Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3608: Hit again

Chapter 3608: Hit again

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As long as they could escape from the valley, then after recovering their original abilities, wouldn’t suppressing a Mystery Realm Tier be a piece of cake?

However, when they turned around, they discovered that their path of retreat had actually been blocked by six toddlers.

Eldest Baby: “I was the one who opened this path.”

Second Baby: “I planted this tree.”

Fourth Baby: “If you want to pass this path.”

Fifth Baby: “Leave your life here.”

Third Baby had a proud expression as she said, “Childish.”

Those Foundation Building elites were about to go crazy. Now, they had actually fallen to the extent that even toddlers dared to bully them?

“You’re seeking death!” They naturally had nothing to fear, and directly charged over.

Then, it was a tragedy for them.

Which of the babies was to be trifled with?

Peng, Eldest Baby grabbed the legs of two of them and threw them back, while Second Baby saw through one of their weak points and sent one of them flying with a light punch. Hu, Fourth Baby spat fire, and Fifth Baby spat water, which similarly made it impossible for others to take another step further.

The first wave of attack from the nine of them was declared unsuccessful, and not one of them actually managed to successfully break out of the siege.

Monsters, these people were all monsters.

The members of the Pang Clan and Lei Clan were about to cry. What was wrong with them? Why did they insist on charging into the valley?

In this place, their cultivation level had been suppressed, so they could not use their powerful abilities to their fullest.

However, what time did they have to feel rueful? That was because the God of Death had already arrived.

Ling Han caught up to them, and the destructive energy surged out. The efficiency of this massacre was too frightening. He could still sweep aside all opponents of the same cultivation level, and even those at a cultivation level higher than him.

After another round of slaughter, the nine people became five.

“I surrender, don’t kill me!” Immediately, someone cowered.

He had no choice but to cower. Otherwise, he would be seeking death.

“You have no backbone, die!” Ling Han showed no mercy, and killed that person with a single punch.

“I’m not surrendering!” The remaining three people decided to do the exact opposite.

“All right, then let’s battle!” Ling Han did not stop attacking.

F***, you can’t play like this.

The three of them wanted to cry but had no tears. They had already surrendered, so why did you still not stop?


After a few punches, the remaining three people were all killed.

Ling Han naturally wouldn’t waste it. He searched everyone, and in the end, he gained very little.

What Foundation Building elites were these, so poor?

Oh, that was true. This was the Moonlight Planet, and the environment for cultivation was mature. Though Foundation Building Tier cultivators had advanced into Celestial Path, that was all. There were many people stronger than them, so it was naturally impossible that they would possess any kind of treasure.

Forget it, he had best quickly concoct the Five Elements Karmic Pill.

Ling Han and his group exited the valley. At this time, there were naturally no members of the Pang and Lei Clans outside. They had all gone in to capture him.

The little loli took out the shuttle, and they boarded it. Xiu, the shuttle tore through the air.

“You didn’t hit someone again, did you?” Ling Han couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat when he saw Tang Yun’er boost the shuttle to at least 20 times the speed of sound. Under such high speeds, even his vision was slightly unable to capture the changes in the environment, and it would be very easy for them to crash into someone.

“It’s fine. Both of my grandpas have strengthened this shuttle respectively, so it won’t be damaged,” the little loli said?.

Ling Han’s expression was dark. Was he worried about the shuttle? He was afraid that you would run someone over and kill them!

However, if the shuttle couldn’t be damaged, he would at least be able to breathe a sigh of relief. At least, he wouldn’t be killed by the little loli.

Hold on, when had he also been led astray by the little loli?

Wasn’t it too immoral to think that way?

Ling Han weakly reflected on himself.

If they travelled on foot, they would need around three days to reach their destination, but if they travelled on the shuttle, that would only take about half a day’s time. The Cold Water Lake was already close.

“Oh no, it’s too fast, we can’t stop in time!” the little loli suddenly said.

You are really too f****** unreliable.

“Prepare to land forcefully,” the little loli called out. Though she was very anxious, there was not the slightest bit of panic in her voice. Instead, she was filled with excitement.

—You f****** did it on purpose, didn’t you?


Without waiting for Ling Han to speak, the shuttle had already landed. It crashed down heavily, and with the powerful force pushing it forwards, it continued to slide forwards. After a whole ten seconds, the shuttle finally stopped.

“Haha, it landed perfectly!” the little loli said excitedly.

You damn child, just see if I won’t beat you to death!

Ling Han gritted his teeth. What kind of problematic child was this?

Peng, right at this moment, a hand suddenly slapped the window of the shuttle, and then a dark face appeared.

Yi, this scene seemed very familiar.

Ling Han thought. When they had first arrived on the Moonlight Planet, the little loli had also steered the shuttle and crashed into the ground. In the end, she had even crashed into someone. Thankfully, Li Xingchen was a Foundation Building Tier. Otherwise, he would definitely have died from such a collision. And now, they must have crashed into someone again!

Ling Han looked at the face outside the window that was almost burning with fury, and muttered internally. Though his face was completely dark, whether it was his expression or movements, why did he look so familiar? VIssịT n0(v)eL/b(i)(n).𝘤𝑜𝓂 for the best novel reading experience

They wouldn’t have crashed into the same person, right?

Ling Han immediately shook his head. How was this possible? This was far too coincidental.

He did not dare to be careless. As he had the little loli stow away the shuttle, he prepared for battle. Who knew if the other person would be easy to deal with.

It was true that they were in the wrong, but it did not mean that they would be beaten.

The little loli directly equipped the shuttle on herself, and prepared for battle. She was a great demon king, so what was a person she had ran over worth in her eyes?

“As expected… it’s you guys again!” the black figure on the other side said through gritted teeth.


A muscle twitched in Ling Han’s cheek, “Brother Li?”

What a coincidence. This unfortunate guy that had been hit was still Li Xingchen.

Strange, I didn’t use the shard of the tombstone to smash your head, so why are you so unlucky?

Ling Han couldn’t help but laugh, and said, “Brother Li, if I said that we didn’t deliberately crash into you, would you believe me?”

Li Xingchen bit his lip, and asked, “Do you think I should believe you?”

“You should,” Ling Han said righteously. “Brother Li, we didn’t put any tracking devices on you, so how could we have deliberately crashed into you? Thus, all of this is a coincidence.”

Li Xingchen sighed, “I keep thinking that you are a jinx. As expected, I have deliberately hidden myself in such a remote place. I had not thought that I would still be unable to avoid you!”

“Gegege!” The little girl clutched her stomach in laughter.

“Brother Li, there’s a One Star Tool here. I’ll give it to you as compensation.” Ling Han retrieved a sword and handed it over. He had obtained this sword after killing Lei Jiujun. Because he had been insta-killed, Lei Jiujun didn’t even have the chance to draw his Spirit Tool.

It could not be helped. He had almost killed the other twice, and Ling Han also felt very guilty. He really felt apologetic.

Li Xingchen couldn’t help but feel pleasantly surprised. Although a One Star Spirit Tool was nothing in a large force, for lone cultivators, especially Foundation Building lone cultivators, a One Star Spirit Tool was incredibly valuable.

More coincidentally, he also used a sword.

Thus, he was unable to resist this gift, and could only shamelessly stretch out his hand to receive it. He sighed, “In future, even if you guys crash into me again, I will accept it.”

“How could that be!” Ling Han hurriedly said with a smile. However, he was a little suspicious. With this guy’s bad luck, it was really possible that he would be crashed into again.

Li Xingchen’s temper had also subsided. They sat down to drink some wine and eat some food. As it turned out, Li Xingchen had come here in the morning because he had discovered a place of seclusion nearby. It had once belonged to an ultimate dao elite that had built the foundation of ultimate dao, and now that elite had long since died, it was possible that he had left behind a treasure.

He had been invited to join forces with another to enter this place.

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