Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Volume 1: The Elite Small Class by Default

Chapter 11

Teacher Tang has been feeling a bit overheated recently.

There are simply too few students in the kindergarten.

Such a large campus, with so many employees hired, the daily expenses are not small.

Now there is only one class with 15 children, which is not feasible.

At her previous workplace, a class of forty students was considered too few, and they were constantly given enrollment tasks by her, afraid of losing money.

In Teacher Tang's mind, the other colleagues were all new to the kindergarten industry, without any experience in running a kindergarten.

So she, as a former core member, automatically took on the responsibility.

A large blister had formed at the corner of her mouth.

As soon as Shen Wei arrived at work, she noticed it and thought something was wrong.

After inquiring, she found out that Teacher Tang was under too much pressure.

Shen Wei felt touched: "Today, since everyone is here, I'll call a meeting." It's better to discuss things together, instead of relaying messages back and forth.

This is the first meeting held at Starry Sky Kindergarten since the start of the semester.Alll ๐’๐’‚test nov๐’†l๐’” on novelb๐’Šn/(.)c๐’m

Everyone arrived at the conference room early.

Each person had a serious and solemn expression on their face.

People like Liu Master Chef, the school bus driver Zhang Daming, Doctor Lu, and education expert Weng Lan had a feeling of 'it's here, it's finally here'.

Having worked here for a few days, this place felt like a paradise on earth.

Every morning, they would go and pick up the children, listening to their laughter and chatter.

A chef from a grand hotel would personally prepare three meals a day for them, living in bliss without a care in the world.

After work, they would tend to Shen Wei's little vegetable garden.

This kind of life, it's like a paid agritourism program.

Yet, they're provided this for free.

Not to mention the extremely high monthly salary.

It's great, but the money doesn't feel legitimate, as if there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Ultimately, upon hearing that Shen Wei was calling a meeting, they all perked up.

In front of the conference table, Shen Wei said, "I know everyone is a bit worried about our enrollment situation, but don't worry, I still have some money."

"We don't need a lot of people, we'll just run an elite small class, and gradually build up our reputation."

"Apart from Teacher Tang who has previous experience working in a kindergarten, the other colleagues will need to adapt together."

"Let's start with this elite small class."

"You really don't need to feel too much pressure."

"Rest assured, I'll be your safety net, there won't be any problems."

Those present listened with respect after hearing her words.

They had previously thought Shen Wei was young, but didn't expect her to be so efficient in handling matters.

She was steady and stable, even more patient than them, who had experience in the working world.

People like Zhang Daming and Doctor Lu, who had worked in other units before, felt indescribably complex upon hearing Shen Wei's words "I'll be your safety net."

In their previous workplaces, leaders would always pass the buck, and others would have to take the blame for the leaders.

But here, the youngest boss was shouldering everything, which truly touched them.

Everyone became pensive.

Teacher Tang also felt that half of the burden on her shoulders had been lifted thanks to Shen Wei's words.

She had a newfound understanding of Shen Wei.

Everyone had to prepare for their respective work.

A busy day was about to begin.

Liu Master Chef intentionally avoided Shen Wei, and secretly told everyone to come to the conference room 10 minutes before lunchtime, as he had something to say.

Everyone quickly agreed.

At the appointed time for lunch, while Shen Wei was still busy in the vegetable garden, the others went to the conference room in tacit agreement.

Seeing that everyone was present, Liu Master Chef said, "I'll keep it short. I'm the first employee to join our kindergarten. If nothing unexpected happens, this will be my last job before retirement."

Everyone looked up at him.

Liu Master Chef continued, "Shen Wei is young and may not understand some things, but I'm willing to take on more. This is what I think: we've fortunately found such a great workplace, we must work hard to make it successful."

Before anyone could respond, Doctor Lu spoke first, "I really like this job. I'm not too busy on my end, so feel free to give me instructions whenever you need me, don't hesitate."

Education expert Weng Lan said, "I will do my best, and I hope everyone can point out any mistakes I make."

Zhang Daming also felt a surge of heroic spirit. In his previous workplace, he was just a driver, but now, he had become a respected elder who could contribute ideas.

Zhang Daming couldn't help but say, "I don't believe it, we're all elites from various industries, how could we not succeed? I'm definitely going to give it my all."

Everyone expressed similar sentiments.

"Alright, let's work hard! Meeting adjourned." Liu Master Chef was afraid of being discovered, so he ended the meeting after a few words.

School bus driver Zhang Daming felt somewhat pensive.

These were all simple-hearted people. If they had encountered seasoned office veterans, such statements would have been made in front of the young boss.

But they intentionally avoided Shen Wei, harboring a determination to do their best. The beautiful young boss wasn't being overly eager, but they were.

He didn't believe they couldn't run the kindergarten well.

This feeling was truly quite peculiar.

It was especially reminiscent of the past, when they were part of a large collective, without any personal agenda.

Nowadays, workplaces were filled with infighting and scheming, he had even heard of people forming cliques of three against four.

Unlike them, they had secretly held a small meeting, leaving the young boss aside, pondering how to make this kindergarten better.

With this mindset alone, the kindergarten's future was assured.

Initially, Teacher Tang had notified many students' parents about the kindergarten's enrollment.

The price of 260 was indeed very attractive.

But many were cautious, wanting to observe further.

They were worried about various potential traps.

It's understandable, as low prices often come with hidden pitfalls these days. After being burned before, people tend to avoid deals, not wanting to be taken advantage of.

However, those parents who didn't enroll could still see Teacher Tang's moments on WeChat.

Teacher Tang would post about the kindergarten's food and drinks.

As well as short clips from each day.

This was a habit Teacher Tang had developed from her previous job at the kindergarten.

Her moments were like a window, allowing more people to see how good Starry Sky Kindergarten was.

As a result, some came to inquire with Teacher Tang about enrollment.

But the small class here had already been in session for half a month.

Teacher Tang apologetically replied on WeChat: "I'm sorry, dear parents, we are not accepting transfer students at the moment."

The parents, communicating through WeChat, paused and responded: "But I see there aren't many people in your kindergarten!"

Some even had conspiracy theories: "Could it be that the 260 price is gone? How much are you charging now?"

Teacher Tang said, "It's not about the price."

"We're running an elite small class now, and if there are plans for more enrollment in the future, I'll post about it on my moments."

The parents were perplexed: "You have such a large place but only one class running, with so many people serving these dozen or so children? Isn't that a pipe dream? Don't you want to make money anymore?"

Teacher Tang felt apologetic.

Originally, the parents could enroll or not.

The price of 260 was good, but they still felt there might be other catch.

Seeing the limited spots, the parents immediately became eager.

They pestered Teacher Tang all morning, and seeing that she didn't budge, they became even more distressed.

The parents regretted not enrolling earlier, complaining in the parents' group chat: "I wish I had known better. She was the first one to tell me about it! Back then, I didn't plan for my child to attend, but now that I want to, there's no opportunity."

A rare gem of a kindergarten, isn't this exactly the dream kindergarten for everyone?

What parent doesn't wish for teachers to devote all their attention to their child?

But with many children in a kindergarten, teachers can't provide enough care, and parents can only accept it.

Yet now, they've missed out on such a great kindergarten.

The feeling was simply like losing a billion dollars.

Another parent in the group lamented even more: "Don't share expired deals anymore, share them earlier next time."

What was that called? Starry Sky Kindergarten, we should pay close attention to that.

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