Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 6: Skill/Item Cards

Chapter 6: Skill/Item Cards

Date 18 Mar 2321

Time 16:37

Location Sky Blossom City, Adventure Guild Association, Adventure Guild Mall Gẹtt the l𝒂test 𝒏𝒐v𝒆ls at 𝒏.o/(v)/e/l/bi𝒏(.)co𝒎

[Welcome to Adventure Guild Mall]

[Please wait as one of our Sales executives reaches you. ]

[expected wait time: 45seconds]

Soon a bob cut brunette dressed in office attire walked to me and said “Welcome to Sky Blossom Adventure Guild Mall, how may I help you?”

I realised that I don’t know what I want to buy, I mean I know I want to buy some skill/item cards but which ones to buy was the question.

I couldn’t just ask her to show all the cards in the mall, I could but my skin wasn’t that thick enough and I was on a low budget.

Seeing my dilemma the sales lady said “Sir, If I may I would like to recommend you to our card apprentice beginner’s catalog”

“That would be helpful.”

Then the saleslady forwarded the card apprentice beginner’s catalog to my grimoire.

[Card Apprentice Beginner’s Catalog]

Interestingly enough the first thing on the catalogue was a Storage Item Card.

[Card Name: Storage Trunk

Card Type: Item Card

Card Rank: F rank, common grade

Card Ratings: 6stars

Card Durability : [60/60]

Card effect: summon a heavy-duty military-grade 410 Ltr Storage Trunk. Additional effect temperature control.

Note: cannot store living things]

Card Cost : 3,499$

“3500$ for a storage trunk you kidding me is it made of gold?!”

The bank loaned me 4000$ of which I spent 130$ on the buffet including the cab charges to get here, All I have left on me now is 3870$.

4000$ is not much but based on young Wyatt’s credit history bank wouldn’t even consider giving me a penny If not for me contracting a silver grimoire.

Hearing me curse the professional smile of the saleslady did not lessen, rather she nodded in an understanding manner and said “Sir the storage trunk comes with an additional effect of temperature control and is quite popular among new adventurers. As it can be used to store food, meat, drinks for a long time.”

So, it’s a fridge no more than a fridge as temperature control means it can switch between hot and cold.

No that’s not the point, the point is I can summon it whenever and wherever I want.

Just thinking about the endless possibilities of this Item card I agreed with its price, if it were me I would charge more.

Letting out a sigh I started to look at other cards in the catalogue,

Active Skill Card [Fire ball] – 14,999$

Active Skill Card [Water ball] – 13,999$

Active Skill Card [Mud ball] – 13,799$


Active Skill Card [Wind blade] – 14,599$


Passive Skill Card [Basic archery] – 12,999$

Passive Skill Card [Basic shooting] – 19,999$

Passive Skill Card [Basic Sprint] – 4,999$



Passive Skill Card [Bear form] – 42,999$

Passive Skill Card [Tiger form] – 39,999$

Passive Skill Card [Snake form] – 32,999$


Item Card [Bone club] – 6,799$

Item Card [Bull hide vest] – 4,999$

Item Card [Gale leather shoes] – 7,999$




Item Card [Enchanted Wooden bow] – 172,999$

Item Card [Enchanted Iron sword] – 177,999$

Turns out the Storage Trunk card was the only card in the Catalog I could buy.

‘Damn just how poor am I?’ I was frustrated seeing the numbers in front of me. These were just the cheapest beginner level skill/item card and I could not afford any one of them.

“Sir, anything to your liking?”

“Um! Why is the Storage trunk card cheap?”

” Sir due to its low durability Storage trunk card is cheaper compared to other cards, rest assured all the other cards in the catalogue have 80 or above durability.”

Card Durability ratings represent the life span and quality of a card, low durability means low quality. No wonder it is so cheap compared to other cards.

Weapons or Skill cards cannot be of low durability because if the card loses its effect during a battle then it would be disastrous for the card apprentice and his party.

I really could not afford any of the cards in the Card Apprentice Beginner’s Catalog.

“Are there any occupation related skill card?”

“Yes sir, fortunately, we do have one occupation-related skill card.”

[Card Name: Masseuse’s hand

Card Type: Skill Card

Card Rank: E rank, common grade

Card Ratings: 13stars

Card Durability : [87/87]

Card effect: user gains elite level masseuse technique. Additional effects are stimulation, circulation, relaxation]

Card cost : 293,000$

‘Wow!’ With this card, any moron can become a professional masseuse, especially with the three additional effects but it ain’t cheap either.

Occupation related skill cards are very rare they usually get snatched as soon as they appear in the market because such a card would mean a stable source of income for a small family.

I wasn’t considering buying this card only asked out of curiosity. Since I can’t afford any cards then I can only create my own cards.

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