Kill the Sun

Chapter 485 – Chaos

Chapter 485 – Chaos

Nick waited in front of the Containment Unit.

Naturally, since this Containment Unit wasn't made by Ghosty, the gadget didn't work on it, which meant that Nick couldn't check what was inside.

However, he was 90% certain that Envy's servant was inside there.

Why else would Anatomy go to so much trouble to get a Containment Unit from another city?

Getting that thing had probably been a huge hassle.

The timer ticked down, and Nick nervously looked at it.

'This is the last dangerous part. I've done all I can, and Kugelblitz should have a good shot at winning this battle,' he thought as he looked at the timer.

The Death Pact did not disagree.

Nick had decided earlier that he was done with his mission, and the Death Pact had not sent him a threatening feeling.

He had truly done everything.

Well, maybe not everything.

He could have entered the hallway again to deal with more coral people.

In that sense, the Death Pact had not been fulfilled.

However, there was another part about the Death Pact.

Nick only needed to do enough to give Kugelblitz a good shot at winning, and Nick was certain that he had done that.

Anatomy had five Specialists.

One of them was dead now, and three of them would betray Anatomy, leaving them with a single Specialist.

Even more, Nick was about to free five Fanatics, which would wreak havoc.

The timer counted down.

One minute.

30 seconds.

Nick took several deep breaths and readied himself.



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Nick took out a remote from the Spatial Bag.

"What's the problem? You will still have a majority, while we will have a minority," one of the shareholders said.

"45% is not a minority," Mundus said with narrowed eyes.

"Sure it is. It's less than 50%," the shareholder answered casually.

"That doesn't count for anything! Even Kugelblitz needs 60% to decide something," Mundus answered.

"But Anatomy isn't Kugelblitz," the shareholder answered. "You don't have this rule. 51% is more than enough to own Kugelblitz."


Nick put his finger on one of the buttons.


Nick narrowed his eyes.


Nick pressed the button.

As always, the coral people patrolled the hallways and staircases.

Slowly, they walked forward like machines.

Then, Nick pressed the button.


And all hell broke loose.

The heavy objects that Nick had smuggled into their pockets were bombs, and Nick had just detonated them!

Every single bomb was loaded with a full kilo of Zephyx, which was then turned into an explosive.

Over 60 kilos of Zephyx detonated at the same time!

Two staircases and two floors turned into fireballs in a single instant.


A devastating line of fire crossed Anatomy's entire building, blowing the middle of it up and scattering the fiery debris across the entire floor of the Inner City.

Even the floor in the middle of the building collapsed, and the building started to break apart.


Everyone in the meeting room heard the ear-shattering sound of a gigantic explosion coming from outside, and the entire meeting room began to shake.

The shareholders of Kugelblitz fell into a panic.

What was happening?!

Mundus and Zarren gritted their teeth.

They could take a good guess as to what happened and looked at Aria.

As soon as the explosion happened, Vernon ran out of the office and managed to escape in the chaos.

The governor narrowed his eyes.

He wanted to help Anatomy, but he didn't know what kind of damage Kugelblitz had caused to them, which was why he decided to wait.

Aria began to shine in a bright light as she took out her long sword.

"Die!" Zarren shouted as he punched forward, his metallic golem appearing around him.

Aria began to shine in a bright light as she took out her long sword.

The shareholders could only look in shock as a terrifyingly huge and powerful metallic fist came towards them.


One side of Ghosty's Lab exploded, the debris flying towards the megastructure.


Many of the boulders shot through the megastructure, creating gigantic holes everywhere.

The megastructure began to creak.

A moment later, a metallic golem, Mundus, and Aria flew out of the building.

Ghosty and Herman had already retreated, allowing them to survive.

Zarren created several huge sheets of metal, which shot at Aria.


The light around Aria concentrated and cut through the metallic sheets with ease.

By now, Aria's silhouette had become completely hidden by the light emanating from her.

She became so bright that she looked like a second sun.

Meanwhile, Mundus summoned several strings, which started to cover the light.

The light was burning the strings away, but every time it did so, it grew weaker.

Suddenly, the metallic golem stopped in front of Mundus.


In an instant, a white figure appeared in the place where Zarren had just gone to.

Aria used her sword and cut forward, creating a white crescent of searing light.

The golem was blocking with its two arms, but the searing blade managed to cut through them and even left a deep scar in the golem's chest.

Zarren became visible beneath the scar, his Barrier still flickering inside the golem.

He managed to block the attack, which had been aimed at Mundus originally.

Suddenly, an unfathomable amount of Zephyx gathered behind Zarren, and the world seemed to spin.

The light around Aria moved away from her, exposing her.

The light, which had been cut off from Aria, vanished and transformed into Zephyx, which then transformed into Prephyx again.

One of the golem's stumps pointed at Aria.


A huge number of metallic pellets shot out.


Aria's white Barrier appeared around her, and she was thrown backwards.


Aria's body shot through the megastructure, creating another hole.

Zarren shot after her while Mundus slowly moved forward, the puppet in his hand dancing the entire time.

A moment later, a red streak of fire shot out of Ghosty's Lab.

However, it didn't shoot towards the three combatants but to the next floor.


A moment after Anatomy's building originally exploded, a cloud of smoke and dust covered the entire building.

An instant later, almost a hundred coral people could be seen jumping through the smoke.

They were all rushing towards the highest floor, which was starting to collapse.

They had to protect the Sea King!

The Sea King's Containment Unit was tilting and about to fall down.

The Sea King couldn't move on its own.

It needed its servants to move.


At that moment, a terrifyingly deep noise echoed throughout the building, making it shake.


One of the jumping coral people, a former Expert, was swallowed by a black wave.

The black wave was a mass of decomposing corpses, which acted like a single tendril.

The arms of the corpses encompassed the coral person and tore it to pieces, which then vanished into the mass of corpses.

The Pit of Corpses had broken out!

The black corpses spread out like an unfurling sheet and enveloped another five coral people.


The coral people all banded together in an instant and released their attacks on the black wave.


Gigantic holes appeared in the wave.

A Peak Fanatic was very powerful, but it couldn't resist that many attacks at once.

"Hear the truth!"

A dark voice echoed throughout the battlefield.

The next moment, the eyes of five of the coral people turned white before they started burning.

Then, they were enveloped by white fire and burned away.

The Doom Sayer had become active.

The Sea King immediately fortified the defense of its coral people, allowing them to resist any further mental attacks.

However, keeping that defense active consumed a lot of Zephyx.


The next moment, the shrill sound of a hissing snake echoed throughout the building, bathing everything in a cloud of toxin.

The Sea King felt its Zephyx getting drained at an alarming rate.

"AHAHA! The truth shall set you free!" the Doom Sayer spoke loudly.

The Sea King received another hit and realized that it couldn't keep up with this usage of Zephyx.

The next moment, 40 of its coral people just collapsed.

These were the weakest 40.

Every member the Sea King needed to defend cost Zephyx, which was why it abandoned the weakest ones to minimize its wastage.

Now, only around 50 coral people were left, but they were the most powerful ones.

The 50 coral people kept attacking the Pit of Corpses, and the black wave was being pushed back.

A second later, it was pushed into a pit in one of the Containment Units.

But the coral people didn't stop attacking.


The pit was annihilated.

The Pit of Corpses was destroyed!

The Sea King didn't care how much the Specter was worth!

It needed to protect itself quickly!

The coral people searched for the Doom Sayer.

But he was nowhere to be found.

He had vanished!


Suddenly, the loud sound of a sniper rifle being fired echoed throughout the city.

The next moment, fragments of a cerulean sword puppet scattered across the Sea King's Containment Unit.

It had blocked the sniper bullet for the Sea King.

Kugelblitz's other Heroes became involved!

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