As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills

Chapter 739 - 739 Received a Letter

739 Received a Letter

Jiang Ming sneered and turned around to leave. The moment he left, he glanced at Zuqing Yiyi and Prince Qiqihar Huan.

He wanted to know more about these two people.

However, he was not familiar with them yet, so he could not ask them anything.

After Jiang Ming left, Prince Qiqihar Huan said to the king of Prince Qiqihar Kingdom, “Father, what do you think of your second daughter-in-law, the princess of the mysterious family, Zuqing Yiyi?”

“Good, good, good! She is really beautiful and outstanding.”

The king of the Qiqihar Kingdom did not want to hear Qiqihar Huan’s introduction of her, but he wanted to know how willing his second daughter-in-law was to be controlled by him.

“Thank you, Father.”

Zuqing Yiyi looked silly as she bowed to King Qiqihar.

King Qiqihar was very satisfied.

Then, he started talking to Zuqing Yiyi about all sorts of strange problems, and Qiqihar Huan also listened to them.

The two of them felt confused after hearing this. They regretted coming to see King Qiqihar, but they could not say anything. They could only promise King Qiqihar to help.

Jiang Ming returned to his quarters and was about to have a good rest when Zhu Asi said in surprise, “Xia Qingyi wrote you a letter.”

Jiang Ming grinned.

Xia Qingyi would not let him off.

He glanced at the letter that Xia Qingyi had given him. It was written that he hoped that Jiang Ming could go to an outdoor location to meet him.

Although Jiang Ming could not be bothered to go, he thought that Xia Qingyi might come here again, so he stood up and planned to go.

“You guys wait here. I’ll be back soon.”

Jiang Ming did not want to involve Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an in this.

However, Zhu An’an and Zhu Asi were unwilling to stay put when they heard this.

“What if you encounter danger and we have to go look for you? What if we can’t find you? It’s better for us to shoulder the burden together and come with you.”

It was hard to reject them, so Jiang Ming could not say anything more. He had no choice but to agree to Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an’s request. However, he felt a warm feeling in his heart.

These two people were his most trusted companions.

When they arrived at the outdoor location, Xia Qingyi was already waiting there. When he saw the three of them, he was not afraid at all. He even smiled at them.

“Ning Caichen, you made me suffer in that place. I didn’t expect you to not help me at all.”

His words were full of accusations.

Jiang Ming smiled. “Why? When you were locked up there, you wanted to hurt me. I won’t save someone who wants to harm me.”

“Is that so? I brought you a gift, Ning Caichen.”

Xia Qingyi laughed sinisterly. Jiang Ming’s shadow appeared in his hands, and he stepped on it, torturing it.

The shadow’s body was purplish green, and it looked terrible.

Jiang Ming clenched his fists, and the veins on the back of his hands bulged. “Hey, what’s wrong with you?”

This was the first time he was so angry. The person in front of him was too much!

Zhu Asi was also furious, and his face turned red.

Xia Qingyi chuckled. “Hey, Ning Caichen, don’t you like the shadow I created for you?” FOlloow 𝒏ewest stories at n𝒐(v)el/bi/n(.)com

As he spoke, Xia Qingyi punched Jiang Ming’s shadow, causing it to cave in.

Jiang Ming was so angry that he laughed.

He was just insulting him!

At this moment, the shadow was suddenly covered in moss. There were small red boils covering the moss.

The boils were red with a green tinge, and the shadow suddenly turned into the real Jiang Ming.

Xia Qingyi clapped his hands and laughed like a madman. “Ning Caichen, do you like it? This is really interesting.”

Zhu An’an could not help but make a move. She looked at Xia Qingyi, and her hands emitted power as she rushed toward him.

Zhu Asi followed closely behind, unleashing a series of attacks to directly kick Xia Qingyi down.

However, Xia Qingyi did not seem like a human at this moment. He was like a shadow.

The moment Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an got close to Xia Qingyi, Xia Qingyi turned into a puddle of water, causing Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an’s attacks to lose their effectiveness.

Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an suddenly felt strange and could not help but look at Jiang Ming.

“Wait for me.”

Jiang Ming could tell what Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an were thinking, so he took over the responsibility.

Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an nodded, but they did not seem to understand. Their eyes did not blink as they obediently listened to Jiang Ming.

Jiang Ming looked around and noticed the footprints that suddenly appeared on the ground. Then, he pulled Xia Qingyi out.

Xia Qingyi had originally used an invisibility spell, but after being pulled by Jiang Ming, he immediately revealed his true form.

Seeing the real Xia Qingyi, Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an immediately understood.

The person who was laughing just now was a fake body. This was the real body.

“Xia Qingyi, you only know how to lie to us. You have to pay the price for this.”

Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an rushed up and beat Xia Qingyi with all their might.

Xia Qingyi wanted to use a spell, but he was secretly restrained by Jiang Ming. He could not use any spells at all.

“What happened? What happened?”

Xia Qingyi was dumbfounded as he looked at their hands.

Then, his body began to sting, and he had no choice but to use his hands and feet to counterattack.

However, he could not fight back against Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an at all. He was beaten black and blue, and his entire body was bruised.

“Stop fighting! Stop fighting!”

Xia Qingyi covered his head with one hand and covered his body with the other. He wanted to stop Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an verbally.

Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an did not listen to Xia Qingyi at all. They kicked him directly, making Xia Qingyi cry out in pain.

Seeing that the fight was almost over, Jiang Ming stepped forward and told Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an, “Forget it, forget it. It’s almost over.”

Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an finally stopped. At this moment, Xia Qingyi’s face and body were covered in wounds of various sizes. They were densely packed and there were even some bloody marks.

Seeing Xia Qingyi’s expression, Zhu Asi and Zhu An’an were very happy. They smiled brightly. “Xia Qingyi, do you admit defeat now? You can still argue, but we don’t mind beating you up again.”

Xia Qingyi immediately panicked and quickly shook his head. “No, no, it’s all my fault. I won’t do it again.”

He had already been beaten to a pulp, and his mana had been restricted. He was like a cripple now and had no way of beating the people in front of him.

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