A Journey That Changed The World.

Chapter 7 The Nightmares Start.

Waking up in an unknown bed.

Archer looked around and started to panic, wondering where he was.Visjt n𝒐velbin(.)c𝒐m for new updates

He noticed a young woman in her 20s lying next to him.

Recognizing the smooth navy blue hair.

It was a girl he knew all too well lying in front of him.

He went to hug her but was stopped by an invisible barrier.

After that, she sat up and stared directly at him.

Seeing blood drip down from her lips.

Suddenly, the scene changed to a random street, and Archer saw her being stabbed.

He panicked as he rushed towards her, but everything changed again.

Now he was the one being stabbed while the maniac laughed.

Waking up in a panic, his clothes stuck to him with sweat.

Archer looked around and realized he was still lying on the branch.

Hearing birds chirping and some beasts grunting from below.

Sitting up as he looked down to see a massive hog-like beast.

The beast was the size of a rhinoceros on Earth.

It was just rooting around.

After he was done it wandered off somewhere.

Rubbing his eyes, he realized that he was drenched in blood from yesterday's hunt.

He remembered he had eaten all the hearts he collected like a glutton.

While sitting there, he checked his status.


[Experience: 350/1000]

[Level Up: 5>8]

[SP: 10>38]

Exclaiming in shock.

''I've leveled up eight times since I started hunting!''

Deciding to spend the points while relaxing on the branch.

Archer put 10 points on HP and Mana, 4 on strength, constitution, stamina, and charisma, and 2 on intelligence.

He felt his body strengthen as his stats increased, after it calmed down he checked his status.

[HP: 200>300]

[Mana: 880>1180]

[Strength: 65>105]

[Constitution: 40>80]

[Stamina: 70>110]

[Charisma: 260>300]

[Intelligence: 90>110]

He got a massive boost from all the points.

His whole body felt lighter and stronger, his muscles grew, his senses improved even more.

Looking down at the ground as he stood up, he hopped off the landing with a thud.

When he hit the floor he heard a scream in the distance.

With his newly acquired senses, he could tell it wasn't far away.

He ran in the direction the scream came from, and after a 10-minute run he came across a scene he was very familiar with.

A group of five adventurers were fighting a group of goblins. At the back of the goblins was a shaman casting spells at the group as he was directing the others between spells.

The adventurers consisted of two knights, one girl, and one boy, a girl dressed in a healer's outfit, and a Moon Elf archer who wore leather armor that covered most of her body apart from her midriff and legs.

She seemed to value speed over protection.

And lastly, there was a tall and muscular human mage with a bald head standing at the back casting protective magic over the group.

The two human knights looked exactly like each other, blood-red hair, blue eyes, and milk-white skin.

The girl was slender and tall with hawk-like eyes, just like the boy. They wore plate-like armor that covered most of their bodies apart from the head and hands.

Archer thought they were twins.

The healer had auburn colored hair and yellow eyes, she was pretty average looking for an elf, and the female knight was much prettier than her.

But he realized how beautiful the moon elf was. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

She had beautiful brown skin and long silver hair tied into a ponytail that dangled down her back.

A pair of red eyes that sucked the soul from anyone who got close and pointy elf ears.

She wasn't tall at all, she's about 5'5 and thick in all the right places.

'She's beautiful.'

Archer shook his head to concentrate on the fight.

He saw they were doing well against the goblins until even more appeared behind them.

The bald mage turned around and started casting fireballs at them to hold back the incoming horde.

The elf looked back and then covered the mage, shooting arrows with precision.

They were about to be overrun when Archer intervened.

'Let's go.'

Pointing his small hand at the incoming goblins.

'Void blast.'

Woosh!~ Woosh!~

Two Void blasts shot out and crashed into the unaware goblins.

The group of adventurers stopped what they were doing and looked towards the explosion, seeing a big dust cloud.

Then a white-haired boy dressed in black and covered in blood rushed out of the cloud and slashed the still-standing goblins.

Archer danced around wildly slashing any goblin he encountered while laughing his head off.

''Hahahahahahahahah, die beasts. DIE!''

He had no real skill beyond what the old memories showed him.

Also when on earth Archer was learning to wield a sword as well.

As the adventurers finished killing the goblins they were fighting, he finished his goblin slaughter after killing the last seven.

That was until a fire blast smashed into the right side of Archer's body, sending him flying.


The dark elf saw this and aimed her bow at the beast who attacked the boy.

She released a mana arrow that flew through the air puncturing the shaman's head.

It dropped to the ground dead, and that's when she heard the knights coming from behind her.

''Where did that boy go?''

Turning to them while thinking.

'Did they not see him get blown away?'

Pointing in the direction Archer flew off in.

''He flew off in that direction, let's go check.''

They all tried finding him until a shout was heard.

''Over here!''

The dark elf found him first and called the others over.

When they arrived he was lying on the floor staring up at the sky with a smile on his burnt face.

He sat up quickly and looked directly at the dark elf and asked her name.

''What's your name?''

The elf narrows her eyes before replying.

''That's your first concern, not the fact that the right side of your body is pretty badly burned!''

Archer looked at his right side and realized it was burned from his face to his waist.

His normally white skin was now pitch black and burning.

''Oh shit.''

The pain slammed into him making him lay back down again.

He was in agony.

Although the healer tried to heal him, her spells weren't working.

The pain started hurting so much more that he nearly fainted, but just as he was about to pass out.

A notification popped up.

[Regeneration Learned]

Archer and everyone else noticed his charred skin slowly repairing itself.

Amid the pain, he heard gasps and shocked voices, but he was unable to understand them clearly.

The pain subsided slowly as his regeneration kicked in.

After a while he was healed, even his burnt hair was back to normal.

Archer stood up under the shocked gazes of the others.

When he saw that his pants and shirt were burned, he changed into new clothes.

After putting on a set of fresh clothes, he looked straight at the dark elf and repeated the same question with a big smile.

''See I'm fine! Now will you tell me your name?''

The female knight snickered as she whispered to the bald mage.

''She has a new fan.''

But as they spoke to each other, they all suddenly got a panicked look on their faces and sprinted off back to where the fight occurred.

All of them except the dark elf ran back.

''Who did they forget Hehe?''

She looked at him with narrowed eyes.

''Why are you laughing? It's creepy.''

''Because they were distracted by my presence, you guys forgot your friend who was knocked out.''

He finished the sentence with a wide smile as he looted the seven hearts.

After Archer was finished he turned to the elf and smiled.

''My name is Archer a F ranked adventurer, well I joined yesterday and this was my first quest, but I got sidetracked Hehe.''

She looks at this strange boy who isn't all there upstairs.

''My name is Talila Ashmoon, we were looking for a goblin camp, what quest did you take?''

''A wild dog quest, but so far all I've found are goblins and you guys''

Talila looked at this strange boy and noticed his twitching ears poking through his scruffy hair.

She stares into his bright violet eyes.

With his messy hair tied up hair, she barely noticed the lumps on the sides of his head.

'What kind of elf is he? he is not a high or dark elf, maybe a forest elf?'

She shook her head.

''What kind of Elf are you?''

Archer looks confused while answering.

''I'm not an Elf, my father is human and my mother is dragon-kin.''

Talila's eyes widened at the mention of dragon-kin then she spoke sarcastically.

''You're a dragon-kin, I haven't seen one in years due to the last Draconic-Human war and now one is standing in front of me hunting wild dogs in the Forsaken Forest?''

He looks at Talila with an expression of thought on his face.

According to the previous Archer, dragon-kin are nomadic people who travel across the continent looking for a suitable home.

Since theirs was taken by the Salona Kingdom up north when they lost in the Draconian-Alliance war over 20 years ago.

His mother met his father when she was hired as a mercenary, then later married him as his father's 2nd wife.

''Well yes, I am a dragon-kin, and I am just doing my first quest when I stumbled upon you getting attacked so I thought I'd help out.''

When the archer finished speaking, he smiled at her.

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