Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

The online posts are still live-streaming, describing Shen Qingqing's disheveled appearance.

Everyone is avidly watching the gossip unfold, relishing it.

Most people dislike Shen Qingqing's personality.

"Being jealous of others is normal, but causing such a big commotion is just pure maliciousness."

"I can't believe a girl in her 20s can be so cunning. It's truly terrifying!"

There are also rumors that she was accepted by the Lu Group and is currently in the probation period.

Netizens immediately left messages on the Lu Group's official blog, called their website, urging them not to hire someone with such poor conduct.

Shen Qingqing thought that as long as Shen Wei withdrew the lawsuit, she could go work at the listed company.

After the incident blew over in a month or two, she would once again be the golden child.

But the company called her again.

Qingqing had saved the company's number from the previous call, so she immediately answered.

They are now heading to the kindergarten, with Shen Wei's parents in the car, along with the three of them.

Shen Qingqing lost face due to the lawsuit.

Now with the company calling, she immediately put the call on speaker.

She had thought it would be a call to lift her spirits. But it turned out to be an outcome she had never expected.

"I'm sorry, but we've received a lot of complaints about some issues with your character, and we just had an emergency meeting to discuss your case. So we've decided not to hire you this time, but we can cooperate again in the future!"

With that, the call ended with a click. Shen Qingqing's face turned green - this embarrassing incident was heard not only by her parents, but also by Shen Wei's parents. She felt she could no longer go on living.Gแบนtt the l๐’‚test ๐’๐’v๐’†ls at ๐’.o/(v)/e/l/bi๐’(.)co๐’Ž

This time, Shen Qingqing really cried.

Shen Qingqing's mother also blamed Shen Wei: "Ah, this is all Shen Wei's fault. Suing her own relative, as if the matter wasn't big enough already? See, they've even taken away Qingqing's job."

If she said that, Shen Wei's mother would not be pleased: "If your daughter hadn't caused this incident, it wouldn't have come to this. Constantly doing these ungrateful things, and now that she's lost her job, you still dare to blame Shen Wei."

"Sister-in-law, why are you speaking like this? Qingqing is already suffering enough."

Shen Wei's mother said, "It's because you people are unscrupulous. Let me give you a piece of advice - wrongdoing will bring about its own destruction!"

The two families then started arguing.

The ones driving got caught up in the commotion and turned back home instead of going to the kindergarten.

They forgot one thing - the matter was not resolved, and Shen Wei would still be suing Shen Qingqing.

Meanwhile, the heat around Starry Sky Kindergarten has been exceptionally high, with many people wanting to send their children there.

At this moment, the authorities finally issued a statement saying that all the programs at Starry Sky Kindergarten are legal.

The authorities' main focus is on protecting children and preventing such incidents from happening again, and they will strengthen supervision in the future.

With the high heat around this issue, other kindergartens are quietly observing. As soon as the authorities issued the statement, they all became alarmed.

Seeing the authorities' statement, they realized that they would likely face frequent inspections going forward.

And with the current crackdown, if they were singled out as a typical example, they would have to stop their operations.

Suddenly, some kindergartens started completing their paperwork, some were recruiting staff, some were cleaning up, and some were even purchasing more fire safety equipment.

They all became busy.

As for the eye of the storm, Starry Sky Kindergarten, it has become a complete sensation.

Especially the live-streamers, after eating a meal there, they couldn't help but wear their hearts on their sleeves - the food there was truly delicious!

Many people who couldn't eat at the kindergarten went to the Jiangbei Grand Restaurant instead. After that, the live-streamer Xu Doudou was very disappointed, saying the food there was far inferior to the kindergarten's.

With this one statement, the Jiangbei Grand Restaurant practically wanted to send them a lawyer's letter.

They already had few customers, and now this statement has caused many people to stop coming.

There's inside information: "Because the Jiangbei Grand Restaurant's previous chef was driven away, the ones left behind are his students who have only been practicing for a short while. They're barely over 30 years old and their culinary skills are not yet up to par."

With this insider information, everyone finally realized that Starry Sky Kindergarten truly had a chef, and it was not just a false claim.

Suddenly, many people want to come work as security guards or cleaners there.

The heat continues unabated on this end.

Within a day, Teacher Tang's WeChat was almost exploding with new contacts. Many people want to come study there, but Teacher Tang hasn't responded to anyone.

The mother of the previously betrayed Yuan Yuan came to find Teacher Tang again, deeply regretting: "Teacher Tang, I was schemed against."

"Your former employer promised that if I withdrew my child from your school, they would accept us for free. But when we went there, not only did they not waive the tuition, they said we were trying to extort them."

"Isn't this just toying with us?" The Yuan Yuan mother finished, crying with snot and tears.

Now that Starry Sky Kindergarten is a sensation, many wealthy and influential people want to send their children there.

She not only didn't get the promised 5,000 yuan, but also didn't even get the free tuition. It's like losing a watermelon and only finding a sesame seed, and the sesame seed isn't even found.

Now trying to find a 200-plus tuition kindergarten is practically impossible.

The cheapest is over 800, and the facilities and conditions are not as good as Starry Sky Kindergarten's.

So she came to plead with Teacher Tang again, regretting and wanting to come back.

Teacher Tang said, "I'm really sorry!" She also has some thoughts about this student's parent. Back then, she insisted on making a scene in the media.

She had done her utmost for Yuan Yuan, but the Yuan Yuan mother showed no gratitude, and now that she can't get any advantage, she wants to come back. What kind of place is this?

Come when you want, leave when you want.

No matter how she begged, Teacher Tang just wouldn't relent. Seeing her dilly-dallying, Teacher Tang directly blocked her.

The popularity and discussion around Starry Sky Kindergarten remains extremely high.

Everyone now fully understands:

This is the rich second-generation spending money to give back to the people.

The student parents are all excited, hoping that Shen Wei's Starry Sky will grow bigger and stronger.

Even the noble kindergartens have heard about it, with many asking their principals, "Starry Sky is coming on strong, should we come up with a counterstrategy?"

The noble kindergarten principal said, "It's just temporary."

Over the years, she has also encountered many competitors, but before she could even take action, these people would end up self-destructing.

Strategies like low pricing are not the core competitiveness.

They have the best student resources.

And they have already built a renowned reputation - sending children to the noble kindergarten is a symbol of status and class.

Parents rack their brains to try to send their children there, and that is her foundation.

As for this newcomer Starry Sky Kindergarten, she doesn't take it seriously at all. It's not even worth a glance, as if giving it attention would just increase its hype - there's really no need.

On Shen Wei's end, her reputation value has been constantly rising, accumulating over 500,000 points.

Suddenly, Shen Wei's mental space expanded into a grand hall.

This must be the legendary points mall.

Shen Wei felt a bit excited.

Then came the cold system sounds in succession:

"Congratulations, Shen Wei, for reaching 500,000 points. Rewarding you with a 3-square-meter space that can be used for storage and consciousness control, and the space can be upgraded."

Except for not being able to store living things, everything else can be stored.

Using this 3-square-meter space strategically would be powerful. And the best part is that this function can be upgraded.

"Rewarding 10 million RMB"

"Rewarding 20 pounds of beef, 20 pounds of chicken, 20 pounds of pork, 20 pounds of vegetables, 20 pounds of fruit."

"Rewarding 10 sets of high-quality role-playing toys, including doctor games, kitchen games, supermarket games, adventure games, pet games, farming games, archaeology games, sewing games, dress-up games, and fairy tale games."

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