Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 17: Yun Familys Number One Genius, Yun Qingya (5)

Chapter 17: Yun Family’s Number One Genius, Yun Qingya (5)

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Seeing that Yun Luo was obviously moved by what she said, Yun Luofeng’s lips smiled even more bewitchingly.

"If I take the initiative to hand over military power, instead of it needing to be recovered, they will not have the same effect. So, I want you to take this opportunity to ask the dog Emperor to give you a death-free gold medallion! In addition, help me in bringing up a decree! That decree will state that I, Yun Luofeng will not need to kneel to anyone of the Royal Family. At the same time get my engagement dissolved."

Yun Luo was shocked by her remarks and was somewhat hesitant as he said, "the death-free gold medallion and dissolving the engagement can be easily done. But I am afraid that the decree isn’t going to be easy."

"What a joke!" Yun Luofeng sneered. Her whole body started to give off a pulsing aura of dominance. Between her brows was a trace of imposing dignity. "I, Yun Luofeng, will not even kneel to the heavens; what right does that dog Emperor and his bloodline have to make me kneel! "

Even heaven, she doesn’t kneel to!

What kind of arrogance and domineering attitude is required to say such a thing?

Yun Luo and his son were stunned for a moment; this was actually the first time they have seen Yun Luofeng like this and was completely speechless. 1

"Hahaha!" Yun Luo started to laugh loudly. That laughter was filled with pleasure and spread throughout the stone chamber; "good, really worthy of being my Yun Luo’s granddaughter. My granddaughter should be domineering like this! Rest assured, this matter will definitely be handled by your grandfather for you! Didn’t the Emperor give me a blank decree? This time, your grandfather will use this blank decree and discuss it for you!"

Yun Luofeng wants that decree, as to the way Yun Luo uses to obtain it, is not for her to bother with.

"Grandpa, do you have any money?"

After thinking for a while, Yun Luofeng looked at that heartily laughing old man, and asked.

Her current priority is to first enhance her strength; only with strong power, can she get a firm foothold on the continent.

"What do you want to do with the money?"

Maybe because Yun Luo is in a good mood, even his voice was full of laughter. "If you have anything you need to buy, I will get people to accompany you."

"Oh, it’s like this," Yun Luofeng rubbed her nose; "I need to use a lot of medical plants to learn medicine, so I want to use some of the Yun Family’s money."

"Haha," hearing this, Yun Luo’s mood improved even more. His face was filled with pleasure as he said, "this is the key to the Yun Family’s Treasury, if you need money just go directly to the Treasury. How much there is, is how much you can get. Even if you empty it, it’s no problem."

He said and threw a bunch of keys to Yun Luofeng.

Yun Luofeng took the keys, wrinkled her brows, and jokingly said, "so generous? All the money in the treasury I can take freely? When did you become so generous? I thought you would casually send me away."

The girl’s words obviously carried flattery. Anyone could hear that she joking. But, Yun Luo did not hold back and kicked her on the butt, angrily laughing, "This stinky brat, this motherf***** actually dares to make fun of this old man! If you have the guts, then don’t run. This old man will you kick your butt flower until I have the same last name as you!"

After hearing the old man’s words, Yun Luofeng’s footsteps staggered and she almost fell to the ground. But she still rubbed her butt that was hurt by Yun Luo’s kick and without looking back quickly ran outside. VịSit no(v)3lb/!n(.)c𝒐m for new 𝒏ov𝒆l𝒔

Looking at the angry face of his Father, Yun Qingya’s mouth could not help but twitch a bit; he wanted to remind the old guy that the two of them originally had the same surname.

However, to remind the old guy at this moment is obviously asking for trouble; therefore, Yun Qingya very sensibly closed his mouth.

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1 ED/N: Originally they called her Gu Ruo Yun, which is a typo from the author. TL/N: XD wrong character author. This person is from evil emperor wild consort.

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