Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 2507 - 2507 Hard Approach and Sense of Urgency!

2507 Hard Approach and Sense of Urgency!

Meanwhile, the Radiance Federation had only just begun planning to trap the Freedom Federation. These resources were just the tip of the iceberg.

As merciless and straightforward as Iron Prison was, he had his own shrewd side.

He could perfectly hide the Radiance Federation’s plan to trap the Freedom Federation in front of Li Yang.

Li Yang was fully focused on performing the task well so he could provide the Mirror God and God of Fools with a positive report. Thus, he did not focus on Iron Prison’s attitude and expressions at all.

Iron Prison’s words almost caused smoke to burst out from Li Yang’s ears.

He only ever had to take the brunt of the Mirror God and God of Fools’ anger. Occasionally, the Goddess of Mercy knocked him around a bit as well. But who else would dare to cross him?

Yet, Iron Prison’s words had fully trapped him in a prison so small that he was close to suffocating!

If he were not afraid that attacking Iron Prison would cause the deal between the Radiance Federation and Freedom Federation to fall through, Li Yang would have already charged at him to vent all the fury that was coursing through him.

Now, their image was more important. Regardless of how displeased Li Yang was, he could only smile and nod.

Once Iron Prison and Li Yang were done communicating, Iron Prison sent four of his trusted subordinates to stand guard outside Li Yang’s door and keep watch over Li Yang’s movements.

Li Yang itched to give these four subordinates a beating. But he managed to control himself and started meditating in the room as he waited for the Radiance Federation’s response. FiNd 𝒖pd𝒂tes on n(𝒐)/v𝒆l𝒃𝒊n(.)c𝒐m

The Freedom Federation had agreed to the Radiance Federation’s request, so they would not take the benefits without doing what was required of them.

Once the Moon Empress received the reply from Iron Prison, she sent out an instruction to Cicada Song and told him to accompany Iron Prison in checking the resources sent over by the Freedom Federation.

Iron Prison was no match for Cicada Song when it came to checking resources.

When she saw that Lin Yuan had yet to reply to her messages even though more than a week had passed, the Moon Empress could not help but worry about Lin Yuan. She was afraid that he had encountered some sort of danger or problem.

Luckily, Lin Yuan had left Brocade Zither with the Moon Empress.

Lin Yuan had used the Fairy’s Heart to form a contract with Brocade Zither.

Given that Brocade Zither was still healthy and continuing to nurture the Golden Lotus Brocade Pearls, it meant that Lin Yuan was not in any serious harm.

The Moon Empress believed that Lin Yuan would reply to her messages the moment he had the chance to do so.

After slumbering in the Spirit Lock spatial zone for another eight days, Lin Yuan was done absorbing the water world’s treasure that had been formed from the six books. He had also instructed the Abyss Red Lotus to wrap its roots around the marsh world and water worlds’ treasures.

The first thing Lin Yuan did after waking up was call Red Thorn and find out about the Earth Ancestral Palace’s most recent happenings.

However, the concentration of Turning Wheel Realm Dictator auras had not changed much.

Eternal Source had used his Afterlife Realm power to detect these Turning Wheel Realm Dictators’ auras.

Unless there was another Afterlife Realm expert who could target Eternal Source, the latter’s detection would still be effective.

The big dimensional lifeform activity around the Earth Ancestral Palace indicated something big was about to happen.

Lin Yuan was glad that he had chosen this time to absorb the treasures of two dimensional worlds. Without clear information, there was nothing he could do but wait.

Once he ascertained that nothing was happening outside, Lin Yuan took out the Thoughts Letter Paper and saw that the Moon Empress had sent him more than 15 messages.

As he read through them, he began replying to her.

[Lin Yuan]: Master, I will be able to push the Freedom Federation to its maximum limit within a day. Everything is going well on my end. You don’t need to worry about me.

After responding to the Moon Empress’ messages, Lin Yuan immediately got in contact with Vine Source, who was guarding the marsh world.

Vine Source had been spending time with Shiny. When he saw Lin Yuan’s message, Vine Source assumed that Lin Yuan had found out that he had been taking care of Shiny.

Some time had passed since he joined Lin Yuan. But he rarely had the chance to receive a direct message from him. Vine Source had already accepted the fact that Lin Yuan had abandoned him.

Vine Source felt that this was a good opportunity for him to regain Lin Yuan’s trust.

Vine Source immediately instructed his four guards to watch over and protect Shiny.

Vine Source personally went to the entrance of the Class 6 marsh dimensional rift and ordered the Marsh Crocodiles to rush into the main world.

When seen from an aerial view, Fresh City’s white buildings were all surrounded by black mud and marsh.

There were not many humans still living in Fresh City. Even the highest class of citizens did not want to remain in Fresh City and end up killed by the marsh dimensional lifeforms.

The attack that Vine Source had organized on the main world involved all of the marsh world’s almost uncountable quantity of Marsh Crocodiles and deepened the Freedom Federation’s desire to form alliances with the Radiance Federation and Azure Federation.

Otherwise, even if the Freedom Federation was able to endure such an attack, it would force them to keep all of their members of royalty in Fresh City.

The Freedom Federation’s internal affairs were in a state of irreparable chaos.

Once he became certain that Vine Source had taken care of the task, Lin Yuan verbally praised Vine Source before sending a message to the Moon Empress.

[Lin Yuan]: Master, I have already exerted sufficient pressure on the Freedom Federation. The Radiance Federation can now take the hard approach in negotiations with the Freedom Federation. As long as it doesn’t cause the Freedom Federation’s members of royalty to bleed out, they will have no choice but to agree, even if they have to dig into the Freedom Federation’s foundations.

The Moon Empress relaxed after receiving Lin Yuan’s reply. She also knew how the Radiance Federation should go about interacting with the Freedom Federation in the future.

Lin Yuan had said this because he intended to take as much as possible from the Freedom Federation until they were left with the bare minimum.

According to what Lin Yuan said, the Radiance Federation’s demands were still too conservative.

However, a major federation needed to have the correct image and decorum.

Since they had already made their request and the other party had agreed, they could not try to manipulate the terms now. It would make them seem like bullies!

But once they arrived at the Freedom Federation, the Moon Empress would be able to begin bleeding them out.

After his communication with the Moon Empress, Lin Yuan decided to end his seclusion in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. Instead, he decided to take charge of the subterranean world.

Mountain Ridge Source remained in the Spirit Mother Federation to protect Bu Po and investigate the Class 6 alien insect dimensional rift. She had already confirmed its existence.

With this information at hand, Lin Yuan didn’t want to waste any more time in the subterranean world.

Since progress in the Earth Ancestral Palace was slow, he decided to take the initiative instead!

If there was still no significant activity in the Earth Ancestral Palace after a few months or even years, Lin Yuan couldn’t afford to wait any longer.

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