Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 9: Ultra Fly Boots

Chapter 9: Ultra Fly Boots

Date 18 Mar 2321

Time 17:27

Location Sky Blossom City, Adventure Guild Association, Guild Association Mall, Card Lab

After activating soul pupils, I could see that the soul pathway of the leather pieces I cut earlier was messy leading to unclean cut and dull edges.

I mentally try to arrange this messy soul pathway to define the boundaries of leather pieces as I desire to refer to the aforementioned design.

Finally, I was able to cut all the pieces neatly, perfectly fitting the design requirements. I did not turn off the Soul pupils but kept them activated as I proceeded to the stitching part of the card creation process.

And I was right to do so, thanks to soul pupils I was able to see the soul pathways meet and converge as I stitched the leather pieces together enabling me to blend the soul pathways of each piece perfectly.

The most important and stressed part was where I had to blend the soul pathways of the common core to the soul pathways of leather.

Cores are the most important part of the card because not only do they house card abilities but also help the card to morph between the actual item and the card itself.

Then finally came the time to transfer soul abilities from the gale rabbit core to the gale rabbit leather boots core.

With the help of soul pupils, I could see this bright mass of light within the gale rabbit core and just a speck of light in the gale rabbit leather boots core.

If I was right, this bright mass of light within the gale rabbit core should be its soul abilities. The speck of light in the gale rabbit leather boots core should be the card morphing ability.

Now all I have to do is to make sure that the bright mass of light within the gale rabbit core is perfectly transferred to the gale rabbit leather boots core without any leaks.

Because leak of the bright light would lead to more than just decrease of durability ratings and increase in star ratings, it would lead to incomplete transfer meaning loss of some of the soul abilities inside gale rabbit core or even incomplete soul abilities inside the gale rabbit leather boots core.

Using my mental strength as a medium I slowly began to transfer the bright mass of light from within the gale rabbit core to the gale rabbit leather boots core.

Once the bright mass of light was out of the core it became exciting and wild unlike its tranquil self within the core. Making it harder for me to complete the transfer process without any leaks.

Thanks to my soul pupils unlike other card apprentices I could see the bright mass of light, instead of relying on my senses to feel the bright mass of light. So making it easier for me to avoid any leakage during transfer but still, it was Stressful.

Card Creation Complete!

Finally, I deactivated my soul eyes to see the card I had created, the three ingredients card in the card creation page had vanished and left behind only one card [Gale Rabbit Leather Boots]

[Card Name – Gale Rabbit Leather Boots

Card Type – Item Card

Card Rank – F rank, Common grade

Card Rating – 1star

Card Durability – [ 97/100]

Card Effect – Touched by gale spirit(passive), additional effects – Sprint( active), Double Jump(active) ]

Touched by Gale spirit – agility +1(passive)

Sprint(active) – Increased agility for a minute.

Cooldown time 120 seconds.

Double Jump(active) – ability to jump second time by step on air.

Cooldown time 10 seconds.

“X X” I cursed out loud seeing the specs of my newly created card, I got goosebumps seeing how overpowered this card was compared to the same one’s being sold in the mall.

Three abilities with the lowest possible star ratings and near-perfect durability rating, this card was the definition of the perfect card. I had not seen an F rank card with three abilities and such perfect star and durability ratings.

I understood why my card was better than the ones sold in the mall because unlike me other card apprentice did not have a cheat like an origin card ability. If not for my soul pupils I would not be able to create a single Item card even after using all three of the card ingredients sets.

The only thing that I was not satisfied with was the lack of colour to the boots, instead of ultra fly boots they looked like wood ultra fly boots. And I was not a fan of wood boots.

Thinking of this I called the Saleslady using my grimoire, Gêtt the latest ch𝒂pters on n𝒐/velbin(.)com

[Please wait your allotted sales representative will reach you soon]

[Expected wait time 1 minute.]

Knock! knock!

“May I come in sir?”

Soon I heard the knock on the card lab door and the same bob cut brunette in office attire from earlier walked in.

“How may I help you, sir?”

“I need good quality dyes for my gale rabbit leather, what would you recommend?”

“I would recommend Henna generic dyes, they are natural, long-lasting, more dust resistant and have a glossy touch to them. But they cost 50$ a can.”

“Okay get me four cans of blue, black, white and red colour.”

“Sure sir.”

After receiving the dyes, I recreated the first Gale rabbit leather boots card again but this time with a white body and red sole but regrettable-ly its durability decreased to [92/92].

I created two more Gale rabbit leather boots cards with the remaining two sets of card ingredients, one with a black body and blue sole while another one was completely red. this time both the cards had a perfect durability rating of [100/100].

‘Now these what I call ultra fly boots’ I thought looking at three pairs of Gale rabbit leather boots in front of me.

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