Global Killing: Awakening SSS-level Talent at the Beginning

Chapter 2:

"Mine is a visual enhancement, and the worst F-class. Woohoo!"

At this moment, everyone awakened their innate abilities.Aall ๐’๐’†west ch๐’‚pt๐’†rs on n.o./v๐’†l๐’ƒi/n/(.)c๐’m

Some are happy, some are sad.

Qin Feng silently peeked at the screen, wanting to see if anyone had awakened to an S-level or higher talent.

At this moment, Tiandao came to remind again.

[Announcement: The talent awakening of this novice village has been completed. ใ€‘

[787 Awakened F-level Talents]

[Awakened E-level talent 194 people]

[17 Awakened D-level Talents]

[Awakened C-rank and above talent 2 people]


Looking at this situation, most people awakened to F-level and E-level talents.

Less than 2% of those who awakened D-level talent.

Fuck it~!

Isn't his own SSS-level talent extremely rare.

Qin Feng's eyes lit up.

By the way, there are 2 people awakened by talents above C rank, and one of them is himself.

Who is the other?

Thinking of this, Qin Feng looked at the chat area again.

"My God! Only 17 out of 1,000 people have awakened D-level talent. How many of the 10 billion people in the world can have SSS-level talent?"

"Upstairs, don't talk about SSS-level talent. Even if S-level talent, few of the tens of billions of people can awaken."

"I suspect that there are tens of billions of people in the world, and no one can awaken SSS-level talent."

"Hey! It seems that it is very difficult to get a good talent!"

"Yeah! Those who can awaken D-level talents are all strong, and C-level talents are even more amazing."

"Right! Our village has awakened two C-levels, who are those two?"

"Two C-rank bosses, come out and bubble up!"

"Yeah! Come out, the two bosses, let's worship!

At this time, the head of a young man named Liu Xuan jumped.

Liu Xuan: "Everyone, what I awakened is the C-level talent - magnetic manipulation!"

"Wow~! Magnetic control! It's awesome to hear it!"

"Yeah! Will it be as good as Magneto?"

"Boss Liu Xuan, take me with you! I'll mess with you in the future!"

"Brother Liu Xuan, my little sister will be with you too!"

At this moment, the chat channel went crazy, and everyone was flattering Liu Xuan.

"By the way, everyone, there are two talents above C rank. Who is the other one?"

"Another big guy, come out and take a dip!"

Everyone is looking forward to it.

Seeing this, Qin Feng silently quit the chat channel.

His awakened talent is too exaggerated, but he dare not expose it easily.

Who knew that in this **** world full of slaughter, there would be people who would be jealous and would be detrimental to him?

More importantly, his combat power is only one star, and he is still extremely weak, and he has no self-protection ability.

SSS-level talent ability is his biggest trump card and support, how can it be easily exposed.

Besides, he still hasn't figured out, what exactly does the endless extraction do?

At this moment, the voice of Tiandao sounded again.

[Announcement: From this moment on, you can walk out of the wooden house and enter the novice village. After ten seconds, the novice assessment will start. ใ€‘

[Assessment content: All players need to reach level 10 within seven days. Those who do not meet the standard will be eliminated on the spot; those who perform well will be rewarded generously. ใ€‘

[Upgrade method: Hunt all kinds of beasts, monsters and monsters, and obtain energy upgrades from them. ใ€‘


As soon as the prompt was over, a rusted short knife fell from the sky along a beam of light.

Qin Feng caught it easily.

[Novice short knife: attack power +2, a rusty short knife, a must-have item for every novice, tier 0 equipment. ใ€‘

[The target of attack power is the power index. 1 point of strength increases attack power by 1 point. ใ€‘

not bad!

Can increase 2 points of attack.

Qin Feng held the handle of the knife and waved it a few times.

It was at this moment that his heart moved, one hand touched the blade, and he activated his innate ability - endless extraction!


A flash of white light flashed!

The rust on the blade disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye, and it became cold and flowing, like a new knife.

Qin Feng turned his hand again, and the palm was full of rust and debris.

ใ€Endless extraction success! You have extracted the rust and residue of the novice short knife, and the novice short knife has been promoted to a refined steel knife. ใ€‘

[Exquisite Steel Knife: Attack Power +5, Tier 1 item. ใ€‘


It turns out that endless extraction can also be used in this way.


Qin Feng was delighted.

In such a short time, his novice short knife changed from rank 0 to rank 1, and the attack power also increased to 5 points.

Then, he thought again, stroked the blade, and continued to extract...

ใ€Endless extraction failed! The target quality is too low, the extraction limit has been reached. ใ€‘

Sure enough!

Qin Feng waved the steel knife and was very satisfied.

At least initially, his weapon was better than everyone else's.

At this time, there was a noise outside the wooden house.

He hurried forward, pushed open the wooden door, and saw rows of cabins.

At this time, a person came out of each wooden house.

Men and women, old and young, looked around curiously...

Qin Feng also glanced around.

This is the Novice Village. In addition to the wooden houses, the other side of the village is the square.

After everyone walked out of the wooden house, they walked towards the square in groups of three or five, and various discussions came one after another.

"If we don't rise to level 10, we will be obliterated! This is the way of heaven forcing us to go out and kill monsters!"

"Yeah! There are only seven days for the novice assessment, so this matter cannot be delayed."

"I'm so nervous!"

"I'm panicking too! Brother, why don't the two of us form a team together?"


Qin Feng took a look and saw that these people were holding rusty novice short knives.

He kept calm, followed the flow of people and walked towards the Xinsheng Village Square.

After arriving at the square, Qin Feng saw a light curtain on the other side of the square.

That is the protective cover of the novice village.

Out of the protective cover, you will enter a **** killing world.

At this moment, hundreds of people have gathered in the square, all chatting non-stop, but no one dares to step out of the protective cover.

When we first arrived in an unfamiliar place, everyone was apprehensive, and no one wanted to be a standout.

"Hey! I don't know what's going on outside?"

"Yeah! I don't know how strong the beasts are outside, I don't know!"

But at this moment, there was a loud noise in the field.

Everyone was startled and looked at the sound.

Qin Feng was also shocked, turned his head to look, and saw a muscular man who smashed a boulder with one punch.

When he saw the appearance of the muscular man, he recognized that it was Wang Qiang with 1-star ultimate combat power.

"Wow~! What a powerful force!"

At this moment, everyone was amazed.

"I recognize him! He's the one-star ultimate combat power Wang Qiang!"

"Wow~! Is the 1-star ultimate combat power so awesome?"

"Mr Wang Qiang, what kind of talent do you have?"

Wang Qiang was also startled by himself, and was staring blankly at the gravel in front of him.

When he heard someone ask, he came to his senses and smiled.

"I am a D-level talent - power crazy, when using the talent, the power is tripled."

Hearing this, everyone was once again amazed.

"Wow~! D-level talent! No wonder Wang Qiang is so powerful!"

"Tsk tsk! D-level talent is strong! What I awakened is the power enhancement of E-level talent, which can only be doubled, which is one level worse than Wang Qiang."

"It's good that you have an E-level talent, and I'm still an F-level talent!"

"Hey! Most of the people awakened are F-level and E-level talents, and there are less than two out of a hundred people who can awaken D-level talents."

"I'm so envious of those who awakened D-level talent!"

"I envy those two people who awakened C-level talent even more!"

"Yes! One is Liu Xuan, and the other is the awakened C-level talent. I don't know who it is. I really envy them!"

In the crowd, Qin Feng heard this and laughed without saying a word.

It seems that these people have misunderstood and thought that what he awakened was a C-level talent.

"By the way, Wang Qiang's combat power is the limit of 1 star. Now that he has awakened his D-level talent, he will definitely become stronger in the future!"

"Of course it is!"

The crowd continued to discuss, and they looked at Wang Qiang with awe.

When Wang Qiang heard everyone's compliments, he felt very happy, and before he knew it, he was a little floating.

At the moment, he looked around and saw that no one dared to leave the village, and he couldn't help feeling proud.

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