Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 1503 Almighty Sovereign Yuan (Finale)

Chapter 1503 Almighty Sovereign Yuan (Finale)

A stream of qi soared out from the top of Zhou Yuan’s head as the loud and clear singing-chanting voice resounded across the all-heaven.

The qi flow was a mysterious yellow and contained a primal aura, as if it was the most ancient power of this world.

As the yellow qi rose into the air, the panicking and terrified all-heaven inhabitants were shocked to see the pouring black and white flood suddenly freeze in place.

It was as if space and time had been frozen.

From a distance, it looked like a magnificent painting.

This lasted for a second before the black and white flood began to be pushed back as if it was trying to withstand an irresistible force.

In a few brief moments, the world-ending flood waters were completely sucked back into the sky.

Outside the heavens, the mysterious yellow qi had formed a glowing halo above Zhou Yuan. Black and white water was rapidly sucked into the halo and evaporated into nothingness.

After removing the water that had entered the all-heaven, Zhou Yuan opened his mouth and spat out a mysterious yellow lotus flower. The flower slowly blossomed as it landed on the black and white flood that had filled the entire Tianyuan World. Next, the black and white flood waters began to recede at an astonishing speed, ultimately vanishing from the world.

The yellow lotus flower still shone with the same mysterious glow as it slowly drifted to Zhou Yuan’s feet.

Zhou Yuan currently wore a calm expression. The dazzling divine light that had originally shone in his eyes had faded, revealing his deep and gentle gaze. His aura, however, had changed tremendously.

It felt like the most primal and ancient aura, similar to the beginning of the world when the Ancestral Dragon was born.


The space in front of Zhou Yuan suddenly shattered as a blast of power shot towards him. The blast contained a supreme aura that felt exactly the same as the power pulsing from Zhou Yuan’s body.

It was the strand of divine power the Sacred God had done all he could to cultivate!

Although the strand of supreme divine power could threaten Zhou Yuan’s life previously, it now gave him a vastly different sensation.

Zhou Yuan calmly reached out and lightly pressed his palm downwards.

His palm seemed to cover the entire Tianyuan World. Countless life forms raised their heads, only to see an impossibly humongous palm descending towards them, accompanied by a pressure that made everyone’s Spirits tremble uncontrollably.

The blast of supreme divine power smashed into the palm, however, there was no earth-shaking noise from the clash because the supreme power had quietly shattered under the palm.

The supreme divine power in the palm was just far greater than the blast.

After destroying the supreme divine power the Sacred God had poured all of his effort into cultivating, Zhou Yuan indifferently looked towards a certain spot.

Under his gaze, space began to warp and a figure was spat out. It was the Sacred God.

His expression was filled with disbelief as he stared at Zhou Yuan. “You...you’ve taken that final step? Impossible! Impossible!”

Zhou Yuan gave him an extremely oppressive feeling. Moreover, he could sense an all-too-familiar power from Zhou Yuan’s body, a power he had deeply coveted for countless years and had employed innumerable schemes to obtain. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that Zhou Yuan would obtain this power first.

It was Ancestral Dragon qi! The Tianyuan World’s supreme power!

This was a tremendous blow to the Sacred God. Due to the pride of a natural born god, he viewed the all-heaven inhabitants as ants, and even a mortal turn god like Zhou Yuan was seen as a lower life form. However, what should have been a lower tier god had now beaten him in obtaining the Ancestral Dragon qi!

Zhou Yuan’s expression was indifferent. After fusing the Sacred Dragon and the Resentful Dragon to complete the final step and achieve the Ancestral Dragon Scripture’s highest level, the battle between the gods was basically over.

However, he still felt somewhat conflicted about his recent revelation. To think that the Dragon’s Resentment Poison that had once tortured him till the brink of death would actually have such a huge impact.

There was no such thing as a meaningless trial in this world. As long as one perseveres, these trials would ultimately make you stronger.

Zhou Yuan indifferently said, “You’ve lost.”

The Sacred God was silent for a moment before he responded, “I’ve always treated the third god as my greatest foe. I never expected that a mere mortal would be the one to beat me to that stage.”

There was no joy in Zhou Yuan’s calm eyes. “Sacred God, the Tianyuan World has unlimited potential but has unfortunately been hindered by you for many years. This world loathes your existence and it is now time for you to disappear.”

The Sacred God’s expression darkened as he gloomily said, “Nonsense, the Ancestral Dragon was the one who abandoned the gods. He felt that we could not control this world and thus wanted to create the many living creatures to lord over it instead. In my view, if we gods were allowed to develop this world, it would have far surpassed its current accomplishments.”

Zhou Yuan shook his head and said, “I’m afraid you won’t have the chance to see the Tianyuan World’s future.”

The Sacred God icily chuckled. “Zhou Yuan, don’t be so happy. So what if you’ve won? The person you want will never return.

“Yaoyao has already transformed into your divine bone. If you extract it, your cultivation level will drop and you will lose the supreme divine power. Even if you do extract your divine bone, you will not have the ability to transform and awaken her.

“It is an impossible problem. Zhou Yuan, you might have defeated me, but you will never get back the person you wish for the most. Everything in this world has a price, you might have become the first order god, but the price was losing the one you loved.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression was ice-cold as he brought his hands together.


Two giant hands appeared and slowly closed in on the Sacred God from above and below.

Vast divine power erupted around the Sacred God but it was useless. In the end, his body shattered to pieces, turning into black and white Yin Yang sea.

The mysterious yellow qi swept forth to erase the Sacred God’s will within the sea.


A miserable shriek rang out across the Tianyuan World.

“I refuse to accept this!”

Zhou Yuan’s face was impassive as he seated himself and slowly closed his eyes, while the two giant hands continued to crush the Primal Chaos Yin Yang Sea.

The battle between the two gods was over, but he still needed some time to erase the Sacred God’s will.

However, it was time Zhou Yuan could afford.

Mysterious yellow qi rose from his head, turning into an impossibly humongous ancient dragon. It roared at the sky as if announcing the start of a new era.

In the all-heaven, torrential rain containing extremely pure Genesis Qi began to pour down onto the land as the all-heaven inhabitants felt their Genesis Qi steadily begin to climb.

Like a celebratory banquet after a great victory.

Thunderous, earth-shaking cheers erupted, countless people crying tears of joy as they knelt on the ground in gratefulness.

They knew that the shadow of fear that had loomed over the all-heaven for countless years had finally disappeared.

A new chapter had begun for them.

In the Cangxuan Sect, Cang Yuan, Jin Luo, Di Long and Chi Ji stared dazedly at the sky. They could see the two giant hands slowly crushing the Sacred God.

Tears suddenly began flowing down their cheeks. Only individuals like them who had experienced the first world-ending war would understand how precious this moment was.

Countless generations had sacrificed themselves one after another for the sake of prolonging the all-heaven’s existence. Their sacrifices had not been in vain, because they had finally been saved.

The four prime sovereigns slowly knelt on the ground and solemnly bowed at the sky.

Thud thud thud.

The other Saint experts also respectfully knelt down, their faces overwhelmed with emotion.

Zhou Yuan had subdued the Sacred God, saving the all-heaven’s countless inhabitants. This act would definitely be eternally passed down in the Tianyuan World’s history.

While the all-heaven was submerged in celebration, the Sacred Race was slowly being choked by despair.

On the Sacred Mountain, Tai Mi and the other prime saints had deathly pale faces. They blankly stared into space, still unable to believe that their Sacred God had lost to Zhou Yuan.

Reality, however, was just that cruel.

They could hear the endless despairing wails of their people. Many were unable to cope with the feeling of their faith crumbling and choose to end their lives.

Prime sovereign Nan Ming crumpled to the ground and asked, “Is the Sacred Race finished?”

The other prime saints’ expressions were dull and lifeless as if they had lost the reason to live.

After all, even the Sacred God had been subdued. Although he had been subdued once long ago, it was different this time. Zhou Yuan had reached an unimaginable realm and was not the Ancestral Dragon’s remnant will. Hence, he would certainly make sure to completely erase the Sacred God’s will.

Let alone the ordinary Sacred Race people, even prime saints like them could not help but feel lost after losing their faith.

All of a sudden, prime saint Tai Mi solemnly said, “Don’t lose hope, although the Sacred God lost, it’s not over for the Sacred Race!”

The other prime saints looked over, confused. They did not understand what prime saint Tai Mi was saying.

As he faced their puzzled gazes, prime saint Tai Mi sighed and said, “The truth is that I once received a certain oracle from the Sacred God. Now, it is clear that he had somehow seen a glimpse of this outcome...”

Prime saint Tai Mi ripped his clothes apart and cut his flesh with a finger. The other prime saints were shocked to find a mysterious and frightening black egg embedded in his flesh.

“The Sacred God has always been considering other paths. In a certain manner of speaking, this is the Sacred God’s heir. He will inherit all of the Sacred God’s essence and will grow even stronger than his predecessor in the future.”

The other prime saints stared at the slowly squirming black egg in shock. Moments later, their eyes gradually turned feverish.

One of the prime saints worriedly asked, “But...how long will it take for him to mature? Zhou Yuan is already so powerful, if he discovers the egg, what future will there be for the Sacred Race”

Prime saint Tai Mi nodded and slowly said, “That’s why, we need to leave, leave the Tianyuan World!”

The other prime saints were stunned as they looked at Tai Mi in astonishment. If not for the familiar Sacred God’s aura that pulsed from the black egg, they would have believed Tai Mi had gone mad.

The Tianyuan World was already so vast in their eyes, what kind of place would the outside be?

“The Sacred God once told me that though the Tianyuan World is a great world, it is merely part of an even greater galaxy...the Tianyuan World to the galaxy is akin to a continent to the Tianyuan World.

“In the years while the Sacred God was slumbering, he sent a cultivation double out of the Tianyuan World and arranged an escape path for us.

“We leave the Tianyuan World, and head for the galaxy outside while waiting for the little Sacred God to grow. Once he is strong enough, the Sacred Race will have the chance to return and take back what is rightfully ours!” Tai Mi’s expression grew fanatical towards the end.

The other prime saints’ breathing also became ragged.

The Sacred Race was currently facing their imminent doom. Although it would be scary to head for the unknown galaxy, it would be better than sitting here and waiting for their deaths.

Prime saint Tian Zhan hesitantly asked, “How do we leave the Tianyuan World? Our capabilities are likely insufficient.”

Prime saint Tai Mi laughed before he turned around and walked into the temple. In the center of the temple was a bottomless black hole.

This was where the Sacred God had slumbered. However, no one knew that this black hole was also a pathway he had created that connected with the outside galaxy.

The other prime saints stared at the black hole for a long time. In the end, they resolutely gritted their teeth.

“Tell our people to gather immediately. We are fleeing the Tianyuan World!”


It took ten years to finally erase the Sacred God.

After ten years, Zhou Yuan opened his eyes. The giant hands that had towered in the vast expanse of space for so long had already disappeared. A black and white lake silently floated in front of him, giving off an extremely pure divine aura.

It was the Sacred God’s roots, the Primal Chaos Yin Yang Sea.

However, the Sacred God’s will had been completely erased from it, leaving behind a pure natural born divine artifact.

The existence that had brought countless problems to the Tianyuan World had finally been terminated by Zhou Yuan.

A respectful voice suddenly rang out from nearby, “Congratulations almighty sovereign Yuan, your ten years of effort have finally borne results. The all-heaven celebrates your accomplishment.”

Zhou Yuan turned his head to see the four prime sovereigns, Jin Luo, Cang Yuan, Di Long and Chi Ji respectfully gazing at him.

“Almighty prime sovereign?” Zhou Yuan chuckled.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo said, “Over these past ten years, the all-heaven inhabitants have praised you as the almighty sovereign Yuan for saving the world.”

Zhou Yuan smiled. Although he was not very interested in such titles, he could not be bothered to change what others called him and instead shifted his attention back to the Primal Chaos Yin Yang Sea.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo enquired, “What will almighty sovereign Yuan do with this artifact?”

Zhou Yuan stared at the sea for a long time before he calmly said, “I plan to complete what the Ancestral Dragon’s final wish. I will use it to create the divine bone for the all-heaven and open the path towards the god stage.”

The bodies of Jin Luo, Cang Yuan and the others jolted as they stared in disbelief at Zhou Yuan. They never expected that he would not claim it for himself, but instead use it for the all-heaven’s benefit.

If so, the all-heaven inhabitants would have the opportunity to become gods, including themselves.

They were overwhelmed with emotion for a time. In the end, they could only bow deeply.

“On behalf of the all-heaven, we thank the almighty sovereign Yuan!”

Zhou Yuan chuckled and did not speak any further on the topic. His hands came together and the Primal Chaos Yin Yang Sea abruptly exploded.


Black and white rain poured from the sky, sprinkling across every corner of the Tianyuan World.

Countless living things raised their heads, allowing the black and white rain to land on their bodies. They could faintly feel something mysterious slowly taking root deep in their bodies and begin growing.

This mysterious thing represented the future.

At the same time, Zhou Yuan’s booming voice rang out in countless people’s ears, “I wish for everyone in the Tianyuan World to be dragons and be blessed with the chance to become gods.”

His booming voice resounded everywhere.

Countless people seemed to realize something and began trembling with emotion. In the end, they knelt on the ground and bowed.

Outside the heavens, Jin Luo and other prime sovereigns finally recovered and said, “While you were subduing the Sacred God, the all-heaven army set off to attack the Sacred Race heavens. However, we found their lands completely empty.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes became as deep as the night, seemingly piercing space and time. He softly chuckled and said, “They’ve left.”

“Left?” Jin Luo and the others were stunned.

Zhou Yuan explained, “Although the Tianyuan World is vast, there are many wonders outside it. The outside is known as the galaxy...and the Sacred God left the Sacred Race a path into it. In addition, he also left them a divine egg that he meticulously created, which might even surpass him once it grows up in the future.”

“The galaxy? Divine egg?!” Prime sovereign Jin Luo and the others were utterly shocked. Soon after, they worried asked, “Isn’t that akin to releasing a tiger back into the mountain?

“By the time they can return, the Tianyuan World will have become vastly different...moreover, I’ve managed to take a small peek into the future over these ten years, and I know that the Sacred God’s successor will naturally be dealt with by an unrivalled existence. There is no need to worry.”

Zhou Yuan gazed into the distance as a sliver of interest rose in his eyes. He had seen the Sacred God’s successor’s death when he caught a glimpse of the future.

There had been three indistinct but almighty glowing figures standing before the Sacred God, so dazzling they could illuminate even the past. A world that could give birth to three such amazing individuals was definitely not lacking in potential.

The galaxy was truly filled with mystery and allure.

However, he could not find it in himself to become excited, because he had something far more important to accomplish here.

Zhou Yuan withdrew his gaze and turned towards the four prime sovereigns. “I’ve settled the all-heaven’s affairs. After this, it is time to focus on my own matters.”

He stared into the distance as he softly chuckled and said to himself, “Sacred God, you said I cannot do it, but I insist on showing you that I can.”

As the final word rang out, Zhou Yuan suddenly thrust his hand into his body before slowly pulling it out. A golden bone was gradually extracted from deep inside his body. Yôur favorite 𝒏ovels at n/𝒐(v)el/bin(.)com

Jin Luo and the others cried out in horror as they hurriedly threw themselves forward. “You can’t, almighty sovereign Yuan. That’s your divine bone! Once it is extracted, all your divine power will disappear!”

Cang Yuan hoarsely said, “Don’t be reckless, Zhou Yuan. Even if you extract your divine bone, without the first order god’s power, you won’t be able to bring Yaoyao back!”

However, Zhou Yuan did not reply to them. Divine pour spouted forth, pushing away the four figures and the divine bone was ultimately extracted.

Zhou Yuan tenderly gazed at the golden divine bone in his hand and softly said, “Yaoyao, please wait a little longer.”

With a flick of his wrist, the golden bone was sent flying, turning into a streak of gold as it plummeted towards Cangxuan Heaven. The bone shot into the cave dwelling in the Cangxuan Sect and burrowed into the peach blossom tree.

Tuntun abruptly stood up from its position at the cave entrance, because Zhou Yuan’s voice was being transmitted into its ears.

“Tuntun, guard this place for a hundred years. After a hundred years, I shall return.”

Tuntun seemed to realize something as its eyes filled with reluctance. However, it eventually acknowledged with a low roar.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan’s figure slowly began to fade, ultimately disintegrating with a loud bang under the sorrowful gazes of Jin Luo, Cang Yuan and the rest.

Billions of light specks sprinkled across the all-heaven.

On this day, the Sacred God that had terrorized the Tianyuan World for countless years was finally eliminated once and for all. The almighty sovereign Yuan then used his miraculous powers and the Primal Chaos Yin Yang Sea to bestow the divine bone onto the all-heaven inhabitants. Finally, he extracted his own divine bone, shattering his divine body and vanishing without a trace.

It was a day that would be eternally etched into the Tianyuan World’s history.

The Tianyuan World entered a new chapter called...the God Yuan Era.


Time passed.

A dozen years flew by in the blink of an eye.

Tremendous changes had occured over the past dozen years. Firstly, the Genesis Qi had grown more abundant, rich and pure, creating a great cultivation world that produced countless heaven prides and top experts.

Additionally, practitioners had discovered signs of emerging life in the Tianyuan World’s countless subdomains, along with many strange and mysterious wonders appearing in space.

In fact, Saint experts were even finding new heavens gradually being born amidst the formless mass outside the heavens.

It was clearly an age of great change.

The most sensational news among them all, however, was undoubtedly practitioners beginning to step into the legendary god stage!

To be more precise, it was not the true god stage but the quasi god stage, because it was some distance from the god stage. However, the quasi god stage far surpassed the triple lotus Saint stage and represented the people’s hopes of entering that previously unimaginable realm.

It was a time of celebration for the all-heaven.

There were a total of six new gods.

The martial god, Wu Yao.

The devouring god, Zhao Mushen.

The goddess of the purple heavens, Su Youwei.

The sword god, Li Chunjun.

The azure god, Chu Qing.

The ancestral taotie god, Tuntun.

Besides Tuntun, the other five were the most talented and outstanding individuals of this generation. Their ascension filled the Tianyuan World’s countless inhabitants with hope.

The names of these six great quasi god experts resounded throughout the world.

Time continued to flow and it soon reached the hundred year mark.

Many things could be forgotten in a hundred years, but the legends regarding almighty sovereign Yuan never stopped being told.

There was no news of almighty sovereign Yuan for a hundred years, leading countless people to make all kinds of guesses.

Some said that almighty sovereign Yuan had extracted his divine bone and divided his body into ten thousand doubles that were secretly cultivating in the all-heaven, only to return when he once again ascended to the god stage.

Others said that almighty sovereign Yuan’s countless doubles had lost their memories and could no longer recall who they were.

No matter what theories the world had, the hundred year deadline soon arrived.

Outside a certain cave dwelling in the Cangxuan Sect.

A giant beast silently lay at the entrance like a statue weathering the elements, while a few Cangxuan Sect disciples glanced over from afar with respectful gazes.

The giant beast was one of the Tianyuan World’s six quasi gods, the Ancestral Taotie god, Tuntun.

Tuntun had grown much more mature and reliable over the past hundred years. However, it appeared exceptionally irritable today, occasionally breathing far too loudly like thunder booming across the land.

Because today was the hundred year deadline.

Tuntun shot a glance at the sky as it grew increasingly agitated. There was still no sign of the one it was waiting for.

The sun slowly set. Eventually, its final rays of light spilled across the land.

Dusk descended as the sky darkened.

An irritable look suddenly surged in Tuntun’s eyes as a thunderous roar exploded across the all-heaven.

He had not appeared!

He had not appeared!

Its eyes were filled with sorrow, its roar overflowing with abandonment, anger and pain.

The air above the Cangxuan Sect began to distort as five almighty figures appeared. It was Wu Yao, Su Youwei, Chu Qing and the others.

All six quasi gods had appeared in the same location.

Their expressions gradually dimmed as they watched the raging Tuntun. They were likewise unable to sense any signs of Zhou Yuan appearing.

It was clear by now that he was not coming.

Had he failed?


Tuntun released yet another thunderous roar. However, right as it finally about to snap, it suddenly sensed something. Its body immediately began to shrink, turning into the mini form that had not been seen for many years as it frantically dashed into the cave.

Wu Yao, Su Youwei and the others were startled before they hurriedly followed.

The six quasi gods simultaneously arrived in the deepest part of the cave dwelling only for them to suddenly freeze.

They blankly stared to their front, where a figure stood with his hands behind his back under the peach blossom tree.

Although they were looking at his back, there was still an incomparable feeling of familiarity.

“Zhou...Zhou Yuan?” Su Youwei’s voice trembled.

The figure slowly turned around and gazed at the five individuals. A smile appeared on his face as he teasingly said, “Oh! Everyone has stepped into the quasi god stage? How amazing.”

The familiar face naturally belonged to Zhou Yuan, who had disappeared for the past hundred years.

He waved at the six individuals and said, “No matter how anxious you guys are, you can’t be as anxious as me. Before anything else, please wait for me to do what I have to do.”

After finishing, he extended his hand and rays of light blossomed from the peach tree. A golden ray slowly rose into the air, turning into a golden bone that floated in front of him.

Zhou Yuan stared at the golden bone as a face that had been carved deep in his heart appeared in his mind. This was the face he had seen countless times in his dreams.

Despite having already been through so much, Zhou Yuan’s heart could not help but churn as his eyes turned moist.

“Yaoyao, come back. I’m still waiting for you.”

He reached out and gently caressed the golden bone. In the next instant, divine power that shook the hearts of even Su Youwei and the others erupted from his palm and poured into the golden bone.

Millions of golden rays exploded from the bone.

Everyone present did not dare to blink as they nervously stared at the center of the golden light. Although they had become the Tianyuan World’s most pinnacle existences, their heartbeats still felt as loud as thunder at this moment.

The golden light grew brighter and brighter. In the end, even apex experts like them could not help but squint.

Zhou Yuan had closed his eyes, though it was not because he was afraid of the glaring light but because he feared that something might have happened to the divine bone over the past hundred years that would lead to him failing to get Yaoyao back.

It was an outcome he could never accept.

After a long time, Zhou Yuan suddenly heard faint footsteps, a sound which made him feel as if his body was about to collapse into itself.

However, he endured and slowly opened his eyes.

A beautiful figure in white stood amidst the dancing petals under the peach blossom tree, her clear eyes slightly wet and smiling as she silently gazed at him.

It had been a hundred years since she last gazed at him.

Zhou Yuan dazedly stared at the figure that had been engraved deep into his soul before a wonderful grin rose from the corners of his mouth, the same familiar grin the rash and ignorant boy had displayed when they first met all those years ago.

This time, however, tears were uncontrollably flowing from the corners of his eyes.

A hundred years of effort had finally bore fruit.

He softly said, “Welcome back, Yaoyao.”


Almighty sovereign Yuan’s return was naturally the biggest, most important event to occur over the past few years.

His return was akin to injecting a jolt of energy into the all-heaven while also making the people feel safe and protected. New heavens continued to be born with his help, allowing the Tianyuan World to grow increasingly powerful.

A dozen years later.

Due to the Tianyuan World’s rapid growth, new god experts were beginning to cast their sights towards the galaxy outside the Tianyuan World.

On the mountain that was formerly Shengzu Heaven’s Sacred Mountain.

Two beautiful figures stood at the edge of a black passageway, one in a flowing red dress, while the other wore a more ordinary purple dress. It was Wu Yao and Su Youwei.

Su Youwei frowned slightly as she gazed at Wu Yao. “Are you really planning to venture outside the Tianyuan World?”

“I feel that it will be very difficult for my cultivation to take a step further in the Tianyuan World.” Wu Yao nodded. Soon after, she shot a somewhat hopeful look at Su Youwei. “Come with me!”

Su Youwei was hesitant as she softly said, “I don’t want to leave.”

Wu Yao fustratedly said, “All that guy does is flirt all day long, isn’t it painful for you to watch?”

Su Youwei helplessly shook her head.

Wu Yao could only grit her teeth and unleash her trump card. “Are you coming or not? If you’re fine with allowing a young mother and her child to venture out alone, go ahead and stay behind.”

Su Youwei was stunned before she flusteredly said, “What nonsense are you speaking.”

Wu Yao suddenly grabbed Su Youwei’s hand and placed it on her abdomen. Su Youwei’s hand immediately went rigid as her eyes gradually grew round.

To her surprise, she could sense an extremely vague life undulation in Wu Yao’s abdomen.

“You...you...you...how can this be? You’re clearly...you’re clearly still a virgin!” Su Youwei was in shock. It was very rare for her to lose her composure after advancing to the god stage. However, this new revelation was far too shocking even for her.

Wu Yao frustratedly clawed at her hair. “This aura contains three distinctive Spirit marks. Do you know who they belong to?”

Su Youwei was silent for a few moments before she gingerly said, “Are you telling me it’s mine, yours and Zhou Yuan’s?”

Wu Yao nodded. “Why else do you think I want to leave the Tianyuan World?”

“How is this possible?” Su Youwei flusteredly shook her head.

Wu Yao sighed and said, “Do you still remember when I returned the last portion of the Sacred Dragon Blessing to Zhou Yuan? Our Spirits interchanged back then...”

Su Youwei blushed. “But it was only our Spirits!”

“This only began to happen after Zhou Yuan became the first order god.” Wu Yao’s expression had become rather complicated.

Su Youwei was speechless. Zhou Yuan had become an unimaginable entity when he became the first order god. If the mixing of their Spirits had left behind something in Wu Yao’s body which subsequently underwent some unique changes as Zhou Yuan grew stronger, it was not completely impossible.

Didn’t this mean that the special entity in Wu Yao’s body was...their child?

In this moment, even Su Youwei could not help but feel a little dizzy, although it was soon followed by an indescribable joy and hopefulness.

Su Youwei blinked as she curiously rubbed Wu Yao’s flat and supple abdomen.

Was this...also her child? Or possibly...her child with Zhou Yuan?

She had previously heard that Yaoyao had also become pregnant...

Wu Yao suddenly pushed away Su Youwei’s hand and prepared to jump into the black hole. “If you’re not coming, I shall leave alone.”

Su Youwei hurriedly pulled her back. Wu Yao was sometimes a little too fierce in handling matters. Su Youwei would worry if Wu Yao went off alone in the unknown galaxy.

Su Youwei suggested, “Should we tell Zhou Yuan?”

Wu Yao immediately became unhappy. “Why should we. What does this have to do with him? If you dare to tell him, I’ll leave immediately.”

Su Youwei was silent. In the end, she sighed helplessly and raised her hands in surrender. “Alright alright, you win. I’ll come along to explore the galaxy.”

Wu Yao let out a laugh before grabbing Su Youwei by the waist and jumping into the black hole. “Haha, let’s go have some fun, that guy can go to hell for all I care.”


Meanwhile, under a giant peach blossom tree on a mist-covered mountain in Cangxuan Heaven.

Zhou Yuan, who was napping with Yaoyao under the shade, suddenly opened his eyes. He stared into space as a look of helplessness flitted across his eyes.

A voice suddenly sounded from his arms, “You’re going to let her go off just like that?”

Zhou Yuan lowered his head and Yaoyao’s beautiful face entered his eyes. He gently kissed her forehead and smiled bitterly. “I can’t stop her. Anyways, even I find this baffling...however, I’ve left a mark on both of them which will allow me to know if anything happens.

“The Tianyuan World is developing rapidly and will ultimately make contact with others in the galaxy. Letting them scout the way might not be bad.”

As he spoke, his gaze paused on Yaoyao’s slightly enlarged abdomen as a gentle smile appeared on his face.

“What do you think? Will the little one be a girl or boy?”

“You should be able to sense the gender, right?”

“Sigh, that would be boring.”

“Do you prefer a little Zhou Yuan or a little Yaoyao?”

“Definitely a little Yaoyao, who would want a detestable little Zhou Yuan.”

“You’re clearly biased towards girls.”

“I don’t care, you must give me a little Yaoyao.”


Petals danced in the air as the man and woman happily chatted. Their voices swept up the petals and sent them flying towards the horizon, along with magnificent story.


At an unknown time in an unknown place.

In a dark domain.

Countless sinister giant pitch-black ships travelled through the darkness, leaving behind destroyed lesser worlds in their wake.

A man in white stood with his hands behind his back on the flagship, watching the stars streak past, while an indescribable pressure spread from his body.

All of a sudden, he asked, “Has our Sacred Race grown much stronger since we left the Tianyuan World?”

A voice rang out from the shadows behind him, “Under your leadership, the Sacred Race has already grown far more powerful than ever.”

The man in white was born from the divine egg left behind by the Sacred God, and this second generation Sacred God was clearly already all grown up.

The man in whtie nodded. “Our scouts have discovered a greater world?”

“Yes. Moreover, that greater world does not have a guardian god.”

The Sacred God chuckled softly. “After occupying this greater world, we can use it as our headquarters. In the future, we will find an opportunity to return to the Tianyuan World.

“Tell everyone to prepare.”

“Understood!” The person in the darkness withdrew.

The Sacred God closed his eyes, only opening them again when he sensed activity.

“Sacred God, the army has arrived outside this greater world.

“We’ve already exchanged blows with the local inhabitants and they are quite strong.”

“It’s a greater world after all, and naturally has solid foundations.” The Sacred God was not surprised.

“However, the locals have given us another name while fighting...they call us the Heretic Alien Race.”

A smile rose from the corners of the Sacred God’s lips.

“Heretic Alien Race? How fitting...

“Hmm, the past is the past after all and should not be clung onto too tightly. The name Sacred Race is also a relic of the past...

“In the future, we shall be the Heretic Alien Race.

“And I...shall be called...the Heavenly Heretic God.”

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