Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 3457 3460 Forced Marriage And Wanted To Divorce Her

Just as Yun Xiaoqiao obediently went into the bathroom to take a shower, her vision suddenly turned dark and she fell into the bathtub.

The deep water level submerged her heart, nose, and head..

She could vaguely hear the man’s angry roar beside her ear, “Yun Qiao, I want a divorce with you!”

The Man didn’t seem to be joking.

In her daze, Yun Qiao was dragged out of the bathroom. She was tossed around for a long time, but in the end, she was thrown into prison.

Dong March’s prison was bone-chilling. Yun Qiao... froze to death.

Then, Yun Qiao woke up.

Yun Qiao, who had always been proud, was stunned by the information that flooded into her mind.

Although this piece of information was very incomplete and vague, she still managed to piece together an unbelievable fact --

She had come to another world and reincarnated into another girl’s body.

This was not the Yun nation, but the empire.

There did not seem to be any empress, palace, guards, or..

Sigh, there was nothing in this shabby place.

Only this shabby cage was somewhat similar to the prison cells in the Yun nation.

And this poor Yun Xiaoqiao had something in common with what happened to her -- they both died on their wedding night!

“Alright, since you and I both died on our wedding night, and it’s such a coincidence that we both have the word Yun Qiao in our names, I can barely take on your skinny little body and your mess,”Yun Qiao’s personality was straightforward, she said to the air.Fôll0w current novÊls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

However, the question came. who was the one who killed Yun Xiao Qiao?

Could it be that cheapskate husband?

Yun Qiao frowned and felt that it was very suspicious.

She pushed a prisoner beside her. “What is divorce?”

The prisoner answered in a daze, “Idiot, it means that the man doesn’t want you anymore!”

Yun Qiao nodded. “Yes, it’s just as I thought. Our country of Yun is called ‘Xio’.”. Stinky man, he actually forced Yun Xiao Qiao to get married and wanted to divorce her. Did he think that marriage was child’s play? “This stinky and shameless man is called a stinky man in our country of Yun!”

The prisoner was so sleepy that he grumbled, “Stinky men are everywhere. I’ve seen many of them, so what is this... my husband still refuses to divorce me even to death. He just wants to take over the inheritance my father left me...”

When the topic of her husband was brought up.., another prisoner who couldn’t fall asleep said, “My husband is also not a good person. He won’t get a divorce while he spends his time with his lover outside. He only comes home at three or four in the morning. “Men are so shrewd. After a divorce, who will take care of the children and the elderly? “Who will take care of the house cleaning, buying food, and cooking? “Of course, they won’t divorce the free nanny! “I can’t wait to stay in prison for a few more days, and I don’t want to go home!”

Yun Qiao was stunned and blinked. “The husband you’re talking about... is he your father-in-law? Husband’s father?”


A small voice seemed to be reminding her, “Eldest princess, no, ahem, ahem, ahem, they’re talking about...”

Yun Qiao also felt that something was wrong. As smart as she was, she quickly adapted to the way the people of the Empire spoke. “Hehehe, I’m just joking. The husband that you guys are talking about, isn’t that husband? I know.”

As she spoke, she adjusted the jade bracelet on her wrist.

Fortunately, the jade bracelet was still there.

After chatting with the prisoner beside her for a while, she realized that the people of the empire were still pretty good. The prisoner didn’t seem to be extremely evil. How could he be thrown into prison.

Forget it, she should be more concerned about herself.

She had to get out of this damn place quickly.

The person who killed Yun Xiaoqiao was her enemy. Since she had taken over Yun Xiaoqiao’s body and was reborn, she had the obligation to help Yun Xiaoqiao take revenge!

Yun Qiao clenched her small fists in righteousness.

“Yun Xiaoqiao, come out for a moment! Someone is visiting the prison!”

In the middle of the night, the staff’s voice suddenly broke the silence.

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