Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3544 - 3544: Attracting animosity

Chapter 3544: Attracting animosity Finndd the new𝒆st 𝒏ovels on n/𝒐/velbin(.)com

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Hong Tianbu, thanks a lot.

Ling Han gritted his teeth in the Essence Nurturing Gourd. This guy wanted to incite everyone’s hatred towards him. For the sake of a top-grade Foundation Building Divine Stone, these people would definitely hunt him down. They were all Mystery Realm Tier, and it was highly possible that they were one-star geniuses.

To be honest, Ling Han couldn’t bear their animosity.

Thus, it could be said that Hong Tianbu was truly ruthless. In an instant, he had made so many enemies for Ling Han, compensating for the shortage of manpower if it was just him alone.

“I understand!” One of them suddenly slapped his thigh, “Isn’t Han Lin the reverse of Ling Han?”

“So it turns out that this guy has made up his mind to deceive us from the very


“Detestable guy!”

“Damn it!”

There was no need for Hong Tianbu to remind them further. Everyone was not stupid, and soon came to their senses.

Sigh, Ling Han didn’t announce his real name because he didn’t want to cause trouble, but in the eyes of these people now, Ling Han was deliberately mocking them afterwards, making them all glare angrily, wanting nothing more than to immediately capture Ling Han and have him executed a hundred times over.

Of course, they would first have to snatch the Divine Stones used to build the

Celestial Foundation.

“Thank you, Brother Hong.” Everyone clasped their hands in thanks to Hong Tianbu.

If Hong Tianbu hadn’t revealed the truth in time, they would probably have killed each other. If Ling Han found out, wouldn’t that be the biggest joke in the world?

Moreover, Hong Tianbu’s natural talent in martial arts was too terrifying. Moreover, he would be taken as disciple by a Spirit Transformation True Lord. What was wrong with forming a good relationship with such a person?

At this time, Hong Tianbu showed an expression of pride, ignoring the fawning of the others.

The reason why he was willing to step out and explain was only to attract animosity for Ling Han, so that there would be more people hunting down Ling Han with him. How could it really be to stop these people from killing each other?

It was none of his business even if they died 10,000 times, all right?

When they recalled that Ling Han had already taken away the Divine Stone used to build the Celestial Foundation, no one had the mood to stay any longer. They all took their leave and left. They wanted to be the first to find Ling Han, so that others would not be the first to do so. If that happened, they would have missed the opportunity to obtain the Ten Thousand Star Stone.

When everyone had left completely, Jin Yulu smiled, and said, “Junior Brother

Hong is really wise. I am impressed.”

“Senior Sect Sister, thank you for the compliment.” Towards Jin Yulu’s words, Hong Tianju was still quite polite. He bowed slightly, and smiled, revealing two rows of snow-white teeth, dazzling Jin Yulu to the point that she was slightly flustered.

“Let’s set out too,” she hurriedly said.

Hong Tianbu nodded, and revealed a proud smile. To be able to win the heart of a Mystery Realm Tier beauty, he still felt quite accomplished, but when he thought of Princess Bixiao, he couldn’t help but frown. Ling Han had defeated him in that aspect.

This brat had to die.

After everyone had left, only then did Ling Han slowly exit the Essence

Nurturing Gourd.

“Father, you seem to be very hated!” Second Baby said in a childish voice.

“What nonsense are you spouting!” Fourth Baby hurriedly said.

“That’s right. Can’t you see that Father is feeling extremely suffocated?” Fifth

Baby also said.

“Hehe, there is a constipated expression on his face.” Sixth Baby laughed. “What is there to be afraid of? If anyone comes, well kill them!” Eldest Baby’s killing intent soared, and her violent instincts erupted again.

Ling Han shook his head. These kids were really hard to please. Even though they were all naive and cute, and could make others love them with all their heart, in truth, they were all extremely problematic children.

Sigh, he didn’t want to think about it anymore.

At first, he had wanted to change his mask, but after some thought, he realized that everyone was hunting him down now. If he covered his face, it would be equivalent to saying that there was something off about him. He might as well be frank and forthright, and just show his true face to others like that. On the contrary, he might even be able to deceive some people like that. After all, not everyone recognized him.

Let’s just go with that.

Ling Han left with the children, his heart filled with hope. If there was something else like the fated opportunity of the snake cave, it would allow his cultivation level to improve a few more levels. As long as he could advance into Enlightenment Tier, let’s see who would be able to beat whom.

-He might still not be able to defeat Mystery Realm Tier elites, but there should not be more than five of such people.

How many one-star geniuses could there be?

Unfortunately, this divine mountain mainly produced Divine Stones that could build Celestial Foundations, but Treasured Fruit and treasured medicines that could increase cultivation level were not among them. It was already lucky enough to find one.

After exiting the snake cave and walking out of the canyon, the terrain became steep again, all the way to the summit.

Bringing a group of babies would be too much of a target. Thus, when the babies were tired of seeing the scenery, Ling Han drew them into the Essence Nurturing Gourd, leaving only the perverted pig by his side.

This was a shield, and if someone really attacked him, he could use it to block at any time.

The perverted pig was eating, and suddenly shivered. He raised his head to look at Ling Han. He kept feeling that this human was a little unreliable, and could betray him at any time.

After eating, Ling Han and the perverted pig continued to advance. The mountain path here was very complicated, and they could not use high speed, or they would very easily crash into the mountain walls. However, Ling Han’s control over his movements was too good, so he still arrived faster than the average person.

Thus, after walking for a short while, a figure appeared before them.

He caught up, and when he passed, that person glanced at him, then withdrew his gaze, as if he did not know him at all.

As expected, Ling Han nodded. There should not be many people that recognized him.

His speed was not the slightest bit slow, so not long after, he caught up with another person. When he passed, that person glanced at him, and then frowned, as if he was pondering something.

When Ling Han had surpassed him and walked more than three hundred meters, he heard a loud roar ring out from behind him.

“Ling Han, don’t run!”

Right, this person had obviously seen Ling Han’s pictures before. However, he couldn’t recall him in a short while, so he kept thinking hard about it. He only thought that he looked familiar.

That person chased over, his speed extremely fast. Coincidentally, the mountain path in this area was very straight, giving the other party a chance to burst out with speed.

Ling Han turned his head, and saw that the other was roaring towards him. Rings of sonic boom clouds rose up behind him, spreading out in all directions. However, they only set off some pebbles, and did not cause much damage.

This mountain had clearly been strengthened by formations before. Otherwise, it definitely wouldn’t be so sturdy.

Ling Han didn’t flee. Although he was a Mystery Realm Tier elite, he had just broken through to this cultivation level. If he used all of his trump cards, he would still be able to fight.

“Hand over the Divine Stone, and I can spare your life,” the person roared. He used his mystical power to transmit his voice over. Otherwise, only his mouth could be seen moving, and not the slightest bit of sound could be heard.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and drew out the battle hammer. This was his response.

“You’re seeking death!” the person said with a humph. He then retrieved a short staff from his back. With a shake, another section extended out from either end. Meanwhile, one of the ends had a spear’s tip, instantly transforming this weapon into a spear.

He stabbed with his spear, and the veined patterns on the spear’s body lit up as if it had come to life, turning into a divine dragon.

Ling Han brandished the hammer and smashed it over. Zi, lightning flashed madly.

“F***, a One Star Spirit Tool!” That person could not dodge in time, and was instantly hit. Even if he was a Mystery Realm Tier, he still trembled violently from the impact..

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