Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 21: First Meeting with Mu Wushuang (1)

Chapter 21: First Meeting with Mu Wushuang (1)

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"Prime Minister Mu, your son was rude to my family’s Miss when they met in the street, and tried to possess the young Miss in front of everyone. I have received orders from the general to protect her, so I naturally would not allow anyone to hurt the young Miss! But how could our Miss handle experiencing this kind of thing? Now her mind has suffered serious trauma. Thus, we are letting the Prime Minister know that our general will come to discuss the matter of compensation later on."

Mu Xingchou was angered until old blood almost sprayed out, and he staggered until he had to support himself to keep from falling down.

He trembled as he raised his hand, pointing to the mountain-like Jun Family Yun’s guard in front of him, and quivered as he said: "Just you wait—I won’t let this matter drop!"

Could these people be any more shameless?

His own grandson was beaten, and they want him to offer compensation?

Moreover, he doesn’t believe Yun Luofeng was scared silly. That woman is more courageous than heaven, so how could something scare her?

"I have given you the message, and now I have to go back to report. It won’t be long before the Lord General personally visits to seek justice for Miss!"

The guard’s words were filled with awe-inspiring righteousness, almost making Mu Xingchou faint from anger. He gritted his teeth, and mercilessly said: "Fine, then! I’ll go report this matter to his Majesty now. Let his Majesty decide who is right and who is wrong! Hmph!"

Having said that, he fiercely flung his robe, turned around with his hand behind his back, and left. Now he needed to go court to see his Majesty.

After the guards had sent Mu Shen back to the Prime Minister’s manor, one of them returned to the Yun Family as quickly as possible to report the matter.

When Yun Luo heard his subordinate’s report, he froze for a moment, then began to laugh heartily.

"Hahaha! Good! Very good, that’s my granddaughter! My granddaughter should be this bold, never fearing anyone! But given the character of that old thief Mu Xingchou, he won’t let it go! Come help this General prepare. This General needs to go to court and meet with the emperor!"


Long Xiao Mainland is famous for its people’s medicial expertise.

It is said that the most famous force is the Medical Pavilion. This Medical Pavilion not only sells medical herbs of various kinds, but also have very skilled physicians! However, these physicians generally don’t come out to save people. Even if you offer them a million gold, it may still not be possible to get their attention.

Yun Luofeng did not hesitate to enter the Medicial Pavilion.

Fortunately, those who come to Medical Pavilion are not average people. The guests were busy solving their own problems, so nobody noticed her arrival. Fị𝒏dd 𝒏ew upd𝒂t𝒆s on n(o)v/e/l𝒃in(.)com


As Yun Luofeng looked around this famous medical court, a man dressed in a blue robe came to her side, and politely said: "Excuse me, did you come to our Medical Pavilion to buy herbs?"

Yun Luofeng nodded her head slightly and took out a piece of paper she had with her: "I want the herbs on this list. Please bring them to me."

The man in the blue robe was still wearing a smile, and he took the paper from Yun Luofeng and said, "Okay, please wait, and I’ll have the herbs for you in a little while."

Having said that, the blue robed man left to get the specified herbs for Yun Luofeng.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yun Luofeng started to appraise the Medical Pavilion.

Because many physicians came to the Medical Pavilion, pasted on the wall of the building were some problems that various physicians could not solve and so wanted to discuss with others.

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