Mage Adam

Chapter 256: The Cure

Chapter 256: The Cure

Sophia was doing great in the magic space. She had endless food, lots of friends to play with, and could sleep or wake up anytime she liked. The only downside was that she hadn't seen Adam for a long time, which made her a bit sad.

Just before, she was playing with Lina, completely forgetting that she was a level-three giant dragon. She buzzed around like a bee, gathering nectar for Lina, when suddenly, a bright light wrapped around her and yanked her out of the space.

She found herself surrounded by fierce flames. Scared, she forgot to flap her wings and screamed as she fell.

When she realized the flames didn't burn her, she looked around. Then, she saw Adam glowing in the firelight above her.

Her eyes sparkled, and she flew towards Adam, shouting, "Big dragon, big dragon, what are you doing..."

Before Sophia could finish her sentence, she froze mid-air. Then she began to transform. Gentle light rippled like water waves, quickly gathering, and after the light faded, Sophia's ten-meter-long battle form appeared in front of Adam.

The soul vibration made the dragon's body look a bit blurry. This vibration also brought up the periodic waves of Lord Svorsi's Original Flames. Now, Adam had to match the frequencies of the soul and the Flames.

Five minutes later, Adam found the right frequency and softly shouted.

The Reincarnation Spell immediately worked. It turned the Original Flames into information and, in a flash, entered Sophia's brain.

Sophia's eyes shut tight, then suddenly snapped open. Two pillars of fire burst out, and then her whole body lit up with blazing flames.

Adam realized he had underestimated the power of a transcendent creature's core, as well as the oddness of the Reincarnation Spell. When they activated at the same time, they even started to change Sophia's form of existence. Meanwhile, Lord Svorsi, who had lost the Flames, began to weaken. With no target, the viruses in his body were exposed and, after a brief pause, started attacking Svorsi's body fiercely.

Adam quickly stopped the Reincarnation Spell on his original body. He took control of the antivirus program he had created to stop the virus.

Meanwhile, the connection Adam left in Sophia's body was controlling her body, rushing towards the outside world at full speed.

He couldn't stay there any longer. Only when Lord Svorsi's presence was completely gone could all the viruses emerge and fight fiercely.


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Garfield made it through the chaos. He realized that the Titans weren't bowing to him, but to the solid Flame of Will Power in front of him. Suddenly, his metallic body felt weak. In a faint voice, he joined the Titans, saying, "My Lord."

"Lord Gell."

The Flame of Will casually blocked the Warlords' energy attacks, leaving behind the message, "Do not rush, just wait quietly," before vanishing from the Royal City.

The uncertainty of Lord Svorsi's fate was weighing on the Titans' hearts and had also caught the attention of the Metal Eaters' Royals, who had launched a full-scale attack on the Titans' leaders on the battlefield.

They aimed to interrupt Lord Svorsi's recovery. The pressure on the frontlines was now intense. Lord Gell, caught up in managing this crisis, made a brief spiritual appearance and quickly left.

For the Titans, the commands of the Royals were not absolute, but centuries of history had shown that the Royals were usually right. Thus, the Intelligents, those Titans who were more reflective, chose to stop thinking for now. They simply obeyed, a decision that ultimately saved Garfield's life.

He hovered quietly in the air, too afraid to move. If it weren't for the strong energy stabilizing the space around him, he would have liked to open a portal and escape. He even thought that the earlier deadly atmosphere was better, since at least then, he wasn't under the threat of energy cannons firing at him suddenly.

But just a few seconds later...

"What is that?!"

"Something flew out!"

Garfield was startled, "Flew out? It certainly couldn't be Lord Svorsi, so it must be... Sophia! Master! Don't leave me behind! Take me with you if you're escaping!"

But this time, apart from him, the Titans didn't react. They knew that such a blatant "flee" was too absurd to be true. Numerous energy vortexes rose on the shield, keeping Garfield firmly in place. If he even thought about breaking through the shield carrying the flame, the entire year's energy supply of the Royal City would crash down on him in an instant.

So, all the Titans watched intently as Sophia circled around Lord Svorsi's body three times. She emitted a lava-laced dragon breath and a loud screech, then flew back into Svorsi's body.

Then a transcendent power burst forth. Lord Svorsi's body slowly rose, causing the entire Royal City to shake violently like an earthquake.

The Titans didn't know how to contain their joy. They flew around like headless flies, shouting, "Lord Svorsi has revived! Lord Svorsi has healed!"


Adam made his way back inside Lord Svorsi's body. The energized metal of Lord Svorsi's body began to heal, the 'rust' and cracks disappeared, and it shone with a golden light again. His Vital Generator also restored itself, showing off its complex structure.

The viruses were totally wiped out, and the leftover tissue became a sample. Adam sealed and stored them in his portable space.

Sophia landed in the Vital Generator and lifted the Reincarnation Spell. The spark of Lord Svorsi left Sophia's brain and moved back into his own body. A massive burst of energy spread through the wide energy circuits, bringing the giant, two kilometers tall, back to life.

Floating beside his mithril body, Adam announced, "A mage never breaks a promise, and I hope the Titans feel the same way."

Svorsi's image appeared before Adam again, clearer than ever. With a smile in his eyes, Lord Svorsi stepped forward and hugged Adam tightly, saying, "Thank you, guest from another world. You have earned the trust of the Titans, and from now on, the Titan race will be your eternal allies."

He switched from calling Adam an "invader" back to "guest." Adam trusted Lord Svorsi's words completely because he knew the Titans were straightforward and didn't just offer empty flattery. Adam was confident that an alliance with Titania would be hugely beneficial, given the combat power of its forty-seven transcendent beings.

"It is my honor, Lord Svorsi," Adam responded.

Lord Svorsi laughed heartily, giving Adam several strong pats on the back before letting go, and exclaimed, "Feeling healthy again is so wonderful. I can't wait to teach those traitors a lesson!"

Adam then mentioned, "Unfortunately, Lord Svorsi, I'm out of ether crystals. You'll need to find your own way to deal with the energy issue."

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