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Mission: Catch Paula 2

Mission: Catch Paula 2

Black vapors ejected from Paula's body, rapidly obscuring vision in the anyways dark night. Her body temperature plummeted to reach extreme cold as her arms and legs each began tossing around. "AAAAAARRRHHHHHH...!!" 

A painful wail that sent chills down the spines of spectators emerged from the curtain of black fog. Despite the horrific noises, everyone standing away from Paula's position was relatively calm. 

With Lady Naila on their side, the group didn't have to worry about the destructive powers of the possessed woman. "This madwoman...!!" Darla had her hands on her ears, unwilling to listen to the nightmarish cries. 

Ryu next to her did no such thing, rather the boy was totally on his toes at this moment. This was the time he was desperately waiting for as communicated by the Demon. Now they have to flawlessly execute their plan without getting noticed by Lady Naila. 

He waited with bated breath while his right hand reached up to grab the verdant locket around his neck. Demon can only help him so much, successfully capturing Paula was going to depend entirely on him. 

Within the fog, Naila stared down upon the rising woman on her horseback with a complacent smile. Even as Paula's body started to levitate upwards, she did nothing to stop her. "Looks like you want to play some more." 

Even as terrifying energies radiated from Paula which could freeze some of the most powerful cultivators in the blink of an eye, no such thing happened with Naila. Her mountain-like forged body easily sustained the battering cold. 

Paula's eyes gradually opened up, finding the mighty centaur face-to-face with her. "DIEEE..!!!!" Right after her banshee-like scream, fiendish vines broke the surface of the earth and wrapped around Naila. Even before the centaur could react, she was stuck inside a cocoon that began draining her life force. 

"You still have not come to your senses, witch." Just as Paula tried to step away from her position, she noticed the vines were effectively destroyed. Inside, Naila had not even moved a finger. "Otherwise, you would have realized the deep chasm of strength which lies between us." 

Naila saw Paula's eyes were vacant albeit with a hint of shock in them. Was she surprised how effortlessly the centaur woman rendered her attack useless? "DIEEE... DIEE....DIE....!!" The black witch thundered, attacking Naila with everything she got. 

Her rabid attack went on to prove Naila's point. Paula was still in a possessed state where she could not even think of running away. All her mind was programmed to do was vehemently attack until the very end of her lifeline. 

Naila nonchalantly waved her hands to spoil each of Paula's fierce attacks. She didn't plan to knock the woman out right away like the last time. Maybe it was better to let her vent out and gain back her sanity. 

What Naila was unaware of was that this time around, Paula's actions were catalyzed by a different personality. Ever since Ryu unknowingly used Mahesvara Eyes, Paula's connection with the demigod entity controlling her for years has weakened by a great deal. Right now, her rampage was a manifestation of Demon's will. 

"I don't want to hurt you, woman. If you agree to talk, I might even free you from your sufferings." Lady Naila threw her a bone, but naturally, Paula was in no condition to even comprehend her words. The possessed woman targeted her with every ounce of her strength. 

"I will take that as a no, then." Having reached the limit of her patience, Naila realized she must use a different method to make the woman talk. Nonetheless, at the very moment she changed her mind, Paula's body turned into a blur. 

Naila was alarmed. She didn't foresee the woman would change tactics in the middle of their fight. Was she fooling her into believing that she lost her mind? "Not so fast." 

Realizing the woman was heading straight for the other group of silent watchers, Naila knew Paula had faked her condition. Pushing her body to the limit in a mere flash, Naila ended up emerging right ahead of Ryu's group. 

A domain stretched hundreds of meters in all directions from Naila's body. Under this domain, no one was faster than her. In the duration it took the centaur to reach her full potential, Paula has made her intentions clear. 

A lance cropped in her hand as she threw it with all her might towards a single individual. Naila's brows jerked. Among the many individuals present here, why would Paula target the weakest among them? It made no sense to her. ViiSiit n๐’velb๐’Š/n(.)c/(๐’)m for l๐’‚test ๐’๐’vels

"Careful." Lady Naila's legs stomped the ground and jumped upwards blocking the path of the projectile with her invincible body. Her soft words were uttered for the only other person who could hope to face Paula. 

Despite the fog curtailing their vision, Linda required no such thing to tell what was transpiring behind the veil. Paula's sudden turn to head towards them might be surprising to Naila, but it made perfect sense to her. 

*Crash* Land shook and the air crackled with sparks when Naila slapped away the lance heading for Ryu. Linda meanwhile readied herself just to be extra careful, as Paula recklessly charged despite the strong guarding obstructing her approach. 

"You fool..!!" Seeing Paula was madly dashing towards her even after she started her last attack, Naila was annoyed. Was she trying to get herself killed?

No matter the case, Naila must hold her right here. Any closer than this and Paula might be dangerous for the two teenagers in the group. Time had slowed down and the two ladies came closer than ever, ready to crash into each other. 

However, what happened next could never be anticipated by Lady Naila. While approaching her, the centaur saw something in Paula's eyes which left her agitated. In the deep blackness of Paula's eyes, a pair of golden pupils were reflected. 

Naila has reached the zenith of strength. For an authoritative figure like her, there was no way she could not understand what grave mistake she committed by staring directly into Paula's eyes. Too bad, the realization came a tiny bit too late for the mighty centaur. 

Her body froze completely. Though she immediately pulled her gaze away, the infamous golden pupils had taken effect on her. At that moment, only a single phrase echoed in her mind. 'This is bad.' 

Even though the golden reflection might have disarrayed her mind, Paula can never hope to hurt her. The inherent strength of her body was still there, so much so, that even when her mind was blocked, her body would have defended itself even involuntarily. 

Yet, Naila's biggest worry was not that. Right in front of her eyes, she saw Paula blaze past her without bothering to strike the centaur woman. Things just took a turn for the worse. 

Paula or whoever was driving her mind, seems to have anticipated all this. The person knew Naila could not be hurt and neither could she be held in one place for long. The golden eyes might have only provided Paula with a negligible time period, but that was enough to accomplish her goal. 

A frustrated Naila watched the silhouette of the woman step past her. Though she warned Linda beforehand, can she really stop Paula in her disabled state? The centaur was unsure. 

'Such humiliation...' If the human brat died in her presence, what face would Naila be left with? Not only that, Ryu was the beloved of her niece. How can she ever face Darla after this day? 'As if...' Anger bubbled in her mind and the heavens responded in kind. 

Earth cracked under the feet of Linda and her group. The sky was illuminated with a bright light as if it wasn't night but the middle of the day. In a split, the thick miasma hiding Paula was washed away. 

Naila had pushed her mind and body to the very limit of her powers. Her surroundings cannot endure the mighty aura and exploded in sparks. Standing stoic in one place, Naila's body shined with a divine light. 

'Fuck.. She is really serious about it.' Ryu heard a voice in his mind, but there was no time to think over it. He saw a maniacal Paula shooting towards him with a terrifying face. 

Linda meanwhile was puzzled why Lady Naila would let Paula get past her. Nevertheless, there was no time for her to mull over that now. Now that it has come to this, she must put her life on the line and save the boy. 

Even as the brave Wilder woman prepared to block Paula's way, she noted movement. Lady Naila seems to suddenly jolt back to life from her stupor. 

Although it was a hard decision to make, Naila thrusted her hand forward in a desperate move. A wave of condensed aura left her palm and traveled almost at the speed of light. Right now, Naila was prepared to kill. 

Though it was a relief to the rest, it was truly a loss for the mighty centaur. After all, Paula had forced her hand and made her launch a killing blow. There was no saving the woman now. Even a grand mage would die if they took this attack from Naila head-on. 

Sure enough, Paula was struck. But before she could take on the full force of the attack, her body vanished. It was not like she disappeared only in sight, rather her entire existence was wiped out. But instead of contentment, Naila panicked. Needless to say, this disappearance was not according to her foresight. "This is impossible..." 

Naila only got the chance to utter those words when Paula's body emerged out of nothing once again. Her face was bloodied from the last attack of the centaur but her hands were still extended outwards. 

'Do it NOW....!!' Ryu need not be reminded. The fact that Paula has re-emerged right in front of him was an anticipated outcome. The boy reflexively threw his hand out. As soon as the tip of his finger touched Paula's, the lady in the black robe vanished for the second time. 

Naila remained astounded by the event, but it wasn't time to relax. The attack she threw in desperation was still heading for Linda after a brief interruption where its earlier target disappeared before it could be completely destroyed. 

With the power of her mind, Linda forced her aura wave to self-destruct. The ears of Linda's group buzzed as their eyes turned blind for the next few minutes. There was an explosion never seen before. 

Naila's body manifested right in front of Linda and protected the group from the destructive shockwaves. It was an attack delivered at the peak of her power. Obviously, it was going to alter the landscape itself. 

When the group emerged from the aftermath, they found themselves in the center of a crater hundreds of meters wide. Land collapsed under their feet as they remained suspended in the air thanks to Naila. 

"What... happened?" Linda was the only one who could manage to speak. Yalda and Darla were too horrified to even shut their jaws. "I hope no one is hurt?" Naila herself was not in the right state of mind to answer that question. First, she must make sure everyone survived the brief scuffle. 

Looking back, she took into account the condition of every person. Though shocked, Linda was doing better than rest. After noticing Yalda and Darla were alright as well, Naila's gaze focussed squarely on the green boy. 

Was she mistaken or did she truly see the boy extend his hand to meet, Paula's? Even by Naila's standards, things happened too fast. Except for her, she wasn't even sure if anyone saw Paula's body emerge in front of Ryu in the last second. 

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