Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 17: successful!

Chapter 17: successful!

19 Mar 2321

Time 22:25

Location Sky Blossom City, Guild Association Mall, Card Lab

They say you meet friends in unexpected places.

After his parent’s tragic passing, young Wyatt was a loner, as for me I just got here. I was so busy cleaning up young Wyatt’s mess I didn’t have time for friendship.

But seeing Susan’s trust in me I started to consider having a friend.

I was so wound up with young Wyatt’s life that I started to think everyone is trying to use me.

Creating an Origin card has its risk, even the world’s top card creators wouldn’t be able to guarantee a 99% success rate.

But I could guarantee a 99% success rate thanks to my soul pupils, I knew that but Susan didn’t. Yes, she had seen me sell two perfect F rank cards, so what?! even a buffoon gets lucky sometimes.

Even though Susan didn’t know about my soul pupils she knew about the risks of creating an origin card.

Susan and her parent’s whole life is invested in this card creation, yet she somehow trusted in me to create the origin card for her. And here I was complaining and whining as if I was being taken advantage of.

Who was taking advantage of whom? I had just been promoted to card apprentice a day ago, and yet Susan paid me full payment in the form of a premium spa package and treated me to expensive dinner, to help her create an origin card.

Susan is the one to lose the most ones I fail in card creation, as for me I got paid for nothing. Susan was taking a huge risk by trusting in me, I don’t see her complaining instead she is humble.

I finally understood why they say ‘to gain someone’s trust you have to trust them first. To think I still had something to learn in my second life.

Finally, I no longer saw Susan as just an investment but someone worth befriending. I didn’t know if Susan thought the same about me but I was determined to be worthy of her trust.

“Susan I need the following ingredients,

Black Steel x32 kg

High Spit Firestones x5

E rank Metal tooth Slime essence x32

E rank Metal tooth Slime Core x32

F rank Black Iron Bug essence x 64

F rank Black Iron Bug core x 64

F rank Wood Wisp core x10

Unique grade core x1

See if it is within budget otherwise, I will change the ingredients.”

“Black Steel x32 kg – 32,000$

High Spit Fire stones x5 – 100,000$ FOlloow 𝒏ewest stories at n𝒐(v)el/bi/n(.)com

E rank Metal Tooth Slime essence x32 – 320,000$

E rank Metal Tooth Slime Core x32 – 320,000$

F rank Black Iron Bug essence x 64 – 64,000$

F rank Black Iron Bug core x 64 – 64,000$

F rank Wood Wisp core x10 – 10,000$

Unique grade core x1 – available

Employee Discount – 10% – 91,000$

Total – 819,000$”

It seems Susan had already prepared a Unique grade core and thanks to the 10% employee discount we barely made it within the budget.

Black Steel – Black steel is extracted from Black iron ore, unlike normal steel black steel is used in the refining of magic weapons and armoury.

High spit fire stones – these stones generate heat up to 3000-degree celsius.

Metal Tooth Slime – these slimes only feed on Metal ore and can adopt the properties of metal they feed on.

Black Iron bug – found exclusively in black iron ore mine as their staple food is black iron ore.

Wood Wisp – Wisp born in a place filled with strong vitality. Used for strengthening a person’s vitality.

Susan soon brought all the materials at a moment’s notice.

“Okay now let’s form a party.”

Using the party function in grimoire I and Susan formed a party of two. So that my mental strength can enter Susan’s grimoire to create her an origin card.

Unlike other cards I can’t create an origin card in my grimoire and later transfer it to Susan, the Origin card has to be created in the grimoire to whom the fated ingredient belongs.

So we formed a party because in a party one party member has limited access to any other party member’s grimoire upon approval by the said card apprentice.

After forming the party Susan passed me her Grimoire and all the ingredients. Placing the ingredients on the card creation page I closed my eyes and poured my mental strength into the grimoire.

Having already decided on what card I wanted to prepare I opened my soul pupils and checked the soul pathways of all the ingredients one by one.

Then I carefully mixed soul pathways of E Rank Metal Tooth Slime essence with F rank Black Iron Bug essence in the ratio of 1:2 respectively.

Next, I used High Spit Firestones to melt Black Steel and the Black Steel corset into Liquid Black steel.

Afterwards, I used mixed soul pathways of E Rank Metal Tooth Slime essence and F rank Black Iron Bug essence to strengthen the soul pathways of Liquid Black steel.

Keeping aside the strengthened Liquid Black steel, I slowly mixed 10 Wood Wisp soul pathways one by one into the unique core.

Then I added the soul pathways from E Rank Metal Tooth Slime cores and F rank Black Iron Bug cores into the unique core. Forming a cocktail of soul pathways of Wood Wisp, Metal Tooth Slime and Black Iron bug in the unique core.

Finally, I combined the strengthened Liquid Black steel and unique core to form a Black Liquid armour.

Inside the Black liquid armour core, I could see a bright mass of light shaped in the form of slime which would repeatedly try to form a human shape and soon dissolve, unable to stay in the human form. It was sentient and desired to take on human armour form. Then I turned on the morph ability of the unique core to turn the black liquid armour into a card.

Card Creation Complete… Slime Armor.

[Card Name: Slime Armor

Card Type: Origin Card

Card Rank: Unique Grade

Card Rating: Nil

Card Durability: Nil

Card Effect: Slime armour is a sentient armour that feeds on armours and replicates the armours it feeds on. Additional effect – absolute replica(passive) memory(passive)]

Absolute Replica(passive) – the replication ability is absolute with no flaws.

Memory(passive) – being a sentient armour it has its memory and can remember all the armours it feeds on.

After going through the specs of the origin card I fell unconscious out of exhaustion as I had to transfer about two hundred soul pathways for just this one origin card. If not for the buffs I gained from the spa I wouldn’t be able to hold on till the end.

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