him, was now dead.

The day before, the Holy Temple announced that Yang Kai failed the test left behind by the first Saintess, which proved that he wasn’t the real Holy Son; instead, he was an impersonator with malicious intentions. Therefore, the Order Lords joined forces and killed him.

After the news was spread, everyone in Dawn City was shocked, and many of the disciples couldn’t accept the truth.

They had been waiting and suffering for years before the Holy Son appeared. He was like the silver light in the darkness, but barely one day later, he was killed, plunging the world into darkness again.

However, the Holy Temple soon announced a piece of exciting news.

In truth, the real Holy Son was found 10 years ago. He was the person described in the prophecy. More importantly, he had passed the test left behind by the first Saintess, so the current Saintess and the Order Lords had long acknowledged him.

Over the past 10 years, he had been cultivating in seclusion, and he had now reached the peak of the Immortal Ascension Boundary.

Now, the Holy Son was about to be introduced to the public, and the Spirit Religion was getting ready to set off to the Black Ink Abyss.

All the disciples in Dawn City were exhilarated.

The second piece of news was invigorating, so the impact of the fake Holy Son’s death had been significantly weakened. Everyone was drowned in the joy of a better future, and they quickly forgot about the fake Holy Son, who had everyone’s support while entering the city.

Nevertheless, Zuo Wu You would never forget about him.

On their way to the Holy City, he saw how Yang Kai defeated so many powerful opponents despite supposedly being weaker than them. Although he was only a True Element Boundary Master, he was able to kill Immortal Ascension Realm Masters, injured Xue Ji, and repel the Earth Chapter Master. After that, he even made Xue Ji submit herself to him.

He had always believed that the Holy Son was supposed to be powerful and achieve the impossible. Only a Holy Son like Yang Kai could save the World.

Nevertheless, someone like him still failed the test and was killed by the Order Lords.

The Order Lords assured that he was an impersonator.

Zuo Wu You was puzzled, not knowing what the truth was anymore.

If Yang Kai was a phoney, why did he come to the Holy City just to get himself killed?

Why did Chu An He do such a thing?

Also, why did an unknown Order Lord try to kill them in secret?

Zuo Wu You found it hard to know what was true and what was false, realizing for the first time just how complicated the world was. Unable to figure anything out, he picked up a wine bottle and chugged it down to numb his thoughts.

After putting down the bottle, he strode out of the restaurant. He was a straightforward person, so he knew nothing about evil plots. He considered himself part of the Spirit Religion as he had gotten everything from there. Since they were about to set off to the Black Ink Abyss, he didn’t hesitate to contribute.

The Light Spirit Religion was highly efficient. After the Holy Son was introduced to the public, they started gathering soldiers. It only took them three days before the Order Lords led their Armies to depart from the Holy City and head to the Black Ink Abyss via four different routes.

They had been preparing for this moment for many years, and the soldiers were strong and powerful. With the Holy Son leading them, they were all high-spirited.

Soon, conflicts of different scales broke out in various places.

Although the Black Ink Cult and the Spirit Religion had been fighting each other for as long anyone could remember, they were restrained most of the time. Surprisingly, those from the Spirit Religion were going all-out this time.RêAd lat𝙚St chapters at nô(v)e(l)bin/.c/o/m Only

Those from the Black Ink Cult were unprepared for the sudden aggressive assault, so they had no choice but to fall back repeatedly. The Spirit Religion soon conquered and occupied many of their territories.

Four major Armies marched forward at the same time, coordinating with each other as they liberated city after city.

Several days later, those from the Black Ink Cult, who were initially caught off guard, finally organized themselves and rallied together to defend themselves.

The Primordial World wasn’t large, with limited landmass.

If the World was divided into two, the East belonged to the Light Spirit Religion while the West was occupied by the Black Ink Cult.

In the middle of the two Great Forces, there was a long grey area. Neither party controlled this region so both could move about it freely.

This area was where both parties frequently broke into conflicts, but it was also a buffer zone for them.

Since both parties were equally matched, the existence of such a buffer zone was necessary.

Blessings City was located in the west of the buffer zone where the Black Ink Cult was essentially in charge. It was a tiny city with a small population.

The City Lord was only a First Stage Immortal Ascension Master with a bulging belly.

Given his low strength, he wasn’t really qualified to be a City Lord; however, since this area was located in the buffer zone, he was able to obtain the position. Although the city didn’t belong to any Great Force on paper, he had secretly sided with the Black Ink Cult and had been collecting information for them for many years.

Blessings City was near the territory the Black Ink Cult controlled, so he had made a wise decision.

As the City Lord, he had been carefree for the past 10 years, but he couldn’t be at ease today.

That was because the Light Spirit Religion’s Armies were heading straight for his city. The Spirit Religion had taken control of most of the cities in the buffer zone already, and they would reach Blessings City soon.

At such a critical moment, he had to make a choice quickly. He could either stay loyal to the Black Ink Cult, or side with the Light Spirit Religion.

With a frown, he clenched a jade slip that contained critical intelligence from the past few days.

“It’s troublesome. The fake Holy Son was killed, and the real one appeared. Those from the Light Spirit Religion have gathered all their forces to attack the Black Ink Abyss. They’ll pass through Blessings City soon, so I have to contact those from the Light Spirit Religion as soon as possible.” He knew that given the fact that he was only a First Stage Immortal Ascension Master, he was unable to resist the Light Spirit Religion’s Armies.

Presently, those from Light Spirit Religion had all the momentum in the conflict, so he couldn’t possibly save Blessings City from them. As such, he had to side with the Light Spirit Religion immediately if he wished to survive.

Nevertheless, he didn’t notice that when he was speaking, the soft and alluring woman in his embrace wore a shocked expression.

The woman got up from the bed and looked at him before asking in a gentle voice, “Sir, who did you say was killed?”

The City Lord replied with a smile, “A guy who pretended to be the Holy Son. He went all the way to Dawn City, but he failed the Light Spirit Religion’s test; therefore, several Order Lords joined forces and killed him.”

The woman kept a smile on her face, “What’s his name?”

The City Lord tried recalling it and said, “If my memory serves me right, his name was Yang Kai.”

The woman lowered her gaze and glanced at the jade slip in his hand, “Can I take a look?”

The City Lord pinched her face and said with a smile, “Only cultivators can use this. Since you’ve never cultivated before, you can’t see…”

Before he could finish his words, his expression changed. That was because the jade slip disappeared from his hand and fell into the woman’s possession.

He didn’t even realise when it had happened.

With his figure stiffening, he stared fixedly at the woman before his eyes, his expression turning from surprised to horrified.

All of a sudden, he recalled a certain rumour.

Across from him, the woman appeared oblivious to his reaction as she looked into the jade slip in silence. A moment later, she said through clenched teeth, “No! It’s impossible that he was killed just like that! I don’t believe he’s dead!”

As soon as the woman finished speaking, the City Lord dashed away from her at the speed of lightning, which was surprising given his weight. Obviously, he had pushed his strength to its limit in an attempt to flee from this place.

If the rumours were true, he wouldn’t be a match for the gentle-looking woman with whom he had spent the last three years.

Nonetheless, he soon descended into a state of despair. When he was about to reach the window, an immense power restricted him and pulled him back towards the woman. The next moment, he fell on his bottom in front of her.

In an instant, he started shuddering with a pale expression.

The woman slowly rose from the bed, but unlike how she had been behaving for the past three years, she appeared more like a horrifying monster at that moment. She looked condescendingly at the fatty and questioned emotionlessly, “Do you think that guy is dead?”

Certainly, the City Lord didn’t have the answer to her question. He speculated that the fake Holy Son must have something to do with this woman, so he repeatedly pressed his head against the floor and said, “I have no idea, Madam! I just received the information and haven’t managed to verify it yet!”

The woman squinted her eyes, “Do you know who I am?”

The City Lord replied honestly, “I have some speculations.”

The woman nodded, “Good. It seems that you’re clever enough to know what you should do.”

As an idea sprang into his mind, the City Lord said, “Don’t worry, Madam. I’ll tell someone to verify the news right away so that you’ll get an accurate answer.”

“Good. Go now,” the woman waved her hand imperiously.

A relieved City Lord got to his feet, but when he lifted his head, he realised that the woman was looking mockingly at him. Although they had spent a long time together, her alluring face felt strange to him.

At the same time, a layer of blood mist engulfed him.

“Mercy, Madam!” Shrieked the City Lord. The moment the blood mist appeared, he knew that his speculations were right.

She was indeed ‘that’ woman, and the rumours were all true.

As though having spirituality of its own, the blood mist streamed into the City Lord’s body through his pores. He screamed in horror, but he soon lost his voice.

A moment later, a hideous and withered corpse was left lying on the floor. A thick blood mist gushed out of the corpse and was absorbed by the woman.

The woman, who would normally have been elated, only appeared sorrowful, as though she had lost something important as she muttered under her breath, “That’s impossible. He is so incredible, how could you be killed just like that? I won’t believe it!”

With a hideous expression, she soon made up her mind, “I have to look into this!”

Saying so, she whirled around and turned into a bloody beam before shooting into the sky.

Half a day after the woman was gone, those from the City Lord’s Mansion finally discovered that the City Lord was dead, and they broke into a commotion.

On the other hand, right after the woman left Blessings City, she detected something and turned to look in a particular direction.

Something seemed to be guiding her.

She frowned in puzzlement, but after a moment of hesitation, she charged forward in that direction.

Soon enough, she saw a familiar figure in a gazebo. Although the man sported a face she had never seen before, she could feel it through her blood. The man before her eyes was the one she was looking for.

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