Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

The unexpected reversal at Starry Sky Kindergarten was something no one could have imagined.

Shen Wei did not forget the one who started the trouble, Shen Qingqing. She directly found a lawyer and took the fast track, first suing over the video to obtain Shen Qingqing's identity information, and immediately filed a lawsuit.

Shen Wei acted as the full authorized agent.

She did not need to go out, as the lawyer would take care of everything.

That day, Shen Qingqing received a text message notification that there was a court summons. She became afraid.

But Shen Wei's treatment of her did not stop there. Since she liked acting, Shen Wei immediately hired someone online to post threads.

Soon someone claiming to be Shen Wei's close friend spoke up.

"I'm really fed up with this. Ever since they were young, my friend's sister has always tried to compete with my friend! It was fine when they were young, but now that my friend has opened a very successful kindergarten, she can't stand it and directly started slandering her! I'm really grateful to my buddy for bringing this wave of attention! The slanderer will definitely not have a good ending. My friend has already sued her, so let's wait and see."

It was originally just an ordinary rant.

But the two pieces of information involved were too crucial - one about the kindergarten, and the other about the sisters quarreling.

Netizens commented: "Although it's not explicitly stated, I feel like I know what's going on."

"I thought it was a child abuse case, but it turns out to be a green tea bitch acting. What do you take us for, monkeys for entertainment?"

"This kind of person deserves to have a miserable life."

"When I listened to the playback earlier, I felt she was stammering, and I thought she had a guilty conscience and dared not tell the truth. Now I realize she was just crafting a persona. Stupid fool."

Netizens vented all their anger on Shen Qingqing.

When Shen Qingqing had previously deceived the public, she had acted so pitifully. Little did she expect the winds to turn, and now everyone's fury was focused on her.

She could not take it anymore. Her private messages were full of insults, and being called a "green tea bitch" was considered mild.

There were also those spouting vulgar language and all kinds of curses.Gêtt the latest ch𝒂pters on n𝒐/velbin(.)com

It was now a real-name system. Soon, her phone number was also exposed.

In just one afternoon, she received three or four abusive phone calls, making her anxious whenever the phone rang.

Shen Qingqing never expected things to turn out this way, and she burst into tears.

Just as she was about to fall into despair, she received a phone call: "Hello, is this Shen Qingqing? This is the HR manager of the Lu Group. When would be a good time for you to start work?"

The Lu Group was a listed company! She had been submitting resumes recently, and while some small companies had rejected her, she never expected to receive an offer from a major group.

Lu Qingqing was afraid the opportunity would slip away: "I can start work immediately!"

The HR manager said, "No need to be so hasty. How about this – report for duty next Monday? I'll send you the offer letter later."

Before Lu Qingqing could finish celebrating, the HR manager pointedly commented: "I've been trying to call you for a long time, and you kept not answering. This is the last time I'll call. If you don't answer, this job will go to someone else."

Shen Qingqing said with trepidation, "You can rest assured, I will work hard!"

After hanging up, before she could share the good news with her parents, another call came in. Lu Qingqing answered, and it was another torrent of insults: "You wretched green tea bitch..." Before the person could finish, she hung up, her expression terrible.

Now that Lu Qingqing had been accepted by the Lu Group, she could not behave like before! She had to resolve this embarrassing lawsuit quickly.

Even Shen Qingqing could not help choking up, as some things were truly difficult to say.

But she had no choice. If she could not say it, she still had to say it.

So she went to her parents with a dejected look.

Shen Qingqing's parents never expected their daughter to harm their niece.

And to make matters worse, it had caused a huge commotion, and now she was being sued.

They wanted to scold her, but seeing her red eyes, they held back. They only said she had brought this misfortune upon herself.

Afterwards, they took her to Shen Wei's parents' home to apologize and make amends, in the hope that they could persuade Shen Wei to withdraw the lawsuit.

The three of them visited Shen Wei's parents.

Shen Wei's parents did not know what had happened. They listened as the three of them haltingly told the story. By the end, Shen Wei's mother was quite angry.

Shen Wei's mother said angrily, "Shen Qingqing, we have never treated you poorly all these years. We have never skimped on providing you with food, clothing, daily necessities, or New Year's money. Why would you do this to your sister?"

"Auntie, I really made a mistake!" Shen Qingqing's tears streamed down. "I was momentarily foolish."

Shen Qingqing's mother also said from the side, "Sister-in-law. The child knows she was wrong. When we get home, I will definitely scold her severely. Please ask Shen Wei to withdraw the lawsuit. We are family, and it is unsightly to make such a fuss publicly."

Shen Wei's mother scoffed coldly, "Now you remember we are family? What were you thinking earlier!"

Shen Qingqing's family froze briefly, but soon put on ingratiating smiles. "Yes, yes, we will definitely educate the child properly when we get home."

After much apologizing and making amends for over an hour, Shen Wei's parents finally relented, "I can give her a call, but I can't guarantee anything."

They then called Shen Wei, but received the message: "Sorry, the number you have dialed is currently switched off."

Shen Wei's mother said, "She has turned off her phone."

"What should we do then? Let's go to the kindergarten."

Shen Qingqing cried, "If they keep scolding me, I don't want to live anymore."

"Sister-in-law, Qingqing is a child you watched grow up."


The things they did at the Shen family home were all written up by the ghostwriter.

After the post became popular, Shen Wei provided the ghostwriter with material from the surveillance system at the kindergarten, just briefly mentioning it.

The ghostwriter then vividly described the events.

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